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Our top 10 Pale Waves songs list introduces us to a band celebrated for its indie rock sound. Originally called Creek, the band was founded by drummer Ciara Doran and vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie after they met in 2014 at BIMM Manchester, a music institute. They initially teamed up with guitarist Ben Bateman and bassist Ryan Marsden. However, Bateman and Marsden eventually departed and were replaced by guitarist Hugo Silvani and bassist Charlie Wood. This lineup change solidified the band’s chemistry and helped maintain a consistent musical style. With these members, Pale Waves released demos that caught the attention of Dirty Hit Records. The band signed with the label in 2017, marking a significant step in their career.

Pale Waves made a significant impact with their debut single, “There’s a Honey,” released in April 2017 under Dirty Hit. The song garnered widespread acclaim, establishing the band’s presence in the music scene and earning them a dedicated following. Bolstered by their initial success and growing popularity, the band continued to release singles while also announcing plans for their debut album. Shortly after this announcement, Pale Waves was ranked fifth in the BBC Sound of 2018 poll, further highlighting their rising status.

Their momentum continued into 2018 when they won the NME Under the Radar Award and performed “There’s a Honey” at the award ceremony. In November 2020, Pale Waves announced their sophomore album, Who Am I?, accompanied by the release of the lead single “Change,” which was named Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World.

Vocalists Heather Baron-Gracie and drummer Ciara Doran, both proud members of the LGBTQ+ community, aimed to reflect their experiences in the band’s second album. Pale Waves’ music, while rooted in indie rock, also incorporates elements of indie pop, pop-punk, synth-pop, and dream pop. Heather Baron-Gracie has cited influences from various artists, including The Cranberries, Madonna, Prince, Avril Lavigne, and The 1975, which have shaped the band’s distinctive sound.

Here are the top 10 Pale Waves songs from the band’s three studio albums.

# 10 – Jealousy 

We kick off our top 10 Pale Waves songs list with the dynamic tune “Jealousy.” This track, the third single from their album Unwanted, marks a departure towards a heavier and more aggressive sound compared to the band’s earlier work. “Jealousy” was released on June 27, 2022, and made its debut on BBC Radio 1. Accompanying the song’s release, a music video directed by Vasilisa Forbes was also unveiled. Filmed in stark black and white, the video features the band performing against a minimalist backdrop. Notably, frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie is seen singing from behind a chain-link fence and swinging from a chain swing, adding a dramatic visual element to the song

# 9 – The Tide

“The Tide” holds a special place in Pale Waves’ history as the first song that Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran wrote together. Initially, the band had no plans to release or perform the song again, essentially leaving it behind. However, once fans discovered “The Tide,” their enthusiastic response led Pale Waves to reconsider its fate. This newfound love prompted the band to officially record and release the track. It was included on the band’s EP All The Things I Never Said and has since become one of the band’s favorite songs to perform live, celebrated for its energetic presence and historical significance to the group.

# 8 – New Year’s Eve

There’s no better way for a music fan to ring in the new year than with a playlist full of New Year’s Eve hits. However, Pale Waves’ “New Year’s Eve” brings a unique twist to the typical celebratory tone, offering one of the most emotional takes on the holiday. The song captures the poignant fear of being alone on such a significant night, a sentiment that resonates deeply in the chorus. Featured on the band’s EP All The Things I Never Said, “New Year’s Eve” stands out for its heartfelt lyrics and emotional delivery, making it a memorable addition to any New Year’s Eve playlist.

# 7 – One More Time

Indie rock and indie-pop quartet Pale Waves included “One More Time” on their debut album My Mind Makes Noises. Known for its fast-paced rhythm and the distinctive visuals accompanying its release, this track captures the essence of the band’s energetic style. Drummer Ciara Doran heightened anticipation for the song with an Instagram story that featured handwritten lyrics, teasing its release. The lyrics of “One More Time” evoke the bittersweet memories of a fervent yet unsuccessful teenage romance, filled with longing and nostalgia. Interestingly, the song shares its title with Daft Punk’s 2000 hit, which was also titled “One More Time” and went on to receive a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Recording.

# 6 – Eighteen

Number six on our top 10 Pale Waves songs list is “Eighteen,” a standout track from the band’s debut album. This song encapsulates the emotional intensity and wide-eyed wonder of first love, delivered through vibrant and colorful indie-pop sounds. From the initial synth beats that open the track, it’s clear that “Eighteen” represents one of the band’s most direct and substantial forays into indie-pop. Its sound owes a nod to the synth-pop influences of icons like Depeche Mode, while also channeling the pop-punk energy of Avril Lavigne. This blend aids Pale Waves in their ongoing endeavor to craft hit-worthy choruses that resonate with listeners and climb the charts.

#5 – Heavenly

“Heavenly” stands out as one of Pale Waves’ most evolved tracks, having undergone significant lyrical transformations before reaching its final form. Heather Baron-Gracie, the band’s lead vocalist, played a pivotal role in these changes, citing that the original lyrics no longer resonated with her, prompting a rewrite. Although the core sound remains reminiscent of the 2015 demo, the reworked version of “Heavenly” introduces fresh synth sounds and harmonies, enhancing its appeal. This track is now featured on the band’s four-song EP All The Things I Never Said, and it highlights the band’s ability to refine and perfect their music, making “Heavenly” one of the best offerings from Pale Waves.

#4 – Kiss

“Kiss” is a standout track from Pale Waves’ album My Mind Makes Noises, penned by frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie. The song made an unexpected early appearance on Spotify, leaking a few weeks before its official release. When “Kiss” was played on BBC Radio 1, it quickly earned the title of Hottest Record. The track radiates with the band’s signature 1980s pop influences, shimmering with a nostalgic sparkle. Pale Waves demonstrates their knack for crafting infectious choruses, making “Kiss” a memorable addition to their discography and a favorite among fans.

# 3 – Noises

Another highlight from Pale Waves’ debut album My Mind Makes Noises is the poignant song “Noises.” This track is particularly noted for its candid exploration of mental health issues and the personal struggles associated with low self-esteem. “Noises” effectively captures the album’s thematic essence, stirring emotions related to self-doubt and introspection. While not officially the title track, its lyrics embody the core message and emotional depth of the album, making it a central piece in understanding the band’s exploration of these complex themes.

# 2 – There’s A Honey

“There’s A Honey” is a standout track from Pale Waves’ debut album, My Mind Makes Noises. Written by drummer Ciara Doran and lead vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie, the song delves into the uncertainties of a partner’s commitment within a relationship. The track features sparkling soundscapes and a brilliant, festival-ready chorus, making it a crowd favorite. Anchored by a powerful riff, the song sets the stage for Heather Baron-Gracie’s captivating vocals, which she uses to cast a spellbinding allure. “There’s A Honey” showcases the band’s ability to blend infectious melodies with emotive lyrics, creating a memorable and engaging listening experience.

#1 – Television Romance

Number one on our top 10 Pale Waves songs list is the hit “Television Romance.” This standout track was a collaborative effort in songwriting between drummer Ciara Doran and vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie, with Matthew Healy and George Daniel of The 1975 handling production. The inspiration for “Television Romance” came from a personal experience of Pale Waves’ singer Heather Baron-Gracie, who had to firmly reject an overly optimistic suitor who was oblivious to her lack of interest. The song features catchy melodies and sharp production, encapsulating the band’s signature sound while resonating with listeners through its relatable storyline. This track not only showcases Pale Waves’ musical prowess but also highlights their ability to weave compelling narratives into their songs.

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