Top 10 The Devil Wears Prada Songs

The Devil Wears Prada Songs

Our top ten songs from The Devil Wears Prada looks at the best music of a metalcore band who were formed in Dayton, Ohio in 2005. They named themselves after a novel that was later adapted into a movie and felt that it was representative of their anti-materialistic beliefs as a Christian band. Soon after their formation, they started to perform live and recorded their debut demo titled Patterns Of A Horizon.

Since the release of their debut album Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord in 2006, the Devil Wears Prada have gone on to enjoy a career as a successful and popular band in the modern metal scene. They have been a consistent band, having released seven albums which have generally come out around two or three years of each other and most of them have spawned music videos and singles. Nearly all of their albums have been commercially successful, with all but one of them managing to reach decent positions on the Billboard charts, and two of them topping the US independent charts. Emerging from the mid-2000’s metal scene with a fanbase that has grown up with them throughout their sixteen year existence,

The Devil Wears Prada have proved that they are a group with staying power who will likely go on to have success for another couple of decades. Like all of the best bands who have been around for so long, they have progressed with their sound throughout the years, becoming more mature with age as they have grown older as a band and as people.

With this list, we will look at what their best work is from throughout all of their career, with a track representing each of their albums as well as some representing the ep’s that they have released. We hope to both please any of our readers who are already fans as well as potentially lead to any who may not be familiar with them to look up these songs and then hopefully their entire discography.

# 10 – Termination

Kicking off our top ten Devil Wears Prada songs list is this track from their most recent ep ZII released in 2021. The ep is a sequel to Zombie released in 2010 and is the debut recording of bassist Mason Naggy. Lyrically inspired by the covid pandemic, this song was the first single from it. It got to number 110 on the Billboard 200.

# 9 – Alien

Our next track is from the band’s second ep Space released in 2015. It is the first release from the band not to feature guitarist Chris Rubey as well as being the last recording of drummer Daniel Williams. The ep is a concept record about space, as the title would suggest. It got to number thirty-two on the Billboard 200. It was their first release on Rise Records since 2007.

# 8 – Anatomy

Next up is a track from the aforementioned Zombie ep released in 2010. It is themed around the idea of a zombie apocalypse and musically has a hardcore thrash sound to it. It was met with a positive critical reception and was commercially successful, getting to number ten on the Billboard 200. In 2015, they embarked on a tour to celebrate its five year anniversary.

# 7 – Chemical

Next on the list is this track that was released as the third single from the band’s seventh album The Act released in 2019. The clean vocals on this song are provided by rhythm guitarist Jeremy DePoyster whilst main vocalist Mike Hrancia provides backing vocals. It got to number forty-seven on the Billboard Hot Christian songs chart.

# 6 – Transit Blues

The last song of the first half of this list the title and closing track of the sixth Prada album released in 2016. This was their first full length record to be released on Rise Records since 2007. It features drums from Guiseppi Capolupo after Daniel Williams had left. It is also the debut of guitarist Kyle Sipress. It got to number fifty-six on the Billboard 200.

# 5 – 8:18

Beginning the second half of our list is the title track of their fifth album released in 2013. It is the band’s first recording not to feature keyboardist James Baney and is the last recording of both Chris Rubey and Daniel Williams. It was commercially successful, topping the Christian charts and getting to number six on the Billboard 200.

# 4 – Dead Throne

Next is the title and opening track of DWP’s fourth album released in 2011. It was produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz and recorded in several different studios. It marked somewhat of a new musical direction for the band, a move that was well received by critics. It is their highest charting release , reaching number ten on the Billboard 200 and topping the Christian and independent charts.

# 3 – I Hate Buffering

At number three is a song from the band’s third album With Roots Above and Branches Below released in 2009. It charted at number eleven on the Billboard 200. Before the album’s release, they started performing this song live to give fans a taster of the album. It is yet another album in the band’s catalogue that topped the Christian charts.

# 2 – Don’t Drink and Drance

Just off the top spot is the track taken from the band’s second album Plagues released in 2007. They began recording it in 2006 with producer Joey Sturgis. The title of the record is a biblical reference to the plagues in the Book of Revelation. It got to number fifty-seven on the Billboard 200 and received generally positive reviews.

# 1 – Salvation

At the top of our Devil Wears Prada songs list is this track from their debut album Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord released in 2006. With the exception of two songs, all of the album tracks are re-recording versions of song from their demo Patterns Of A Horizon. This song is the album’s closing track and features guest vocals from Cole Wallace of the band Gwen Stacy.

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