Our Favorite Tedeschi Trucks Band Album Covers

Tedeschi Trucks Band Album Covers

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Our Favorite Tedeschi Trucks Band Album Covers article presents an overview of our favorite album covers by one of the most enjoyable rock bands to come around in the past two decades. Formed by the relationship between the phenomenal guitarist Derek Trucks of The Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks Bands and the legendary blues artist Susan Tedeschi, the two joined forces in more ways than one to create an ensemble of musicians that echoed the joyous sounds of groups like The Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and modern jams bands. This is a monster band.

This is not all of their albums, just our favorite covers.

I Am The Moon Series

You get four for the price of one with this one. The band embarked on an ambitious project with their I Am the Moon series of albums, consisting of four distinct albums released in close succession.

The series begins with I Am the Moon: I. Crescent, released in June 2022, setting the thematic and musical tone for the narrative and soundscapes explored throughout the series. It is followed by I Am the Moon: II. Ascendant in July 2022, which builds on the initial themes and expands the narrative.

The third installment, I Am the Moon: III. The Fall, released in August 2022, delves deeper into the emotional and thematic elements, exploring the complexities of the story.

The series concludes with I Am the Moon: IV. Farewell in September 2022, bringing closure to the narrative and encapsulating the essence of the entire series. Inspired by the ancient tale of Layla and Majnun, the series is both a homage to and a reimagining of this classic story of unattainable love, using it to explore universal themes of love, loss, and redemption.

Everybody’s Talkin’

It’s not often that a band puts out a live album after only releasing one studio album. However, the magic and wonder of the Tedeschi Trucks Band is their live performances. So in the end it all makes sense. The album was released on May 22, 2012. It was issued as both a 2 CD and 3 Cd set,. The album covers is a beautiful photograph of the band together all talking to each other which makes perfect sense under the album title. It’s interesting to note that Derek and Susan have their backs to each other. Is there more to the story or that just happened to be the way they were looking for that one brief moment in time that the photographer captured forever.


It’s easy to see that the Tedeschi Trucks Band was trying to make a point with this album cover. The beauty of the sea and all the sea life swimming close to the surface because of the oceans’ depleted oxygen levels under a red sky that signifies global warming makes its point rather significantly. It’s all topped off with an album title called Signs, just in case you missed the point. The album was released on February 15, 2019. It was the band’s fourth studio album.


Just off the top spot, we celebrate the album cover for the Revelator album. This one is old school. We love album covers that present the entire band. It’s what the Allman Brothers Band used to do on many of their albums. In fact this album cover reminds me of the incredible Allman Brothers Band comeback album Seven Turns, released in 1990. The Revelator album was released on June 7, 2011. Revelator stands as the inaugural studio journey of the 11-member ensemble. The album clinched the Grammy Award for Best Blues Album at the 54th Grammy Awards.

Made Up Mind

We close out our Our Favorite Tedeschi Trucks Band Album Covers list with the cover for the band’s album Made Up My Mind. The album was released on August 20, 2013.  It’s a pretty astonishing album cover that is very much open to interpretation. The presentation of the bull, which is the size of the train heading straight on a collision course with the train, along with an album title called Made Up Mind, fuels the question of who the bull represents as opposed to the train. Is this a statement based on the history of Western Expansion and the loss of Native American land which the bull represents trying to fight off the government’s role in expansion. Or is there something else going on here. Great album covers fuel questions, and this one certainly does.

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