Top 10 Paul Revere & The Raiders Songs

Paul Revere & the Raiders Songs

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Paul Revere & The Raiders were a prominent classic rock band from the time they were formed in Boise, Idaho, in 1958. Paul Revere & the Raiders released their first album in 1961 entitled Like, Long Hair. They followed up that album two years later in 1963 with a self titled record called Paul Revere & the Raiders. The band would eventually sign with Columbia Record and release their third album entitled Here They Come!. In 1966 the band would release their first of three straight Gold selling albums entitled Just Like Us!, Midnight Ride and The Spirit of 1967. All three albums laded in the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 album charts. 1966 was a very good year for the band.

Throughout the band’s career, Paul Revere & the Raiders would release fourteen studio albums, two live albums, fifteen compilation albums and thirty nine singles. While the 1960s period was their crowning decade, their only number one hit was a novelty song released in 1971 entitled Indian Reservation. A song that sounded very different from the band 1960s material.

Paul Revere & the Raiders songs define one of the most loved 1960s bands of all time. Our top 10 Paul Revere & the Raiders songs list is simply a place to start to check out this great group’s spectacular material.

# 10 – Like, Long Hair

This wasn’t even close to the highest-charting single that they had. However, it was the first one they ever had that cracked the top 40 at number 38 in March of 1961 on the Billboard Top 100 in the United States. For that reason, it is significant just because it established Paul Revere and the Raiders as a solid rock group. Listen to that piano, listen to that guitar. This is great stuff!

# 9 – Too Much Talk

Even though this band’s popularity was starting to fade out by the mid-60s, they still had several modest hits. One of these would have been “Too Much Talk,” which peaked at number 19 in February 1968. This was also one of the first singles produced by Mark Lindsay.

# 8 – Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon

“Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon” was another song written by Mark Lindsay. It was released as a single in January 1969, and it peaked at 18th position on the charts by February 1969. The song was also featured on the soundtrack for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which is a movie about the changing movie landscape of 1969 Hollywood. It was directed by Quentin Tarantino and came out in 2019.

# 7 – I Had a Dream

“I Had a Dream” was a song that was definitely reminiscent of the rival band The Kinks. Mark Lindsay outdoes himself, as he belts out some very breathy lyrics discussing this unique dream that he’s had. It is truly a catchy song, punctuated by some very sharp guitar riffs. This song was always a concert favorite when they were on tour, and it peaked at number 17 in August 1967.

# 6 – Just Like Me

“Just Like Me” was one of Paul Revere & the Raiders’ signature hits, as it peaked at number 11 in December 1965. They also showcased a unique stop-start guitar riff, and a remarkable lead vocalist performance from Mark Lindsay where one is reminded of the Kingsmen of “Louie Louie” fame. This is by far one of their most raucous hit singles.

# 5 – Hungry

“Hungry” was a song that was punctuated by notably controversial lyrics. The song details the singer’s efforts to seduce a girl by offering her the promises of satisfying her hunger for all of the “good things.” The song peaked at number six in 1966. Sammy Hagar did a great cover of Hungry on his Red album in 1977.

# 4 –  Him or Me What’s It Gonna Be?

This is a song that peaked at number 5 in April 1967. The song details an individual who is going through a love triangle and is fed up with it. The song is also interesting because it marked a notable change in the style of this group. First of all, instead of garage pop, this song has more of a psychedelic feel to it. Additionally, this song also features a young Glen Campbell as a session musician!


# 3 – Good Thing

“Good Thing” was a song that was co-written by lead singer Paul Revere and producer Terry Melcher. They really hit it out of the park, because this song not only peaked at number 4 in December 1966, but it also has vocal melodies reminiscent of the Beach Boys.

# 2 –  Indian Reservation

The band would experience one last return to the spotlight with this smash hit that details the struggles that the Cherokees and other Indian tribes had to go through at the hands of the white man. This song itself has been recorded three times, and it was most successful with this group, reaching all the way to number one in 1971. Even though Paul Revere & the Raiders would never have another top 40 hit, this song would spawn a touring career that would last over 40 years.

# 1 – Kicks

We close out our top 10 Paul Revere & The Raiders songs list withe their legendary song “Kicks.” The song that was written by the acclaimed songwriting team of Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann. After they completed riding the song, they offered it to the British band The Animals, but they Animals rejected the song. Thus, Paul Revere and the Raiders took this song and made a tremendous hit out of it. “Kicks” went to number four on the Billboard Top 40 pop charts during the month of March in 1966.



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