Top 10 Nine Days Songs

Nine Days Songs

Our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list will look at a rock band who formed in 1994. The members are John Hampson, Brian Desveaux, Jeremy Dean, Nick Dimichino and Vincent Tattanelli. John Hampson and Brian Desveaux founded the band. They rose to fame with their single “Absolutely (Story of a Girl).” John Hampson and Brian Desveaux played in another band before founding Nine Days. In 1993, they started writing pop songs. Nick Dimichino joined them and they recorded eight songs in the studio together. Jeremy Dean and Vincent Tattanelli joined the band shortly after. Nine Days was officially born. Their hits include “If I Am,” “Good Friend,” “257 Weeks” and “Goodbye.”

Something to Listen to was released in 1995. It features the singles “All My Reasons,” “Things We Said,” “Outside Yourself” and “Her Own Two Feet.” Monday Songs was released in 1996. It features the singles “This Music,” “Long Hard Road,” “The End of Agent Bobby Rowe” and “I’d Go Crazy.” The Maddening Crowd was released in May 2000. The album peaked at 67 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Absolutely (Story of a Girl),” “If I Am” and “257 Weeks.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. So Happily Unsatisfied was released in November 2002. It features the singles “Good Friend,” “Favorite Song,” “Emily” and “I Feel Fine.” Flying the Corporate Jet was released in 2003 It features the singles “Goodbye,” “Wonderful,” “The Devil You Know” and “Catch Me If You Can.” Nine Days released other albums throughout their career.

Nine Days is a talented band who don’t have the recognition they deserve. They are a band that has two lead singers and that doesn’t happen often. Every member brings something to the band. Our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list will give us a chance to put a spotlight on their great music.

# 10 – Wanna Be

The 10th song on our Nine Days Song list is “Wanna Be” from The Maddening Crowd album. “Wanna Be” was released in 2000. The track is about a lost love. The song opens with the narrator talking about feeling hurt and betrayed because the woman he loves left him. He feels like she left him stranded for no reason. He can’t understand why she left him. It’s hard for him to imagine his life without her.

As the song moves on, he thinks about the times they shared together. He thinks about their times on the beach together. They had good times walking along the beach. The memories gave him hope that they could get back together. He wonders if it’s possible for them to reunite. He thinks about the possibility of reuniting, but he also feels like he needs closure from the relationship. The song wraps up with our narrator concluding that he must accept that they are not going to be together anymore.

This is an interesting song about the end of a relationship. The story talks about a relationship that ended out of the blue. The lyrics are easy to follow. The song features a story that covers everything there is about relationships. It covers the good and the bad sides of love. The band covers love and loss brilliantly. Most of us have been in the narrator’s position and questioned if we could get back together with someone who got away. This song will strike a chord with anyone who has a love who got away. The song may even make you cry or have you in your feelings. Brian Desveaux’s vocals are superb on this track. He sings the song with so much emotion. It’s easy to tell this song hits close to home for him. He has a little grit in his voice and it adds to the passion in his voice.

# 9 – A Girl in California

The ninth song on our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list is “A Girl in California.” “A Girl in California” is from the Slow Motion Life (Part One) album. “A Girl in California” was released in 2007. The song tells the story about a man who is torn between two women. We learn that our narrator is in relationships with two women. His wife lives in New York and the woman he loves lives in California. The woman in California has his heart. He is head over heels in love with her. He is married so he can’t just be with her freely. He wants to leave his marriage and start a relationship with the “girl in California.” He understands that it’s a risk walking away from his marriage and everything he’s leaving behind, but his heart is torn. He doesn’t want to live without her. He doesn’t have a choice because she is all he thinks about. Our narrator is in a bind because he must admit that he must walk away from his wife, but he doesn’t have a choice.

The song plays out like a love triangle. A man is torn between two women. If you are a soap opera fan, this is something that happens all the time. The story will leave you on the edge of your seat as you listen to the song play out. The lyrics are captivating because it’s set up like a story you would see in a soap opera. Nine Days allows the male character in the song to look bad. He is married and his head has been turned. You may or may not have been in this situation before, but it won’t stop you from enjoying the song. The music has a melodic soft rock sound.

It is a guitar driven song. This is the type of song that will please fans of rock music. There is a guitar solo that is worth checking out. John Hampson shines in this song. He makes you feel empathy for the narrator which may not be easy to do since he is married, but in love with another woman. The band does a great job supporting him in the background. John Hampson and Brian Desveaux go back and forth in the chorus. Their voices blend well together.

# 8 – Bitter

The eighth song on our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list is “Bitter” from The Maddening Crowd album. “Bitter” was released in 2000. This song is about a failed relationship. His ex wasn’t a good person. She was shallow and only thought of herself. He lets her know that she shouldn’t be forgiven for her actions. He is going to get her out of his mind. The narrator discusses her flaws. She is inconsiderate and incompetent. He thinks she is immature. He doesn’t care if she drowns. If he had the power, he would change everything. In the chorus, he says he didn’t want her to forgive him. He doesn’t care for her performance. He knows she is being her selfish self. He wants to leave her. In the third verse, he talks about her hiding her pain behind her eyes. She thinks he won’t last without her. He tells her not to flatter herself because he will make it without her. As the song progresses, he is better off without her in his life.

This bitter song tells a story about a toxic couple. Nine Days talk about the pain of an unruly relationship. The lyrics are open and honest. It looks at the dark side of a relationship. It is hard to be in a painful relationship with someone who is selfish and immature. If you are in a situation like this, you will be able to relate to the lyrics. This song is like an anthem for anyone going through this tough time. Nine Days lets you know that you will get over a bitter relationship. The music is soft and dramatic. It gives us a chance to focus on Brian Desveaux’s voice. Brian Desveaux does an amazing job with his vocals. He sounds like a man scorned. It sounds as if the song is coming from a personal place. He may not have gone through this situation, but he sings it as if he has been through it.

# 7 – Mona Lisa Smile

The seventh song on our list is “Mona Lisa Smile” from the Snapshots album. “Mona Lisa Smile” was released in 2016. This song is about falling in love. She makes his life worth living. The narrator is in love with a woman and he talks about her beautiful smile. In the first verse, our narrator describes the perfect evening with the woman he loves. The couple are looking up at the stars and listening to the radio. All the songs they love are on the radio. They thought it was a perfect dedication to them. These moments made them believe in love. He calls her smile the Mona Lisa smile. He will give her everything he has. He wants to make her his wife. His life changed once he saw her Mona Lisa smile. He wasn’t looking for anyone to save him, but she did it anyway. She gave him a reason to believe in love. He wants to give her a reason to believe in love too.

This touching song will make you a believer in love. He is not ashamed to admit how he feels about the woman in his life. It is a contrast from our previous entry where he is bitter about love. If you are in love with someone, this song will remind you why you fell in love with that person. The narrator doesn’t hold back when he expresses how much he loves the woman in his life. If you have trouble expressing yourself, you can allow Nine Days to say the words you can’t say. The music is phenomenal. The guitar riffs will drive you crazy in a good way. They will make you want to play air guitar with the band. John Hampson’s vocals are on point He sounds like a man in love. He sings the song with passion. He has strong pipes because he can be heard over loud music. The rest of the band do a good job providing the background and harmonies.

# 6 – I Love You

“I Love You” is from The New Guy: Music from the Motion Picture. “I Love You” was released in 2002. This song is about a woman who changed a man’s life. He was living carelessly. He was going out and partying without a care in the world. His attitude on life changed once a woman came into his life. He instantly fell for her and wanted her to be his wife. He considers her the person who stole his heart. When she met him, he was running around having fun. He was feeling down about himself despite the fun he was having. She picked him up and gave him a reason to smile. He thanks her for being in his life. He appreciates her shining a light in his life. He needs her badly. He has never looked back. He feels as if he is living in a dream now that he has her.

You would have to be a cynic not to fall in love with these lyrics. The lyrics are romantic and sweet. This song is the perfect dedication to someone who made a difference in your life. This is a song you can dedicate to the person you love. If you don’t know what to say to the person you love, Nine Days can be your voice. This beautiful song is something you and your partner can dance to. You can use this song as a wedding song. You don’t have to watch the movie to enjoy the song. The lyrics stand on their own and aren’t necessarily for the movie. The music is soft and romantic. There are musical pauses which will allow you the chance to appreciate Nine Days’ talent. John Hampson’s vocals are amazing in this song. He holds little notes throughout the song which are a pleasant surprise. We weren’t expecting him to hold notes, but he took a chance and did them. You may not be able to sit through the song without singing along with him.

# 5 – Goodbye

The next song on our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list is “Goodbye” from the Flying the Corporate Jet album. “Goodbye” was released in 2003. This is a reflective song about a man’s life and the challenges he faces. He faces obstacles as he tries to find his place in the world. The narrator talks about everything he went through living in Hollywood. He talks about rubbing shoulders with celebrities. All that glitters isn’t gold. He realizes that it is difficult adjusting to life in the fast lane. He got caught up in Hollywood life. He longed for the good times he had before he made it to Hollywood. He wanted to say goodbye to his demons. The demons took over his life. He doesn’t know how he did it, but he managed to find his own way. He was determined to get help for his issues and have a healthier life. While he was working on himself, he thought about his friends. He has fond memories of hanging out with his friends. In addition to his friendships, he talks about his girlfriend. He has fond memories of the times he was with his girlfriend.

This song tells a story about the dark side of Hollywood. Hollywood may seem like a glamorous life, but the grass is always greener on the other side. Nine Days doesn’t pretend that Hollywood is completely glamorous. They tell a moving story about a man’s struggles in Hollywood. They could have sugarcoated it and told the good things about Hollywood, but they chose to depict an honest story about it. The lyrics will make you interested in what life is like in Hollywood. The music is guitar driven. There is a guitar solo that is out of this world. The band shows that they are talented musicians. Brian Desveaux’s raspy vocals fit with the beat. He sounds like Bryan Adams in this track. Brian Desveaux projects his voice and can be heard over the loud instrumentation. It is amazing how much strength he has in his voice to be able to sing over the loud instrumentation. People with raspy voices don’t always have a lot of vocal strength. Brian Desveaux proves that isn’t the case.

# 4 – 257 Weeks

“257 Weeks” is from The Maddening Crowd album. “257 Weeks” was released in 2000. This song is about a man waiting for something that may never come to him. It is about finding your way. The narrator is making a general statement about finding your way in the world. He warns listeners they could be waiting for a day that may never come. He also stresses you can be more than you have become. He reveals that he found his way after waiting 257 weeks for it. He lets the person know that they are good and he is bad. He informs the person that he won’t be wasting his life waiting for anything. He thinks it is a shame that the person won’t hear him. He knows it is hard to wait for what you want to come. Each year is another opportunity wasted. You find yourself wondering where the time has gone.

This is an introspective song about finding your way in life. The lyrics are well written. The band doesn’t want you to waste your time on something that may never come. Don’t let the title fool you. This is a deep song about not wanting to wait for something to come to you. Most of us find ourselves waiting for something that doesn’t come. You must make your own waves in the world. This is the perfect message for someone who is lost. This song may inspire you to make things happen on your own. The music is upbeat and will pick up your mood. It may put a smile on your face. John Hampson’s vocals are incredible. He belts throughout the song. He sings the verses softly and vocally soars in the bridge. His vocals are like Chris Daughtry’s. John Hampson belts the same way Chris Daughtry does.

# 3 – Good Friend

Coming in at number three on our list is “Good Friend” from the So Happily Unsatisfied album. “Good Friend” was released in 2002. The song is about a relationship that has come to an end. He used to think that she was someone else. He would lose his mind over her every day. He found out the hard way that he wasn’t right about her. He tells her goodbye and lets her know that she was a good friend. He owes everything to her. He used to dream that he was another person. The dreams made him into someone new. He realized there was no better time than right now to say goodbye. They realized there was no reason to stay in the relationship. They couldn’t help themselves. They realized it was time to move on with their lives. He will miss her every day. He realizes he must move on with his life.

This song tells a story about a relationship that must end. The song doesn’t have to be about a romantic relationship. It could be about a friendship ending. The title of the song is misleading. The title will make you think it is a good song and not a song about a relationship ending. The song will hit home for you if you have ended a relationship. The instrumentation is flawless. Nine Days does a terrific job with the music. The band turns it into a power ballad. John Hampson’s vocals will drive you crazy. His talent knows no limits. He starts the song softly and then builds to a crescendo. Once the instrumentation gets louder, so does he. He belts and holds notes in the song. This song showcases how great of a singer John Hampson is.

# 2 – If I Am

“If I Am” is from The Maddening Crowd album. “If I Am” was released in August 2000. This song is about having patience. He is not sure if she is thinking about jumping off the ledge. He tells her she can have it all if she has patience. He can’t fly but he won’t crawl. He wants her to have faith in him. He wants to be with her forever if he’s not too late. She tells him it is too late when you have nothing. He tells her to never give up on tomorrow before today is over. He doesn’t want to watch her suffer. He wants to make her life better. She is waiting for her turn to fall off the ledge. He is afraid that she is so far gone that she won’t see the hand trying to catch her. He wishes she could find it in her heart to see that someone is there for her.

The song has a great message about a guy who is in love with a woman, but she has trust issues. He pleads with her to have faith in him. This is a relatable subject for people who have a hard time letting others in their hearts. Nine Days encourage you to take a chance on love. This song is filled with great lyrics that will inspire you to have faith in love. This is a power ballad that will resonate with you if you are in trouble and need someone to care for you. The song will give you goosebumps as you listen to the inspirational lyrics. Nine Days does an excellent job with the music. The music will lift your spirits if you are feeling down. They made the wise decision to make the music upbeat to keep the song from being depressing. The music caters to John Hampson’s vocals. The band does a great job with the background and harmonies.

# 1 – Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

The number one song on our Top 10 Nine Days Songs list is “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” from The Maddening Crowd album. “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” was released in March 2000. This song is about a girl who is going through a lot of trouble in her life. She has cried so much in her life. She appears sad in her pictures. The narrator knows that she is in pain and loves her for who she is. He really loves to see her smile. He wants to know how many times she woke up with hope, but only ended up in tears. He has admitted that he has made fake promises in the past. He wants to know how long she has been waiting for her happiness to come. He wants to know how many days have been wasted in her life. She is falling apart emotionally. In the second verse, he asks her more questions about her emotional state. He knows she is feeling down but he loves her anyway. He wants to spend his days with her. She seems to be better now that he is in her life.

The song tells the story of a man who is in love with someone despite how she feels about herself. He appreciates her beauty even though she doesn’t have faith in herself. The song reminds us to appreciate people who are in our lives no matter what they are going through. If you or someone you know is struggling, this song may be healing for you. It is easy to see that this song hits close to John Hampson’s heart. He wrote this song about his then girlfriend and now wife. The song has a good message about loving someone for who they are on the inside. The music is guitar driven. The stirring guitar riffs will blow your mind. Nine Days knew what they were doing with this music. They are geniuses when it comes to instrumentation. John Hampson’s vocals are superb. His vocals go up and down throughout the song. The song is unforgettable. It will stay in your head even when the song is done.

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