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Our Top 10 Latto Songs list will look at a popular rapper, singer and songwriter. She is a versatile artist who can rap and sing. She gained attention when she appeared on the reality show The Rap Game in 2016. She was known as Miss Mulatto when she was on the show. She won the season, but she didn’t take the record deal that was offered to her. When she released her first single, she got signed to RCA Records. She has won some awards throughout her career. Some of her hits include “Muwop,” “Big Energy,” “Sunshine,” “The Biggest,” “Wheelie,” “Lottery” as well as other hit singles. She is just as known for her songs as she is for her collaborations. Latto has worked with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Childish Gambino, Gucci Mane, City Girls, Chloe Bailey, Chloe x Halle, Cardi B, Yung Baby Tate, G-Eazy, Doja Cat, Two Chainz, Kali, Maroon 5, as well as others.

Latto was born Alyssa Michelle Stephens on December 22, 1998. She is a bi-racial child which inspired her stage name. When she was younger, she wanted to be a rapper. She wrote her own songs. She became a contestant on The Rap Game. She went by Miss Mulatto at the time. She turned down the deal to work with Jermaine Dupri because it wasn’t enough money for her. She wanted to be an independent artist. She released a couple of mixtapes before she released her first album.

Queen of da Souf was released in August 2020. The album peaked at number 25 on the r&b charts and number 44 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Muwop,” “On God,” “In n Out” and “Sex Lies.” 777 was released in March 2022. The album peaked at number eight on the r&b charts and number 15 on Billboard 200. It features the singles “Big Energy,” “Soufside,” “Wheelie” and “Sunshine.”

Latto hasn’t been in the music business that long, but she has made her mark. She is a versatile artist who can sing and rap. She has hit singles on her own as well as with other artists. She is a talented artist who is on the rise. Our Top 10 Latto Songs list will feature her best songs on her own as well as with other artists.

# 10 – I Just Called – Neiked ft. Anne-Marie and Latto

The 10th song on our Top 10 Latto Songs list is “I Just Called.” “I Just Called” is a non-album single. “I Just Called” was released in May 2022. This is a bitter song about a couple who has broken up. She wants to move on from him, but she needs closure. She can’t do it face-to-face, so she calls him. She makes it clear to him that she hates him. She wants him to know that she has moved on with her life. The song opens with our narrator having a few shots. She wants to let her ex know that she is finished with him, but she is too nervous to face him. He is only a few blocks away. He is with a new woman, so she wants to let him know that she has moved on too. The problem is she has trouble telling him to his face how she feels.

She decides to pick up the phone and express herself the way she wants to do it. She informs him that this is the last time he is going to hear from her. His voicemail is full so she can’t call him anymore. Latto starts the second verse by informing him that she is done with him. She refuses to be in that situation again. She got rid of his things. She could be petty by destroying him, but she chose to move on from him. She informs him that she no longer belongs to him.

Neiked, Anne-Marie and Latto bring their own style to the song. This song has an interpolation of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” They turned a classic song into a modern jam. They flipped the script on everyone with this track. They didn’t make this a love song. They made it a bitter song. Stevie Wonder’s version is a love song, while this is the opposite. It is a refreshing take on how relationships change over the years. Stevie Wonder liked what they did to the song. Anne-Marie sounds pretty on the track. The music caters to her. Her vocals may remind you of Rihanna and Meghan Trainor. Latto’s rhyme is fiery. She sounds like a woman who has been hurt. Anne-Marie and Latto sound confident that they have moved on with their lives. The ladies sing the song with ease. Neiked provided a fantastic beat that supports both of their voices. This is a song you can hear if you are in your feelings about a breakup.

# 9 – Sunshine ft. Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino

The ninth song on our Top 10 Latto Songs list is “Sunshine” from the 777 album. “Sunshine” was released in April 2022. This is a song about the artists calling out their enemies. They talk about their successes, but they want to acknowledge the people who weren’t there for them. The song opens with the chorus. Latto talks about people who weren’t there for her when she was trying to become successful. She wants to pray for them even though they weren’t there for her. She talks about how they didn’t have any empathy for her. They used to stare at her. People used to use her as a therapist. They took what they wanted but didn’t take care of her. They treated her like she was a bank. She felt like they were trying to rain on her parade when she wanted to do something with her life.

Lil Wayne talks about the people who weren’t there for him. They stood by and refused to help him. He prays for them, but he wants them to know that he made it. He talks about his enemies’ girlfriends checking him out. He has no problem loving and leaving the women that weren’t there for him. Childish Gambino is taking shots at his naysayers. People were talking about him because they didn’t think he could make it but look at him now. He wants to be happy and get his money. His kids are healthy so there is nothing they can say or do to him.

This song is the equivalent to “hood” gospel. The artists trade verses about the people who weren’t there for them. If you have had people in your life who haven’t been there for you, you will relate to the song. You don’t have to be a celebrity to understand what they are going through on the track. Anyone who has had naysayers in their lives will be able to sing along with the artists. The music has a gospel vibe. We didn’t expect a hip-hop song to have gospel overtones. It is an excellent combination of hip-hop and gospel.

This song gives Latto a chance to show off her singing chops. She sounds different singing from how she sounds rapping. Her voice is higher when she sings and lower when she raps. She does a great job singing and rapping. Latto is a new artist and was able to work with artists like Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino. This is a testament to how talented she is that she was able to work with popular artists. Lil Wayne sounds at home in this song. His pacing works with the beat. He sounds like he is using AutoTune, but he does a good job. Childish Gambino does a good job with his rhymes as well. He sounds like he is rap/singing. Latto, Lil Wayne and Childish Gambino’s rap styles are different from each other, but they make it work.

# 8 – Soufside

The eighth song on our Top 10 Latto Songs list is “Soufside” from the 777 album. “Soufside” was released in 2021. This is a song about Latto’s southern heritage. She talks about her Southern roots and her rise to success. She talks about her success, but she doesn’t forget her humble beginnings. She discusses her ability to run things. She talks about the type of guy she likes. She is willing to take down anyone who gets in her way. In the next verse, she talks about people wanting to be with her just so they can be popular. She talks about her abilities in the bedroom. The narrator discusses this while she is remembering her Southern roots. In the next verse, she talks about her wealth. She talks about the things she can buy. She highlights her success. The narrator talks about her determination to make it big and to make her hometown proud of her.

Latto brings attitude and grit to the song. This is a short song, but she makes her point. She wants to let the world know that she has made it and she hasn’t forgotten about her past. The synths paint a beautiful musical picture. The music has a rhythmic and infectious beat that will have you on the dance floor in no time. Fans of hip-hop music will enjoy this banger. Latto is unapologetic about who she is and the fame she has achieved. She is not afraid to let the world know that she is proud of herself and what she has accomplished. She raps with the confidence needed to pull off this type of song. She wasn’t in the business long when she recorded this song, but she makes you believe that she is the best in the rap game. She has what it takes to be one of the best female rappers in the game.

# 7 – Lottery ft. Lu Kala

The seventh song on our list is “Lottery.” “Lottery” is a non-album single. “Lottery” was released in February 2023. This song is about a woman telling her man that he has won the lottery with her. She feels as if he struck it rich because he can be intimate with her. She talks about her body. She goes into detail about her sexy physical attributes. The narrator expresses that anyone who gets the chance to be with her will feel like they have won the jackpot. She is looking for someone who is a boss and will make her feel good. As the song moves on, she talks about not giving herself to just anyone. The man must be worthy of her. He must be interested in being with her. She says men wait in line to be with her. Men always want her. She wraps the song up by saying if a man gets the chance to be with her, he will know what hitting the lottery feels like. She also wants him to appreciate the fact that he got her.

This song is pop meets disco and hip-hop. You won’t hear any deep lyrics in this song, but it’s not meant to be deep. If you are a man, you may find yourself rolling your eyes as she declares that being with her is like winning the lottery. This is a women’s anthem to the nth degree. This song will have women thinking they are like the lottery. The music is bubbly and irresistible. As soon as the beat drops, you are in for a treat. There’s no way to listen to this music and not enjoy it. You may be too busy dancing to the song to pay attention to the boastful lyrics. The hook is addictive. Latto gave Lu Kala some attention by having her sing the hook. You may not be too familiar with her, but you will be impressed with her vocals. She will have you singing along with her. Latto delivers on this track. She rhymes in time with the beat. Her voice works with this type of music. She gets to show her playful and flirtatious side on this track.

# 6 – Bitter – Queen Naija ft. Latto

“Bitter” is from Queen Naija’s Missunderstood album. “Bitter” was released in 2020. This song is about a woman who is bitter about a breakup. He has moved on with another woman. When she was with him, she tried to be good to him. He was a bad boyfriend to her. She lets him know he won’t know where to find her. Their breakup hurt her deeply, but she had to put the relationship behind her. She regrets putting him first in her life. He never deserved her. She thinks about their relationship. She isn’t sad when she thinks about it.

The narrator wants to call her friends up so they can have a good time. She considers him a joke and never laughs so hard. She chooses not to stay home and sulk. She wants to go out and have fun. Latto talks about being a boss. Since she is a boss, she is not going to be bitter. She considers herself to be the only competition. She talks about meeting other men and they want to get together with her. One man she met knows her worth. Her ex never saw her worth. She considers her new man a winner and will allow herself to be with him.

If you go by the title, the ladies seem upset about their breakups. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you will see the song isn’t just about bitter women. They aren’t happy about the way they were treated, but they aren’t entirely bitter. They feel like their bodies are too good to waste time on men who don’t want them. They have been hurt and will focus on the new men in their lives. This is a great song to hear if you are in your feelings about a relationship that ended. The song encourages you to move on with your life. The song also encourages you not to be bitter when a relationship ends. The song is told from a woman’s point of view, but men can get something from it too. Queen Naija sounds amazing in this song. She sounds like Ella Mai and Ariana Grande on this track. Latto sounds fierce on this track. She is rapping in a deeper voice. She sounds like Foxy Brown in this track. Queen Naija and Latto’s voices blend well together.

# 5 – For the Night – Chloe ft. Latto

The next song on our Topo 10 Latto Songs list is “For the Night.” “For the Night” is a non-album single. “For the Night” was released in October 2022. This song is about a woman who wants more from a relationship. She wants to know why they aren’t closer. She wants to know if he wants to be with her. She tells him he can let his guard down at the door. She wants him to let her love him for the night. The narrator likes how he is rough around the edges. She loves the days they get to spend together. She doesn’t care if no one else understands him because she understands him. He is the only one who knows her and everything she has been through. He makes her feel like a lady. She doesn’t like how he is not there when she wakes up. It drives her crazy.

In Latto’s verse, she lets him know that she is there for him. He knows where to go anytime he needs someone. She makes him feel better when he is stressed. She knows he needs someone and she will be there for him. She knows everything he likes. She tells him he can have her for the night or the rest of his life.

These ladies do not want to play games. They want to know what is going on in their relationship. They want more than what they are being given. The ladies are saying what a lot of people are thinking when they only have their partners for a short time. It is a realistic story about a relationship that is lacking something. If you are in a relationship where your partner doesn’t give you everything, then you understand what Chloe and Latto are talking about. The music has a mix of hip-hop, r&b and pop. The lyrics are appealing as they talk about what is missing in their relationship. This isn’t your typical love song. This song explores what happens when a relationship has gone stagnant despite still being in love with the person. Chloe’s voice sounds sweet and sensual. She sounds like Beyonce with a hint of Mariah Carey. Latto is assertive in this song. She brings energy to her verse. She isn’t afraid to let him know how she feels about what is happening in their relationship. The ladies work well together.

# 4 – The Biggest

“The Biggest” is a non-album single. “The Biggest” was released in May 2021. This song is about fame. She talks about why she changed her stage name. People were offended by her name. She talks about social media being in her business. They want to know about her personal life. She is determined not to let them bully her into doing what they want. No matter what she has, she is still a boss. She is the only person from her city with a platinum record. She believes she is the biggest name from her hometown. She has it all musically. She calls out performers who talk more than they rap. She feels like labels are trying to find another Latto. She feels like people are going to keep hating on her but she doesn’t care if they do. People who have a problem with her are going to have to stop her from making it.

This is a song that helps pick Latto up. She knows that she has a lot of haters and she has something to say about it. This is a powerful statement about her identity and making a mark in the rap industry. This song gives her a chance to tell how she truly feels about her naysayers. Like in most of Latto’s songs, she talks about the things she has achieved in music. This time around, she is talking about her stats to prove something to her naysayers. She wants them to know that she is underrated but she is still making it.

She shows vulnerability when she questions how she went from famous to underrated. She doesn’t show her vulnerable side often, but this song gives her a chance to do it. Latto was making a statement with her rhymes. She lets people know who she is and what she has done for music. She accepts the things she has done wrong and isn’t defensive about them. She is also brave enough to call out rappers who talk instead of rap. Her creativity is amazing.

# 3 – Go Crazy Remix – Chris Brown and Young Thug ft. Future, Lil Durk and Latto

Coming in at number three on our list is “Go Crazy.” “Go Crazy” is a non-album single. “Go Crazy” was released in May 2020. This is a song about artists appreciating their significant others. Their appreciation helps their relationships grow. Chris Brown talks about putting his partner on a flight so they can be together. Lil Durk talks about how she has his back. She has been hurt before, but she still has his back. Chris Brown talks about visiting her in the middle of the night. He knows that she misses him because he knows how to please her. He assures her that a man like him can change his life.

Latto talks about being intimate with her partner. He loved being with her so much that he left his girlfriend for her. She wants him to shower her with material things if he is proud of her. She believes he is trying to hit the lottery. She doesn’t want anyone else because he has everything she needs. If she leaves him, he will be looking for her qualities in the next woman. Future talks about how he can change her life. He knows how she really is behind closed doors. He wants to sweep her off her feet. They are trending all over because they are fire.

This is a remix of Chris Brown’s song “Go Crazy.” It was a hit for Chris Brown. Future, Lil Durk and Latto were added to help this become a summer song. Chris Brown and Young Thug wanted fans to forget about what happened during the pandemic with this song. Once the music comes on, you can’t help going crazy. The song is the perfect song to hear during the summer. It will have you on the dance floor immediately. Future, Lil Durk and Latto do a great job making this song sound more dramatic. The music is the same as the original. Chris Brown becomes a guest in the song, but he allowed the other rappers to shine. Latto sounds seductive as she is talking about how she pleases her man. The other rappers do a great job with their rhymes. They are easy to follow. Everyone sounds as if they are having fun on the track.

# 2 – Muwop ft. Gucci Mane

“Muwop” is from the album Queen of da Souf. “Muwop” was released in 2020. This song is about a woman who pleases her partner in the bedroom. She also talks about her success in the industry. The song opens about her desires. She won’t let anyone who is broke or weak approach her. She doesn’t want them to speak to her. She doesn’t sell her body, but she isn’t cheap. She has tricks up her sleeve for the men who are worthy of her. She is not about drama. She just wants to be with her man.

Her inbox is flooded with men who want to get together with her. She is happy that they want her. She doesn’t want to play games. She just wants to be with her man. She is okay with him pleasing her in a car because she has a freaky side. Gucci Mane talks about how he is going to please her. She fell in love with him on the spot. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t trust women who are easy. He talks about having a bipolar temper, but he wants to please his girl.

This song explores Latto’s sexuality and her confidence in her ability to please a man. She put her spin on Gucci Mane’s song “Freaky Gurl.” She told this song from a woman’s point of view. Gucci Mane does lend his voice in Latto’s version. She was right at home with this type of song because she is confident in her sexuality. The song is smoking hot. Latto does a tremendous job with her verses. She raps with the flirtation needed to entice listeners. Latto and Gucci Mane both get a chance to shine on the track. She was able to hold her own against the legendary rapper.

# 1 – Big Energy Remix ft. Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled

The number one song on our Top 10 Latto Songs list is “Big Energy” from the 777 album. “Big Energy” was released in September 2021. The song is about self-esteem. It is about believing in yourself and carrying yourself like the person you think you are. She talks about men not being able to handle her. She is interested in a guy and lets him know that she is confident and assertive when it comes to relationships. She believes she can be the cure for a broken relationship. She has desires only a few men can match. She lets him know that she has a vivid imagination. The narrator describes the way she looks to him. She lets him know that she has something that he wants. She wants him to see her fantasies come to light.

Latto and Mariah Carey are a pair we never thought we would see. The song contains a sample of Tom Tom Clubs’ “Genius of Love” which is the song Mariah Carey used in her hit song “Fantasy.” Latto honors Mariah Carey’s version of the song. In fact, Latto has Mariah Carey in the song. Mariah Carey sings the chorus and she does her famous whistle note. Latto sounds aggressive and seductive on this track. Her verses are sparkling. Mariah Carey recorded her vocals over for this song. It will be nostalgia for the legendary singer’s smash hit. Fans of both artists will be pleased to hear them in a song together. Latto raps as if she has been in the game for a long time. Mariah Carey appears throughout the song without taking over it. DJ Khaled also appears in the song without taking over. Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled gave Latto room to shine like a diamond in the song.

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