Top 10 Pointer Sisters Songs

Pointer Sisters Songs

Our Top 10 Pointer Sisters Songs looks back at the songs of a group that crossed the musical genres of r&b, soul, pop and rock music. They would become one of the most successful female singing groups of the classic rock era scoring 13 top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. The group originally consisted of June, Anita and Bonnie Pointer. In 1972, they were joined by their sister Ruth turning the group into a quartet. Nonetheless, in 1978, Bonnie Pointer left the group. While the Pointer Sisters had some big time hits as a quartet, their greatest success would occur in the early to mid eighties as a trio featuring Anita, June and Ruth Pointer. Our Top 10 Pointer Sisters songs list picks out ten of our favorite Pointer Sisters songs.

# 10 – Should I Do It

We open up our top 10 Pointer Sisters songs list with this great 1950s style sounding song entitled “Should I Do It.” Interestingly, the song was actually written in 1981 by Layng Martine Jr. The song was recorded by the Pointer Sisters for their 1981 album entitled Black & White. It was released as the fourth single from the record. The song had great success from a commercial point of view. “Should I Do It,” broke the Billboard Hot 100’s top 20 peaking at number 13 in 1982.

# 9 – Happiness

Continuing with our top 10 Pointer Sisters songs list we turn to a track that starts out with a slow blues opening lick led by some dripping piano riffs and sultry vocals line. Of course, the song explodes into a dance spectacular with curtains swinging open and lights a blaring. This great Pointer Sisters song entitled “Happiness,” was released in 1979 on the album Energy. The song was composed by Allen Toussaint. “Happiness,” was a top 40 hit for the Pointer Sisters on the Billboard Hot 100.

# 8 –  Dare Me

At number eight on this Pointer Sisters songs list is one that got away. “Dare Me,” is a fantastic song that should have been a much bigger hit than it ever was, although it did have some pretty good chart success, its just one of those Pointer Sisters songs that has kind of been forgotten. Nonetheless, this one cooks. The song was composed by Sam Lorber and Dave Innis. June Pointer sang the hot lead vocal on the tune. The song was very successful on the U.S. Dance Charts where it hit number one in 1985.

# 7 – Neutron Dance

In 1984, the Pointer Sisters released the album of their career. The record Break Out featured four top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1984, The Pointer Sisters had become one of the biggest and most popular groups in the world. The song featured here entitled “Neutron Dance,” was released as the fourth song from the Break Out album. However, the song’s success was also fueled by its inclusion throughout the very successful Eddie Murphy film Beverly Hills Cop and it’s inclusion on the motion picture’s big selling soundtrack. The song was composed by Allee Willis and Danny Sembello.

# 6 – He’s So Shy

The Pointer Sisters recording of the song “He’s So Shy,” turned out to be their second top 10 hit of their career. The song reached all the way up to number three on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980. The song was released on the album Special Things. The song “He’s So Shy,” was written by Tom Snow and Cynthia Weil

# 5 – Jump (For My Love)

This was a big one. The sound of the grand big 80s is on full display in the arrangements of The Pointer Sisters; smash single “Jump (For My Love),” The mid 80s were dominated by arrangements filled with multiple keyboard rigs and drum machines. The meeting of technology and the brilliant vocal talents of the Pointer Sisters made for a string of big time hits in 1984. “Jump (For My Love),” was released as the second single from the Break Out album. It would chart higher than any other single released from the record. “Jump (For My Love),” hit number three on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1984. The group had amazing competition that year for positioning on the charts. They were battling big time albums by Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Prince, Huey Lewis, The Cars and many others.  The song was composed by Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina and Stephen Mitchell.

# 4 – Yes We Can

The song “Yes We Can Can,” defines vintage early Pointer Sisters songs when the group was still a quartet instead of the trio that became world famous in the 1980s. The song “Yes We Can Can,” was the Pointer Sisters first charting single. The song was released in 1973. It became a big time hit peaking at number eleven on the Billboard Hot 100. The song featured Anita Pointer on lead vocals with back up vocals performed by Ruth Pointer, Bonnie Pointer and June Pointer. “Yes We Can Can,” was written by Allen Toussaint.

# 3 – Slow Hand

The soulful Pointer Sisters song “Slow Hand,” would tie their earlier single “Fire,” for the highest charting song of their career on the Billboard Hot 100. The song just missed the number one spot peaking at number two in 1981. Slow Hand was written by Michael Clark and John Bettis.

# 2 – Fire

And speaking of the song “Fire”….. Just as stated previously, the Pointer Sisters singles “Fire,” and “Slow Hand,” were their highest charting songs of their career. “Fire,” was first released by the Pointer Sisters in 1978. The song was written by Bruce Springsteen. The song was originally written by Bruce Springsteen with hopes that Elvis Presley would record the song. However, Elvis Presley died before ever receiving the song from Bruce Springsteen. Retro rockabilly singer Robert Gordon had a minor hit with the song before the Pointer Sisters turned it into a world wide smash. Bruce Springsteen performed the songs often on his late 1970s and early 1980s tours and released the song on the live album Live 1975-1985.

# 1 – I’m So Excited

We close out our top 10 Pointer Sisters songs list with the energy infused rocking dance number “I’m So Excited.” While this may have not have been the Pointer Sisters biggest hit, in our opinion it was their finest moment on vinyl. The energy level on this one is off the charts. Their vocal performance on the recording is also out of this world. The song was released on the album So Excited! in 1982. It was also remixed and issued once again on their 1984 album Break Out in which it was released for the second time as a single while breaking the Billboard Mainstream’s music charts Top 10.

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