Top 10 Sixx:A.M. Songs (Nikki Sixx Of Motley Crue)

Sixx:A.M. Songs

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Nikki Sixx; anyone who knows anything about eighties hair band music, knows who this man is. They also know all that he has been through and how tough it was to get through it all. Nikki Sixx, a co-founder, of Motley Crue is the killer bassist for Sixx:A.M. He has also written two New York Time Best Selling books, one in 2008 and one in 2013. Nikki is also a songwriter, iHeart Radio host (Sixx Sense), and photographer. Nikki Sixx is a man who breaths, eats, sleeps, and bleeds rock n’ roll.

DJ Ashba, also known for many things; clothing line, tattoos, producing, and killer guitar playing. Over the years he has worked with Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue. He teamed up with Nikki Sixx and James Michael in 2007. James Michael, the third and final member of Sixx:A.M., has had his hands in songwriting, record producing, engineering, and is the lead vocalist for Sixx:A.M. James has worked with Meat Loaf, Halestorm, Alanis Morissette, and many others. Together, this trio has created an amazing sound that echoes and takes you through the hell that was the life of Nikki Sixx. They do this through amazing vocals, lyrics, and guitar solos.

Sixx:A.M. as stated above, formed in 2007. It was a side project of Nikki Sixx, while still playing bass for Motley Crue. The band has had great success. The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack was their first album, which was released in 2007. The soundtrack is based on Nikki Sixx and his biography; The Heroin Diaries:A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star. The band’s second album, This is Gonna Hurt was released in 2011. The album comes before Nikki’s second book; This is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography, and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx. Their third album, released in 2014, Modern Vintage, peaked at the number twenty slot on the Billboard 200 in October 2014. In 2016 Sixx A.M. released two albums, 7 months apart; Prayers for the Damned and Prayers for the Blessed.

With a tremendous amount of talent, Sixx:A.M. has some “in your face”, killer songs! We are going to start off our Top 10 Sixx:A.M. Songs with a song that I personally love.

# 10 – Tomorrow

Starting off our top 10 Sixx:A.M. songs list is a track off of their debut album/soundtrack, The Heroin Diaries. This is a very powerful song as are most of them on this album. This album is the beginning of everything that Nikki went through before and after his heroin addiction. The songs will touch your heart, give you goosebumps, and even make you cry. “Tomorrow,” is the third single released and peaked at number 33 on the Billboard charts. James Michael does a killer job on vocals. You can hear the fear, pain, anger, and every emotion that Nikki went through during his rough lifetime. It is a very intense album, and a sensitive, emotional song.

# 9 – Are You With Me Now

This amazing song is from their second album, This is Gonna Hurt. The album was released on May 3, 2011. “Are You With Me Now,” spent fifteen weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at number thirty-two. This album goes with Nikki’s second book of the same name. “Are You With Me Now,” takes deep feelings; feeling lost, crazy, and alone to a whole new level with the talented vocals of James Michael. Ashba kills it on the guitar, giving you goosebumps. The song is upbeat with intense meaning and lyrics.

# 8 – Pray For Me

Peaking at number 29 on the charts in April 2008, “Pray for Me,” is off of their soundtrack album, The Heroin Diaries. The raspy voice, killer guitar, and amazing lyrics come together perfectly. Centered around a woman trying to help (Nikki) get passed his addiction, but they are not strong enough yet, to quit. If you read the book that corresponds to the album, you can easily see the meanings behind the songs. It will also give you a lot of insight on exactly what Nikki was going through before, during, and after his addiction and what the songs mean to him.

# 7 – We Will Not Go Quietly

Almost half-way through our Top 10 Sixx:A.M. songs, comes our next selection entitled “We Will Not Go Quietly.” This song was number 13 on the Billboard charts in March 2017. Sixx:A.M.’s fifth studio album, Prayers for the Blessed, was released in 2016, and is the second half of the fourth album that was released 7 months prior (Prayers for the Damned). We Will Not Go Quietly is more fast paced, has a great beat, and once again; killer vocals. The song reflects the raw spirit of humanity as we fight for what we believe in and what is right. No matter what situation you are going through or what you are facing, this song hits home with a lot of individuals.

# 6 – Gotta Get It Right

The song “Gotta Get It Right,” comes from the album Modern Vintage which was released in 2014. It peaked at number 20 on the Billboard 200 with “Gotta Get It Right,” peaking at number 12 on the charts. Not one of my personal favorites. Sounds a lot like a ‘pop’ song rather than the hard rock that I am used to Sixx:A.M.producing. This was the first time that the band had an actual drum player in the studio. The drums were usually programmed, hence why there is only 3 band members to Sixx:A.M. With Modern Vintage, they wanted to take a step back to the 70s and give their fans the vintage sound of bands such as Queen. It is a good album with some amazing songs on it. The guys are very well rounded as far as their music sound.

# 5 – Prayers for the Damned

Right smack in the middle of our Top 10 Sixx:A.M. songs list is a track from their fourth album, Prayers for the Damned, released in 2016. The album is mostly inspired by the current events that were happening in the United States at that time. According to James Michael, “it deals with the struggle between good and evil.” Extremely intense lyrics that many people can relate to if they have suffered major depression or a devastating loss. The vocals are over the top! James has such great passion in his vocals and he is able to make you feel like you are smack in the middle of the event or situation that he is singing about. I love it!

# 4 – This is Gonna Hurt

Released from Sixx:A.M.’s second album, This is Gonna Hurt, was issued in May 2011. This is Gonna Hurt is a fast tempo rockin’ song. Very proficient lyrics with a substantial chorus, all of the songs on the album This is Gonna Hurt are just spectacular. As with every song by Sixx:A.M. the vocals of James Michael are exceptional and the guitar of Ashba is killer. These three guys are truly gifted at all they do and I have enjoyed listening to their music, again, while I write this for the fans.

# 3 – Stars

The Sixx:A.M. song “Stars,” is a very upbeat, catchy, rockin’ song from the Modern Vintage album. Stars peaked at number six on the Billboard charts in March 2015. Outstanding bass guitar solo by Nikki to start off the song. The chorus gives James Michael goosebumps everytime he hears it. I feel this is one of the best songs by Sixx:A.M.! Killer guitar solo by Ashba. The lyrics and melody line could not have come together any better. I would almost put this at number 1, almost. James Michael states, “I feel like ‘Stars’ is one of the best songs that we have written.” It is a lot more upbeat than most of Sixx:A.M.’s songs.

# 2 – Van Nuys

The song “Van Guys,” hails from the soundtrack, The Heroin Diaries, this is personally one of my all time favorite Sixx A.M. songs. From the first time I heard this song, I knew that the band was going to be one that I would keep close tabs on. This song is extremely intense. Michael does and outstanding job on the vocals. You can feel the intensity of being afraid, the grit of the truth, and all of the emotions in between as he sings another song that has great meaning for Nikki. James Michael has such an amazing talent at being able to bring Nikki’s life to everyone who listens to their music. For those of you that have went through what Nikki Sixx has gone through in his life, I highly recommend The Heroin Diaries album to all of you.

# 1 – Life is Beautiful

Our number 1 song on the Top 10 Sixx:A.M. songs. This is the most kickin’ song by this trio. Life is Beautiful is very powerful and intense song; vocals, lyrics, and guitar solo intertwine perfectly. Nikki realized, after a near death experience, just how precious and beautiful life really was. The whole album (and book) explain how he felt and what he went through before, during, and after his addiction. Nikki Sixx found the perfect gentlemen to create this band with. Sixx:A.M. is an outstanding trio that has immense talent. If you have never listened to Sixx:A.M. I highly recommend you do so.

There are a few other songs that definitely should have been on the list, but since it is the Top 10 Sixx:A.M. songs, I had to leave them out. I am ordering the first two cd’s, again, and I am going to buy the books as well. I am a huge Sixx:A.M., Motley Crue, and Nikki Sixx fan. The price of being in the spotlight is not always so glorious. Nikki has been sober for over 15 years now and I thank God he made it through his addiction. He had a few extremely scary moments and close calls with death. Some of Sixx A.M.’s songs will bring tears to your eyes (Accidents Can Happen).

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