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Ludacris Songs

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Ludacris’s rap music career started in the southern city of Atlanta Georgia where he moved to when he was nine years old. Three years later, Ludacris joined an amateur group where he slowly started building his career and learning how to perform. Ludacris formed his label “Disturbing tha Peace” in the 90s. Unlike many rap artists who try to portray a street sensibility without a chance in life, Ludacris is a graduate of Georgia State University. Ludacris would eventually sign with Def Jam Records. Ludacris has won three Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

# 10 – How Low

“How low” is a stunning track by Ludacris from his seventh studio album “Battle of the Sexes.” This lead single was premiered at the BET Hip Hop Awards on 10th October 2009 in Atlanta. Later in the same month, this hit was aired when it won the “Best Collaboration” as it featured T-Minus and Lil Scrappy. Unlike other songs that feature a lot of adult content, this track is mature enough for a parental advisory warning. The song peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100. The music video is quite interesting, beginning with three girls in a room for a sleepover. They then start speaking into a camera recorder revealing that if you “go low “enough behind a mirror, Ludacris’s face will appear and start rapping.

# 9 – Stand Up

Ludacris is an outstanding rapper whose music is unique compared to that of other hip-hop artists. This can be with his hit song “Stand up” released as the second single from his fourth album Chicken-n Beer in 2003. The song was an instant hit playing throughout the year 2004 on the radio after the hit, ” What’s your fantasy?” had no significant impact. The song was produced by Kanye West, who was not that popular at the time yet.

To clearly show what a hit the song was, it topped the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks and ultimately won Ludacris his first Grammy Award. This is a hit that you will automatically like with your first listen, keeping in mind that it featured in several great commercials due to its greatness.

# 8 – Representing

At number eight is this amazing track, “Representing.” When you listen to this special track, Ludacris slows everything to a unique and sexy crawl. Ludacris featuring Kelly Rowland is what makes it a standout. She carries the hook to the bedroom spinning the heights with a lovely and seductive sense of soul. When you listen to the lyrics closely, he praises his woman telling her that she is unforgettable, incredibly edible with a body that is so beautiful that Ludacris asks whether he could marry her if he wanted.

The instruments have a magnificent rhythm while the lyrics are fun, amusing, and clever, maintaining an r&b feeling entirely through the track. When you take your time to listen to the instruments, you will be taken back to the ancient movies thus reminding you of your childhood memories.

# 7 – What’s Your Fantasy

This song by Ludacris is from his debut album Incognegro. The song peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 acquiring a platinum certification showing his classic prowess in hip-hop and rap music. The hit talks about sexual fantasies including role-playing and cunnilingus. “What’s Your Fantasy” was included in Jesse Dylan’s 2001 stoner comedy known as How High. The song ranked number 58 on the VH1’s top 100 greatest Hip-Hop songs.

# 6 – Money Maker

“Money Maker” is a track by Ludacris featuring Pharrell Williams. This hit song was released on 17th July 2006 from his fifth studio album Release Therapy. The song was Ludacris’ third number-one hit on all streaming networks in America and radio. The song also topped other world charts including Australia where it featured as Ludacris number one ever.

The lyrics to this hit are so enlightening giving a bright day if you opt to listen in the morning. “Money Maker” received a good number of promotional campaigns from international airplay and radio stations in America. In the music video, Ludacris raps with girls and he has a machine that counts the number of times that a girl shakes her back which is the “Money Maker ” for him.

# 5 – Roll Out

At number five is this incredible track “Roll Out.” This is the second single from the “Word of Mouf “album released in 2001. The song debuted at number 95 on Billboard Hot 100. It later advanced to the top 40 one month after its release. The song was also nominated for a Grammy Award where Ludacris carried the Best Male Rapper Individual performance prize.

# 4 – My Chick Bad

At number four is this great hit by Ludacris featuring Nicki Minaj. The song’s theme is about how both Nicki and Ludacris have different men in their lives. This hit peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100. It also received nominations for the best collaborative Rap performance during the 2011 Grammy Awards.

The music video was filmed in Miami, Florida. This track was first performed at the Bet’s Rip the Runway in 2010. Additionally, the music video features Nicki Minaj playing the character of Freddy Krueger including where she is chained to a radiator in clothes that light ablaze. Precisely, the music video is one of a kind and you cannot afford to miss it.

# 3 – Act a Fool

The good thing about Ludacris is that when he is not making some good music, he is out there composing some unique movie soundtracks. “Act a Fool” is featured in his album “Chicken-n’ Beer” The song was nominated for the Best Song at the Grammy Awards. This song was also the signature track for Fast and Furious 2. It peaked at number thirty two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and is rated among Ludacris’s best-performing songs.

# 2 – Get Back

This song “Get Back” by Ludacris was released to the masses in 2005 and peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The track is featured in his Red-Light District album. The song went platinum on sales selling over one million copies worldwide for the first two weeks. The song is amazing, delivering unmatched energy to take you throughout the entire day.

# 1 – Southern Hospitality

“Southern Hospitality” is the best song on our list. Attaining a top position on our list is not an easy feat and thus listening to the track guarantees that you will achieve what you are wishing for. The song is the second single from Ludacris’ album Back for the First Time. The song debuted at position 86 on the US Billboard Hot 200 when the track was released in 2000. By the end of the year 2000, the song ranked at position 23. This is a great song for any Ludacris fan.


Ludacris is a global icon when it comes to rap and hip-hop music. His music career has extended for many years with hits that have been incredible winning him the fan-favorite votes for quite some time. The above Ludacris quotes will, without a doubt, inspire you to listen to more of his songs.

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