Top 10 New Trolls Songs

New Trolls Songs

This might have been one of the most difficult top 10 lists we ever put together due to the fact that the band New Trolls changed personnel so many times and split into so many different camps it became very challenging to define who exactly were the New Trolls.

The origins of the band go back to the mid-1960’s. The band released their first album in 1968 entitled Senza orario Senza bandiera.The album instantly defined the band as an up and coming Italian Progressive Rock band. It was a format that would become very popular in Italy and help define Italy as being one of the torch bearers of Progressive Rock music. The group released a follow-up album that consisted of singles compilation. In 1971, the band The New Trolls released what would become a legendary album among Progressive Rock music fans. The album Concerto Grosso per 1 is regarded as one of the greatest Progressive Rock albums to come out of the Italian peninsular. The album featured  Vittorio De Scalzi on guitar, flute, vocals, Nico Di Palo on guitar, lead vocals, Maurizio Salvi on piano, Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes, Giorgio D’Adamo on bass, backing vocals and Gianni Belleno on drums and backing vocals.

In 1972, the band saw various lineup changes while they released two albums entitled Searching for a Land and Ut. After the release of Ut, the band split up into three different groups as the members of the New Trolls all formed their own variations of the New Trolls.

There was a reunion of former band members in 1976 and then the band split up again into different camps, and it just continued changing and rearranging group members, names and styles of music. There was the progressive rock New Trolls and the pop music New Trolls which sounded nothing like the original progressive rock sounds the band defined in the early 1970’s.

Below is a list of our favorite New Trolls songs that the band released during their career. We tried picking songs that show the different time periods, lineups and styles that the band presented over time.

# 10 – Duemila

We open our New Trolls songs list with a cut from the band’s debut album in 1968 entitled Senza orario Senza bandiera. The song “Duemila,” was issued as the seventh track on the album.

# 9 – Una Storia

The New Trolls song “Una Storia,” was released a single and also appeared on the New Trolls (collection of singles) album that was released in 1970.

# 8 – Searching

The song “Searching,” was released on the album Searching for a New Land. The album was released in 1972.

# 7 – Concerto Grosso 3

The New Trolls “Concerto Grosso 3,” was the third part of the “Concerto Grosso,” suits that the band released over the course of their career. The third one was released in 2013.

# 6 – Faccia Di Cane

We placed this one on the list to showcase how different the band had become at certain points in their history depending on which line up was releasing music under the name The New Trolls. “Faccia Di Cane,” was released in 1985 .

# 5 -La prima goccia bagna il viso (parte 1a)

The track “La prima goccia bagna il viso (parte 1a),” was r;eased on the New Trolls Collection Cd issued in 2013.

# 4 – Sensazioni

The song “Sensazioni,” was the band’s debut single released in 1967.

# 3 – Concerto grosso N2

The second of the Concerto Grosso series. This was the reformed New Trolls. The album  was released in 1976.

# 2 – Il sole nascerà

“Il Sole Nascera,” is early New Trolls when the band was defining their Progressive Rock sound. Heavy and hot. Don’t miss this one.

# 1 – Concerto Grosso n. 1: Nella sala vuota, improvvisazioni dei New Trolls registrate in diretta

If there was one piece of music that would define the importance of the band the New Trolls in the history of Italian Progressive Rock music it would be the Concerto Grosso Suite. This one will blow you away.


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