Top 10 Platinum Blonde Songs

Platinum Blonde Songs

Our top 10 Platinum Blonde songs list digs deep into the music of a Canadian glam rock/pop rock/new wave outfit that helped that rose to prominence in the early ‘80s. Backtracking on the band’s history takes us to a short-lived punk rock act, The Blondes, formed by vocalist Mark Holmes in 1979. As The Blondes, the band released two singles “Hey Hey You” and “No Regrets,” which failed to catapult the band to success. While The Blondes disbanded soon after, Mark Holmes would revive the band later in 1982 with a new lineup and a new moniker, Platinum Blonde.

Platinum Blonde’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

Mark Holmes guided the band towards its glam rock/pop rock/new wave roots, almost trashing punk rock influences seen at The Blondes. Platinum Blonde was quick to take advantage of the burgeoning music video ride that had seen artists like Billy IdolEurythmicsDuran Duran, and The Police build on their mainstream success in the US. The band put Canadian rock on the map with its 1983 debut album, Standing in the Dark, which was a commercial success. By 1984, Platinum Blonde was one of Canada’s best-selling rock bands, only rivaled by Rush.

Standing in the Dark was a commercial success, achieving triple Platinum status in Canada. The album also fared well in the mainstream, rising to a high of number twenty-three on the Canadian Albums Chart. “Doesn’t Really Matter,” “Not in Love,” “Standing in the Dark,” and “Sad Sad Rain” are the best Platinum Blonde songs from the album. The success of the debut album saw Platinum Blonde tagged along in Bryan Adams and Billy Idol’s Canadian tours.

Platinum Blonde’s Album Releases over the Years

After the release of its successful debut album, Platinum Blonde returned in 1985 with its sophomore studio album, Alien ShoresAlien Shores is the band’s highest-charting album, peaking at the third spot on the Canadian Albums Chart. This new wave-oriented album was the first outing by Platinum Blonde to feature bassist and keyboardist Kenny MacLean, leaving Mark Holmes to put his focus on the lead vocal role. Alien Shores is home to popular songs by Platinum Blonde including “Crying Over You,” “Situation Critical,” “Somebody Somewhere,” and “Hungry Eyes.”

Contact, issued in 1987, marked Platinum Blonde’s third studio album. The album was a mainstream success rising to the twentieth spot on the Canadian Albums Chart. “Connect Me,” “Contact,” “Fire,” and “If You Go This Time” are some of the best Platinum Blonde songs from the album. Yeah Yeah Yeah is the band’s fourth studio album after which the band went on hiatus. The album was issued by the band under its previous moniker.

Platinum Blonde returned to the Canadian rock scene in the early 2010s, releasing its fifth and most recent LP, Now & Never. Unfortunately, the album failed to achieve critical acclaim in the band’s homeland. Here we present the ten best Platinum Blonde songs of all time, sampled from the band’s five studio albums.

#10 – Connect Me

Ushering us to the top 10 Platinum Blonde songs list is the bewitching hit “Connect Me.” The song is among the magical releases featured on the band’s third studio album, Contact. By this time, the band was almost losing its amazing new wave/pop rock/glam rock balance that had catapulted it to stardom. However, this groovy hit still managed to convey Platinum Blonde’s excellence in the rock scene and amazing musicianship. The song’s bass line oozes fineness, giving it that funky feel. “Connect Me” peaked at number forty-five on the Canadian Singles Chart.

#9 – If You Go This Time

Contact might have been the end of Platinum Blonde’s time issuing music through CBS Canada, but not the end of the band’s creative brilliance. Songs like “If You Go This Time” continue to prove that despite its poor commercial sales, Contact was just a significant rock album by Platinum Blonde. Platinum Blonde still manages to bring its explorative amalgam of new wave and funk rock with this hit.

“If You Go This Time” finds Mark issuing a declaration to a lover that if she dares walk away from the relationship this time, he will cope with the situation. Mark goes on to remind the lover that he is building strength just to carry on vowing that she won’t drag him into turmoil just because of the love he has for her. “If You Go This Time” went ahead to peak at number seventy-one on the Canadian Singles Chart.

#8 – Hungry Eyes

Coming in at number eight on our top 10 Platinum Blonde songs list is the rip-roaring hit “Hungry Eyes.” The song is featured on the band’s sophomore studio album, Alien Shores. Mark Holmes teamed up with Sergio Galli, the band’s guitarist, and backing vocalist, in penning the lyrics to this hit. “Hungry Eyes” alludes to the dangers of mutual attraction between two souls, ending up looking at each other with ‘hungry eyes.’ The song managed to rise to a peak position of number fifty-seven on the Canadian Singles Chart.

#7 – Contact

“Contact” is Platinum Blonde’s best cut from the band’s third studio album of the same title. The song was penned by Mark Holmes, Kenny MacLean, and the multi-platinum award-winning producer David Bendeth, who’s known for his successful work with The PoliceThe Pointer Sisters, and Gary US Bonds. “Contact” finds Mark crooning about physical intimacy with an attractive soul. The singer reveals that he has had such encounters before but this new woman just gives him a new thrill that doesn’t compare to his past. “Contact” peaked at number thirteen on the Canadian Singles Chart.

#6 – Somebody Somewhere

Number six on our top 10 Platinum Blonde songs list is the charming hit “Somebody Somewhere.” The song is among the precious musical gems featured on the band’s debut studio album, Standing in the Dark. “Somebody Somewhere” magnificence is enshrined in the song’s dazzling keyboard-laced melodies. You ought to love the saxophone solo in this hit delivered by Earl Seymour.

Earl Seymour has also featured on songs by The Arrows and Blood, Sweat & Tears. “Somebody Somewhere” was a success on the Canadian Singles Chart, where it peaked at number twenty-three. The song is the only record by Platinum Blonde to have made it to the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number eighty-two.

#5 – Standing in the Dark

Standing in the Dark put Platinum Blonde’s foot forward as a reputable Canadian rock outfit. The album title track to Platinum Blonde’s debut LP makes powers through to the fifth pick of our top ten Platinum Blonde songs list, thanks to its hard-hitting yet alluring instrumentation. “Standing in the Dark” boasts of superbly composed choruses, thanks to the brilliance of Mark Holmes, who is credited to have penned the song. The song went on to peak at number forty-three on the Canadian Albums Chart.

#4 – Situation Critical

“Situation Critical” is Platinum Blonde’s opening track to the album, Alien Shores. The song finds Mark Holmes crooning about a gentleman who has quit a relationship and is enjoying his life in solitude. While some people might run into the deep valley of loneliness and sadness, this gentleman seems quite assertive having him prioritize taking care of his heart. “Situation Critical” is the second song by Platinum Blonde to make it to the top ten on the Canadian Singles Chart. It peaked at the eighth spot on the chart.

#3- Crying Over You

The third pick on our top 10 Platinum Blonde songs list is the tremendous hit “Crying Over You.” “Crying Over You” is the epitome of Platinum Blonde’s sophomore album, Alien Shores. This new wave hit remains the band’s highest charting release, topping the Canadian Singles Chart. “Crying Over You” also features a guitar solo by Alex Lifeson of the critically acclaimed Canadian rock band Rush.

#2- Not in Love

“Not in Love” is one of the best musical gems from Platinum Blonde’s debut studio album, Standing in the Dark. The song’s melodic nature gave the band’s fans a reason to crown this hit one of the all-time favorites. “Not in Love” features a slamming hot bass riff that brings the shine out of Mark Holmes’ instrumentation.

While Kenny MacLean took over the bass roles from Mark, “Not in Love” reminds us of how good the band’s frontman was good on the bass. “Not in Love” managed to rise to number forty-four on the Canadian Singles Chart. The song was covered by the Canadian electronic group, Crystal Castles in 2010. A single version by Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith of The Cure.

#1- Doesn’t Really Matter

Number one on our top 10 Platinum Blonde songs is the classic cut “Doesn’t Really Matter.” The song was released in 1983, then featured on the band’s eponymous debut EP. “Doesn’t Really Matter” helped the EP Platinum Blonde rise to number thirty-nine on the Canadian Albums Chart.

This made it CBS Canada’s fastest-selling debut release at the time. “Doesn’t Really Matter” bombarded the radio while gaining popularity on TV due to its magnificent music video. The song was the first single by Platinum Blonde to make it to the Canadian Singles Chart, peaking at number thirty-one.

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