Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs

Naked Eyes Songs

Our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list focuses on a legendary British new wave band from the 80s. The members consisted of vocalist Pete Byrne and keyboardist Rob Fisher. The band was among the first to use a Fairlight CMI sampling synthesizer in their music. Naked Eyes rose to fame with their cover of the tune “Always Something There to Remind Me.” Their music catalog contains more than just their best-known single. Most synth bands from the 80s disappeared with novelty music, while Naked Eyes created substantial songs that stood the test of time. Rob Fisher’s music and Pete Byrne’s longing vocals helped make their music resonate with listeners. They wrote raw lyrics about relationships, which kept fans invested in the group. Their hits include “Always Something There to Remind Me,” “Voices in My Head,” “Promises, Promises,” “When the Lights Go Out,” and “(What) In the Name of Love.”

Pete Byrne and Rob Fisher met in college. They played in a band called Neon. Neon consisted of future members of Tears for Fears, Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith. Naked Eyes released their debut album, Burning Bridges, in March 1983. It peaked at number 32 on the Billboard 200 charts. Critics considered the album one of the best synth-pop albums of the 80s. “Always Something There to Remind Me,” “Promises, Promises,” and “When the Lights Go Out” appeared on the Top 40 charts. The album includes the single “Voices in My Head.” Burning Bridges established the band as a force in new wave music.

Fresh off the success of their debut album, the duo recorded their follow-up project. They released Fuel for the Fire in August 1984. It peaked at number 83 on the Billboard 200 charts. Naked Eyes stuck with the formula that worked for their previous album. The album garnered the Top 40-hit “(What) In the Name of Love.” It includes the singles “No Flowers Please,” “Eyes of a Child,” “Sacrifice,” and “Flying Solo.” Although the album didn’t match the success of their debut, it became a modest hit.

Naked Eyes disbanded after the second album. During their break, Rob Fisher formed another band with Simon Climie called Climie Fisher. They had a hit song called “Love Changes Everything” in 1988. Pete Byrne did session work with Stevie Wonder on the hit single “Part-Time Lover.” He sang background vocals for Rita Coolidge and Princess Stephanie. Naked Eyes reunited in the late 90s and began working on new songs. They wrote enough material to record a new album. Rob Fisher became very sick at the time. When Pete Byrne signed a record deal, Rob Fisher passed away. Pete Byrne continued working as a solo artist. He continued recording under the name Naked Eyes. Fumbling with the Covers debuted in July 2007. The project was a collection of their hits and a cover album. Disguise the Limit premiered in 2021. It features the singles “Ready,” “No Love in the World,” “Dream Together,” and “Coming Up for Air.”

With their impressive sound and compelling lyrics, Naked Eyes left a mark in music. Their music resonates with longtime fans and casual listeners, making them one of the best new-wave acts of the 80s. Our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list allows listeners to relive their stunning tracks.

# 10 – No Flowers Please

The ninth track on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list is “No Flowers Please” from the Fuel for the Fire album. Naked Eyes released the single in 1984. The track is about a toxic relationship. Their relationship goes through ups and downs. Despite their problems, they need each other to feel complete. She doesn’t want flowers because they feel superficial. He feels drained from the relationship. Despite the tumultuous times, he appreciates the times she’s there for him.

The song focuses on an ongoing battle between a couple. Even though they go through bad times, they love each other. The lyrics describe uncertainty and pain between a couple. If you have a love-hate relationship with someone, the lyrics hit home. Naked Eyes wrote a powerful track about the ups and downs of a relationship. This hidden gem gets overlooked because of the success of their big hits, but it’s a beautiful song. It features a melancholy beat that fits with the theme. The instrumentation has a nostalgic feel. It fits the sound of the 80s. Rob Fisher sounds incredible on the keyboard. Pete Byrne’s sincere vocals sell the song. He makes you feel his pain. The duo recorded the song decades ago, and it sounds magnificent today.

# 9 – Sweet Poison

The ninth track on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list is “Sweet Poison” from the Everything and More album. Naked Eyes debuted the track in October 2002. The song is about a dangerous woman. A man finds himself attracted to a dangerous woman. She causes him pain, but he’s drawn to her. The man has trouble fulfilling her needs. He must do things to make her happy. Making her happy leaves him drained. She needs him to walk on water to make her happy.

The heartfelt track talks about falling for the wrong person. In the song, he compares her to an addiction. He loves her, but she takes advantage of him. Most of us know someone like the woman described in the track. The lyrics speak to you if you relate to the situation. Naked Eyes takes listeners on a familiar journey. You might find yourself nodding in agreement with the lyrics. The honest lyrics convey the feeling of falling in love with a toxic person. It serves as a reminder that love isn’t perfect. We applaud the duo for their creativity. They used a metaphor to describe an irresistible feeling. The synth-pop music reminds listeners of the 80s. It’s impossible to resist the bouncy beat. Pete Byrne’s smooth vocals blend well with the energetic music. His vocals hypnotize listeners. The track sounds reminiscent of Duran Duran’s music.

# 8 – Eyes of a Child

The eighth track on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list is “Eyes of a Child” from the Fuel for the Fire album. Naked Eyes released the track in 1984. The song talks about looking at the world through the eyes of a child. Naked Eyes discusses the innocence of youth and the difficulties of adulthood. Pete Byrne criticizes a woman who forgot about what it’s like to be a child. She lost touch with the simplicity of the world. The woman carries herself with arrogance. He feels she needs to remember her childhood. Children understand the world because they view it through innocent eyes.

The song discusses how it feels to return to your childhood. Most of us get carried away with our lives and forget the simplicity of childhood. Naked Eyes encourages listeners to remember their childhood. The profound lyrics remind you to take the time to stop and smell the roses. It encourages listeners to remember simpler times. With everything happening in the world, the tune works. We put this song on our list because listeners need a break from reality. The upbeat tempo allows listeners to lose themselves in the music. It invites you to dance your troubles away. Rob Fisher does a stellar job on the keyboards. Pete Byrne uses an echo, which makes his voice sound stacked. You hear a double in the chorus that adds magic to the hook.

# 7 – Voices in My Head

“Voices in My Head” is the seventh pick on our list. Naked Eyes released the track from their Burning Bridges album in 1983. The song talks about hearing that voice when you want someone. He feels lost even though he gives his girlfriend everything she wants. The voices in his head tell him different things. They warn him to be careful when it concerns his relationship. His relationship causes inner turmoil.

The song informs listeners that love causes self-doubt. It puts a spotlight on uneven relationships. If your relationship causes inner turmoil, Naked Eyes wrote this track for you. Naked Eyes tells us the voices in our heads represent insecurity. We enjoy this approach to love and heartbreak. They didn’t stick to writing a cookie-cutter love song. The duo recorded a song about the complex side of love. With infectious beats and 80s dance music, Naked Eyes kept the song from sounding depressing. You may find yourself dancing once the beat starts. Pete Byrne’s vocals are soft with the music. Songs like this never get old. The underrated track gets overshadowed by the big hits but remains a classic.

# 6 – When the Lights Go Out

“When the Lights Go Out” is from the Burning Bridges album. Naked Eyes recorded the song in 1983. The duo introduces us to a woman named Suzie, who deals with loneliness and darkness. She feels better when the lights are out. Suzie withdraws from the world and spends her time in bed. She has trouble finding relief during the day. Suzie yearns for her boyfriend to help her out of her darkness. He’s the only one who makes her feel better. She misses him when he leaves her.

The touching song talks about the importance of connecting with someone special. Naked Eyes put a spotlight on loneliness and despair. They were ahead of their time with this song because artists shied away from mental health. It teaches you about introspection and vulnerability. People feel lonely and need someone to turn to. This track lets you know you are not alone. The beautifully arranged music complements the story. Naked Eyes recorded the song in the 80s, but the problem remains relevant today. We applaud the duo for being ahead of its time with the memorable track. The synth-friendly pop song hits the right notes with listeners.

# 5 – Pit Stop

We arrived halfway on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list with “Pit Stop” from the Everything and More album. The track premiered in 2002. Naked Eyes wrote a track about a tumultuous relationship. A man wants to know what went wrong in their relationship. He wants to fix the problem, but he needs a break. The relationship turned sour out of the blue. He felt deceived and taken for granted. At times, he wished they never got together. She walked away from him without any warning. In his mind, she doesn’t feel remorse for what happened and questions why she walked away.

Naked Eyes explores feelings of betrayal and loss. They tell listeners that relationships don’t always work out. Naked Eyes didn’t sugarcoat the realities of relationships. The honest lyrics let you know relationships end without warning. Couples take advantage of each other. Naked Eyes used a metaphor to describe a toxic relationship. Listeners relate to the message because love has ups and downs. The track is bittersweet because it came out after Rob Fisher passed away. This song proved their sound works decades after they hit the music scene. It features nostalgic music from the 80s, even though it debuted in the 2000s. Pete Byrne’s vocals sound as good as they did in the 80s.

# 4 – I Could Show You How

“I Could Show You How” is from the Burning Bridges album. Naked Eyes premiered the track in 1983. The duo talks about a man feeling distant from his girlfriend. They don’t talk anymore. He feels like they drifted apart. She refuses to speak to him, which makes him feel isolated. He wants to do more to bridge the distance between them. The man wants to express his feelings and devotion to his girlfriend.

The duo tackles how it feels when people hold on to something that no longer works. Lyrically, it speaks to anyone holding on to something that doesn’t work. Naked Eyes informs listeners to let go of relationships that no longer work. The lyrics break your heart when you break up with someone you love. They cleverly cover the heartbreak someone feels when they lose the ones they love. The synth-pop track opens slowly and builds to an up-tempo beat. Naked Eyes changed up the music to keep things interesting. The music allows you to move around while feeling emotional. It sounds like they recorded it today instead of decades ago. Pete Byrne sings in time with the beat changes. We commend him for holding notes in the song.

# 3 – (What) In the Name of Love

Coming in at number three on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list is “(What) In the Name of Love” from the Fuel for the Fire album. Naked Eyes recorded the track in 1984. The duo talks about a couple breaking up. They loved each other, but things went sour. He feels lost and confused because their relationship ended. What did he do to make her leave? He wants things how they were in the past.

Naked Eyes analyzes a relationship that changed without warning. The song has a compelling message about letting go of a lost love. Naked Eyes teaches you to appreciate love while it’s in your life. Their lyrics encourage you to talk to your partners before they walk away. It may keep you from losing the one you love. We picked this track because it effortlessly captures the challenges of relationships and longing for comfort. It features catchy music, which allows people to dance and have fun. Pete Byrne takes vocal risks by singing in falsetto. He remains in pitch while singing in falsetto. The addictive hook remains in your head. A gorgeous song like this reminds listeners that Naked Eyes are an underrated band.

# 2 – Promises, Promises

“Promises, Promises” appears on the Burning Bridges album. They released the track in 1983. The song calls out someone lying to you. People make promises they don’t keep. A man trusted someone who broke her promise. He trusted her with his heart, and she broke it. They loved and laughed together until she hurt him. He knows she hurt him, but he still believes in her. The man must learn not to believe in empty promises.

The song explores broken promises and getting hurt by them. “Promises, Promises” has universal lyrics that appeal to everyone. It applies to family, friends, and couples. We understand the lyrics because we get hurt when people break their promises. Naked Eyes wrote a timeless theme everyone relates to. We picked this track because it told a compelling story that remains relevant. The infectious guitar riffs and hypnotic synth beats create a memorable sound. Pete Byrne captures the feeling of disappointment effortlessly. It features a timeless hook that stays in your head.

# 1 – Always Something There to Remind Me

The number one song on our Top 10 Naked Eyes Songs list is “Always Something There to Remind Me” from the Burning Bridges album. It debuted in October 1982. The song is about a man who thinks about his former girlfriend. Something always triggers his memories of her. Despite how much time goes by, he reminisces about her. As the song progresses, he tells her to think about their time together. If she misses him, she can think about their relationship.

The hit song is a remake of Lou Johnson’s 60s classic. Naked Eyes made the song their own. The original version features a pop/soul beat, while Naked Eyes features a synth-pop sound. Naked Eyes slow down the tempo of the beat. The music captivates listeners once the chords begin. Pete Byrne’s raw vocals leave you breathless. He pours his heart out in the lyrics. Pete Byrne sings the song as if he wrote it. He shows versatility by singing the verses in a lower octave while singing the chorus in a higher octave. We couldn’t wrap our list up without adding their biggest hit. Naked Eyes recorded a timeless classic that remains a hit with longtime and casual fans.

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