Top 10 Queens Of The Stone Age Songs

Queens Of The Stone Age Songs

Our Top 10 Queens of the Stone Age songs list takes a look at an American alternative rock band founded by guitarist Josh Homme in 1996. Previously several members had been in the stoner metal band Kyuss including guitarist Josh Homme and bassist Nick Oliveri. Queens of the Stone Age came out of the demise of Kyuss. The first Queens of the Stone Age material was released on a split album with the last Kyuss songs titled Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age. The Queens of the Stone Age sound and lineup has changed considerably from album to album. Guitarist and vocalist Josh Homme is the only member of Queens of The Stone Age to appear on every song.

Queens of The Stone age are known for using guest musicians and vocalists such as Mark Lanegan from The Screaming Trees, Dave Grohl from Nirvana and The Foo Fighters and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to name a few. Mark Lanegan even joined Queens of The Stone Age as a regular member for several years. Their sound was influenced by early grunge, punk and stoner metal bands such as Kyuss, The Screaming Trees, Black Flag, Nirvana and Judas Priest. The Queens of the Stone Age sound is characterized by repetitive hard rock riffs, melodic and harsh vocals and a heavy driving rhythm. Later Queens of The Stone Age songs branched out into different genres such as noise rock, funk, acoustic and experimental music.

10. Burn the Witch

The third single from 2005’s Lullabies to Paralyze“Burn the Witch” is a blues influenced hard rock song. “Burn the Witch” was written by Josh Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen and Joseph Castillo. “Burn the Witch” has a definite heavy blues rock style aided by the presence of ZZ Top guitarist and vocalist Billy Gibbons who plays guitar and does backing vocals on “Burn the Witch.” Homme sings in falsetto on “Burn the Witch” while Gibbons and Mark Lanegan sing baritone backing vocals creating a unique harmony. “Burn the Witch” peaked at number forty on the US Alternative Songs chart.

9. In My Head

From 2005’s Lullabies to Paralyze“In My Head” was the second single from the album. “In My Head” features Josh Homme on vocals and bass, Joey Castillo on drums and piano, Troy Van Leeuwen on lead guitar and Alain Johannes on rhythm guitar. “In My Head” cemented Queens of the Stone Age’s growing popularity despite their radical lineup changes. “In My Head” hit number thirty nine on the US Mainstream Rock charts, number thirty two on the US Alternative Songs chart and number forty four on the UK Singles chart. “In My Head” brought Queens of The Stone Age to the attention of international fans.

8. Sick Sick Sick

First appeared on the 2007 Queens of the Stone Age album Era Vulgaris“Sick Sick Sick” was written by Josh Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen, Chris Goss and Joseph Castillo. “Sick Sick Sick” features harsh, noisy guitar riffs and intense screamed vocals. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes makes a guest appearance on “Sick Sick Sick” playing synth guitar and singing backing vocals. “Sick Sick Sick” hit number thirty seven on the US Mainstream Rock chart and number twenty three on the US Alternative Songs chart. “Sick Sick Sick” is noisier than a lot of other Queens of the Stone Age songs. “Sick Sick Sick” shows a definite noise rock and post-punk influence with its abrasive sound.

7. Make It wit Chu

The third single from 2007’s Era Vulgaris“Make It wit Chu” represents a major departure from Queens of The Stone Age’s earlier sound. Instead of being based around hard rock guitar riffs “Make It wit Chu” features a sound influenced by blues rock, funk and soul. In contrast to many other Queens of the Stone Age songs in “Make It wit Chu” Homme sings in falsetto. “Make It wit Chu” proved popular due to its catchier style and more accessible sound. This allowed “Make It wit Chu” to reach number two on the UK rock and Metal Charts. “Make It wit Chu” features piano and multiple backing vocals in a major departure from the typical Queens of the Stone Age sound.

6. A Song for the Dead

From 2002’s Songs for the Deaf. “A Song for the Dead” was written by Josh Homme and Mark Lanegan of The Screaming Trees. Mark Lanegan sings the lead vocals on “A Song for the Dead.” “A Song for the Dead” is a heavy, riff based hard rock song with major influences from punk rock, grunge and metal. Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters plays drums on “A Song for the Dead” while Josh Homme plays guitar. “A Song for the Dead” is particularly influenced by early hardcore punk band Black Flag.

5. Go With The Flow

Released on 2002’s Songs for the Deaf“Go With The Flow” was written by vocalist and guitar player Josh Homme and vocalist and bass player Nick Oliveri. The lyrics of “Go With The Flow” contain sexual undertones. “Go With The Flow” is one of the most popular Queens of the Stone Age songs. “Go With The Flow” was nominated for a grammy for best Hard Rock Performance. The single for “Go With The Flow” hit number twenty four on the US Mainstream Rock charts and number seven on the Billboard US Alternative Songs charts. “Go With The Flow” combines heavy yet catchy hard rock riffing with more melodic vocals to create a unique sound.

4. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

The opening track to Queens of The Stone Age’s second full length release 2000’s Rated R“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” was written by frontman Josh Homme and bassist Nick Oliveri.“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” is a heavy hard rock song beginning with an an ominous bass riff from Oliveri. The lyrics to “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” are simple yet controversial with Homme singing a repetitive list of drugs such as “nicotine valium Vicodin marijuana ecstasy alcohol and cocaine” over an almost robotic guitar riff.

“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” was pulled from Walmart shelves over it’s lyrical content. Despite this “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” was critically acclaimed by both NME and Rolling Stone. Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford provides backing vocals on “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer.” “Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” has a clear punk and grunge influence and it has often been compared to music by Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana.

3. Little Sister

The first single from Queens of The Stone Age’s fourth album Lullabies to Paralyze“Little Sister” is a hard rock riff based song with a repetitive wood block keeping rhythm along with the drums. “Little Sister”features a metal-style guitar solo played by Homme. Homme also sings the melodic vocals on “Little Sister.” “Little Sister” was the first Queens of the Stone Age single not to feature bassist and vocalist Nick Oliveri.

 “Little Sister”was commercially successful, reaching number thirteen on the US Mainstream Rock charts and number two on The US Alternative Songs chart.“Little Sister” is a bit more accessible and pop influenced than Queens of The Stone Age’s early work but lacks the trademark aggressiveness of Oliveri’s bass playing. “Little Sister” has been covered live by former Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder.

2. First it Giveth

From 2002’s Songs for the Deaf“First it Giveth” peaked at number thirty three on the UK singles chart. “First It Giveth” was written by Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri. “First It Giveth” has a dark, grungier sound than much of Queens of the Stone Age’s other work. According to Josh Homme the lyrics of “First It Giveth” are about the relationship between drug use and creativity. “First It Giveth” discusses how drugs can both give and take away creativity. Musically “First It Giveth” is an alternative hard rock song with major grunge and metal influences. The title of “First It Giveth” refers to a verse in the bible in the book of Job which reads “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.”

1. No One Knows

The first single from Queens of The Stone Age’s critically acclaimed 2002 album Songs for the Deaf“No One Knows” was written by Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and Screaming Trees vocalist Mark Lanegan. “No One Knows” is based on a driving rhythm and repetitive hard rock riffing. “No One Knows” presents a metal influence in the guitar solos especially. “No One Knows” is also heavily influenced by grunge music as Mark Lanegan’s Screaming Trees are one of the most well-known grunge groups.

“No One Knows” also features Foo Fighters frontman and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl on percussion. Longtime Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri plays on “No One Knows.” “No One Knows” is Queens of the Stone Age’s most commercially successful song. “No One Knows” peaked at number one on the Modern Rock Charts. “No One Knows” also received a grammy nomination for best Hard Rock Performance. “No One Knows” has been covered by the likes of Mark Ronson, Razorlight and The Section Quartet.

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