Top 10 Northlane Songs

Northlane Songs

Our top 10 Northlane songs introduce us to an award-winning Australian band famed for its metalcore, alternative metal, and progressive metal sound. While not as popular world wide as other famous Australian bands such as AC/DC, INXS and Crowded House, the group has a considerable fans base and is one of the most respected Austrual Bands of the 21st century. The band was formed in 2009 by lead guitarist Jon Deiley, vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes, rhythm guitarist Josh Smith, drummer Brendan Derby, and bassist Alex Milovic. A name for the band was inspired by the 2007 hit “North Lane” by Architects, one of the band’s influences in metalcore.

While some of the bands share an intimate friendship between the members, lead vocalist Adrian revealed that Northlane’s formation is credited to the internet and common interest between the original members. It all started with lead guitarist Deiley, and bassist Alex started writing songs only to recruit members later. In January 2010, the band showcased to metalcore fans what they had been cooking up in the studio through a six-track EP, Hollow Existence.

The EP was regarded admirable and of mature standard, making Northlane one of the most up-and-coming Aussie band metalcore bands. Northlane followed up its EP with an Australian tour to support its music while establishing itself as an industrious live act. The year 2011 had Northlane sign with UNFD Records, with whom the band released its debut album, DiscoveriesDiscoveries went on to peak at number one on the ARIA Hitseekers Album Chart. Northlane went to Canada to market its debut album performing alongside Counterparts and Stray from the Path.

The tour bore fruits having the band record a new album in New York with Will Putney. A major lineup change would follow in October 2014, with the band announcing the arrival of Marcus Bridge as Northlane’s new vocalist. The band marked the signing of Marcus with the album Node, which is one of their heaviest albums ever. Node went on to peak at number one on the album chart, winning the 2015 ARIA Music Awards’ Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album award. The band has now become a regular winning act in the ARIA Music Awards, winning the same award for its albums Mesmer (2017) and Alien (2019).

Here are the top 10 Northlane songs sampled from the band’s five studio albums.

#10 – Obelisk

Ushering us into the top 10 Northlane songs is the ballad “Obelisk.” The song was released in the award-winning album, Node, in which the band featured its new vocalist Marcus Bridge. “Obelisk” is one of the magnificent songs in Node that helps deliver a phenomenal display of the band’s ability to rediscover prog and metalcore music vibes. Marcus Bridge proves to be a significant pillar in the success of this song and album at large, thanks to his awe-inspiring vocals.

#9 – Talking Heads

Alien (2019) featured several pulsating releases from the Northlane band, including “Talking Heads,” which was premiered in June 2019. The song’s lyrics allude to anxiety and insecurities that are accompanied by being raised up in a fierce family where the parents are drug addicts. Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge reveals that the trauma of such a setting resulted in creative and emotional difficulties in the expression of his ideas and thoughts in his past.

#8 – Masquerade ft. Drew York

Northlane collaborated with Drew York of Stray from the Path in releasing the hit “Masquerade.” The song is featured in the band’s album, Singularity (2013). “Masquerade” takes us back to the days when Adrian Fitipaldes was the band’s vocalist who was unbelievably brilliant, to say the least. Other than the uplifting vocals from Adrian and Drew, the song features a superb instrumental that serves the song’s delivery right.

#7 – Bloodline

Northlane took prog-metalcore to a slightly different direction with the band’s deeply personal release “Bloodline.” The song was released alongside “Vultures” on the 2019 album, Alien. “Bloodline” has its lyrics inspired by Marcus Bridge’s upbringing where his father was quite abusive. However, vocalist Marcus revealed that he was able to get himself out of the situation. The glitch guitar riffs and backing vocals from Brendon Padjasek add some glamour to this song, making it one of the best Northlane songs.

#6 – Clockwork

Number six on our top 10 Northlane songs is the hit “Clockwork.” The song is a single born of anxiety and a sense of solitude. Northlane opens a new chapter with this 2021 release thanks to the marriage of electronic progressions with the relentless pace of guitars and percussions. The song marks Northlane’s first major venture into the gaming world, having “Clockwork” adopted as the official theme for the 2021 Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Oceanic National eSports League.

#5 – Dispossession

“Dispossession” is among the few songs that helped Northlane achieve mainstream success. The song is featured on the band’s debut album, Discoveries. “Dispossession” was among the last songs from Northlane to feature bassist Simon Anderson, who later would be fired from the band. Adrian’s vocals in this song feel like he is reading intense emotional poetry. Sad to have lost him from the band’s lineup following severe vocal issues (reduced vocal endurance).

#4 – Citizen

Mesmer (2017) features one of the best releases from Northlane, such as the hit “Citizen.” The album came after a teaser, “Mesmer,” a mostly-instrumental album title that included an enigmatic viral marketing campaign. This campaign tagged along “Citizen,” a Facebook Messenger bot under which Northlane was hinting at the subject of mass surveillance, the role of the individual, and government corruption themes. While some call it a superb release, some fans are not happy with the song.

#3 – Dream Awake

“Dream Awake” is the sixth hit from the band’s sophomore studio album, Singularity. The song is famously known for its powerful emotional vibes. What better lyrics would you ask for motivation other than “Wake up from the nightmare and become the dream?” If that’s not enough, you ought to love Adrian’s delivery in this ballad which helped the band grow its fame. Gladly, with his departure, the band was able to tag in a talented and magnificent vocalist Marcus Bridge who has been instrumental in the vocals and in the musical direction of the band.

#2 – Rot

Northlane marked the signing of its new vocalist Marcus Bridge with the release of an award-winning album Node (2015). As mentioned earlier, Marcus’ entry to the band’s lineup had Northlane slightly depart from its heavier metalcore vibes. The hit “Rot” helps bring out the new, more alternative and experimental sound in Node. Thanks to collaborative work by the band members in penning down the charming lyrics to this song.

#1 – Quantum Flux

Number one of our top 10 Northlane songs is the hit “Quantum Flux.” The song is featured as the fifth release from the band’s sophomore album Singularity. Northlane revealed that the lyrics to the song allude to being content with what you have by your side. Former Northlane vocalist Adrian also revealed that he experienced an epiphany of a true sense of happiness with what lies at the current moment despite living in a world far from perfect.

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