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Our Top 10 R&B Love Songs list looks at some of the best love songs in r&b music. R&B music is a staple for love songs. If you are looking for a song to express how you feel about someone you love, then it’s worth checking out. R&B love songs are perfect for weddings and proposals. They are also great when you are in an intimate mood. You can use these songs to express how you feel about someone you love. If you can’t tell someone how you feel about them, you can turn on some r&b love songs so the love songs can do the talking. R&B love songs are perfect babymaking music. Many people were born because of these love songs. R&B love songs will last for an eternity. It’s the type of music that will never get old because people will always fall in love with each other. There are so many r&b love songs that were recorded throughout the years that narrowing it down to 10 songs was a challenge. We had to go back and forth to decide what should make the list. We were up for the challenge and created our list. Our Top 10 R&B Love Songs list will feature the best r&b love songs.

# 10 – When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge

The first song on our Top 10 R&B Songs list is “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge. The song appears on the album of the same name. The song has an r&b and soul beat. When you think of love songs from the 60s this song might come to mind. This classic jam is what love songs is all about. This ballad is about a man who will do anything to please his woman. He’s willing to turn his back on anybody if he must do it. He will do anything she wants him to do. He would even spend every dime he has on her. What woman on earth wouldn’t want to hear a man profess this type of love for her? Every woman would love to know that her man would do anything to make her happy.

The lyrics are beautiful. This is the perfect track to play if you want to express your love for the woman in your life. If you are in the doghouse, this track will get you out of it. This song was just what couples needed because it peaked at number one on the r&b charts and Hot 100 charts. The song was given a revival when Michael Bolton remade it. He did a soulful rendition of the track, but Percy Sledge is the champ. This song is one of Percy Sledge’s signature songs and it’s easy to see why that’s the case. This song touches the hearts of lovers.

# 9 – Fire and Desire – Rick James and Teena Marie

The next song on our Top 10 R&B Songs list is “Fire and Desire” by Rick James and Teena Marie. The song appears on Rick James’ album Street Songs. The song has an r&b and soul beat. If you are an r&b fan or grew up in a house with r&b music playing, you will instantly recognize this track. As soon as you hear the first drumbeat, you might recognize this song. This track is Quiet Storm radio gold. Rick James and Teena Marie were staples of r&b and funk music. They left an incredible mark on the music industry and this song is an example of that.

“Fire and Desire” is about a man who spots an ex-lover. He realizes he’s still attracted to her. He is in a new relationship, but she’s the one he desires. She is the one who changed the way he treated women. She feels the same way about him. She still has that “fire and desire” for him. She’s also involved with someone else. They want to hold each other like they used to in the past. This love is different because they don’t end up together in the song. They yearn to be together and desire each other. They are involved with other people so they can’t be together the way they want. Love songs aren’t always about getting the guy or the woman. They can be about yearning to be with someone else too. This song wasn’t initially released as a single, but it became popular. In fact, this slow jam is one of Rick James and Teena Marie’s best songs.

# 8 – Always and Forever – Heatwave

“Always and Forever” was recorded by the group Heatwave. This song appears on the album Too Hot to Handle. The song has an r&b sound. When you think of the group Heatwave this song probably isn’t too far from your mind. “Always and Forever” is one of their signature songs. This track was recorded years ago and is just as romantic today. The slow jam is about loving someone “always and forever.” The narrator wants to express his undying love for someone. He wants her even when she’s not around. He thinks about her all the time. He values the time that he spends with her. He talks about loving her for life.

“Always and Forever” will make the perfect wedding song because the narrator explains how it feels to love someone for life. It’s the perfect sentiment to use at a wedding. Any woman would be flattered to hear a song like this. This song will make you feel special. It will be impossible to keep from crying if you hear this love song being recited to you. If you are in the mood to slow dance, this is the track you will want to hear. Johnnie Wilder Jr did a fantastic job singing the lead vocals on this love song. He sings this song as if he’s singing it to someone he truly loves. He holds an incredible note at the end of this song. He holds the note in falsetto and that is not an easy feat. He holds it without his voice breaking. He saves the best part of the song for last. The song was covered a lot over the years. Luther Vandross’ version is probably just as popular as Heatwave’s version. His version helps keep the song alive.

# 7 – All This Love – DeBarge

“All This Love” is on DeBarge’s album of the same name. The song has an r&b beat. The group were experts at singing love songs. A lot of their hits have a love theme. When you think of their catalog this song probably wouldn’t stray too far from your mind. This is one of the group’s signature songs. The song wasn’t intended for the group to sing. El DeBarge wanted to give the song to Marvin Gaye to record. DeBarge and Marvin Gaye were at the same label at that point. Marvin Gaye left the label so the group recorded it. They made the right call because history was made with this track.

The song is about a man who appreciates a woman who changed him into the man he became. He lets her know that his love continues to grow for her every day. Despite the things that go on in his life, his love for her will never change. He talks about how no one was able to solve his problems until she came along. She was the only one who could help him. This song is the perfect dedication for someone who is there for their lover unconditionally. If you love your man or woman unconditionally, this jam is just for you. This is the perfect love song to dedicate to someone who is there for you. “All This Love” is the perfect way to say thank for being you. Once you hear El DeBarge’s smooth vocals you are in for an exciting ride that you won’t want to end. His falsetto will send chills up and down your spine.

# 6 – Endless Love – Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

This is one of the ultimate love songs. This is one of the most popular love songs that came out in the 80s. This song is from the Endless Love Soundtrack. The track has and r&b and soul beat. The song was so popular when it came out that it outshined the movie. The movie didn’t do that well at the box office, but the song soared. It became a classic love song. This song is the epitome of love songs. It will make you feel emotional when you hear it. “Endless Love” is self-explanatory. The song is about a couple who express how they feel about each other.

The track fits for the movie because it’s about a couple who love each other. This track can still be relatable to people who are in love. If you aren’t in love, this song will make you a believer in it. It may give you hope that you can find a love like the one they are describing in the song. They sing this song so beautifully. They may stir up emotions inside you as they express themselves through the song. There were reports that Lionel Richie and Diana Ross didn’t get along while they recorded the track. We don’t know if that’s but, you don’t hear it in the song. They sound like they care about each other. The fans had “endless love” for the song because it made it to number one on the charts. Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey went on to record the popular love song too. Their version was a hit too which means people will tune in if you sing a love song.

# 5 – Make It Last Forever – Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee

The next song on our Top 10 R&B Love Songs list is “Make It Last Forever” by Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee. The song appears on the album of the same name. The song has an r&b sound. This song helped propel New Jack Swing into the stratosphere. When you hear the first couple of bars you will recognize it. This is a popular love song in r&b music. The title tells you everything you need to know about the song. The couple want to tell each other that they love each other and don’t want to leave. They want it to last forever. When it comes to love we all hope that it will last forever.

Keith Sweat became a household name because of songs like this one. He is right at home singing about love. Jacci McGhee didn’t have the same type of career as Keith Sweat so our list is our chance to give her the flowers she deserves. She helps make this song what it is today. She doesn’t have as big a role in the song as he does, but her part is memorable. She adds ad libs and harmonies to the song that make it the classic jam that it is today. This banger is exactly what the love doctor ordered. You can put this one on the radio if you plan on having a special night with the person you love. They have a back and forth with each other that’s worth the wait. Keith Sweat and Jacci McGhee have explosive chemistry on this song. Their voices will help get you in a loving mood.

# 4 – Here and Now – Luther Vandross

This love song appears on Luther Vandross’ album Greatest Hits 1981 – 1995. The song has an r&b beat. This beautiful jam is about a man professing his to someone. He talks about the person showing him what happiness means to him. He promises to love the person faithfully. He lets the person know that they are all he needs. The narrator believes in love because of the person in the song. He insists on starting “here and now” with the person he loves. This is the type of track that would be used for a wedding. The lyrics read like wedding vows. Anyone will enjoy hearing these amazing lyrics especially if someone is singing them to you.

“Here and Now” has become one of Luther Vandross’ signature songs. He won his first Grammy award with this song. The song reached number one on the r&b charts. It’s the song that would make women scream when they hear it because the lyrics will move you. If a man plays this track for the woman he loves, he will have her for life. If you can’t express yourself to the woman you love, you can use this song as an inspiration for your thoughts. Luther Vandross did a magnificent job on this track. No one else could do what he did to this song.

# 3 – Whip Appeal – Babyface

One of the kings of r&b delivered this jam and it set the tone for his career. Babyface released this song in the 80s, but it still holds up today. “Whip Appeal” appears on Babyface’s album Tender Lover. The song has an r&b beat. You can still hear this sexy jam on the radio even though it was recorded years ago. “Whip Appeal” is about a couple who don’t talk a lot. They have intimate moments with each other. No matter what struggle they are going through during the day they have something to look forward to at night. They want to spend the evening pleasing each other and we’re here for it. Every man and woman wants to have someone that can provide that “whip appeal.” It’s a way of talking without using your words.

These lyrics are enough to drive you crazy in a good way of course. Babyface proves why he’s one of the best songwriters in music. He co-wrote this phenomenal banger with singer Perri “Pebbles” Reid. She was talking with her cousin who is singer Cherrelle and they were talking about a man who had “whip appeal.” Babyface heard it and wanted to turn it into a song. The rest is history, and the masterpiece was created. The lyrics are sensual and sexy. Who better than Babyface can write a song that is tailor made for the bedroom? He is the king of writing love songs for a reason. He is one of the people responsible for babies being born.

# 2 – I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men

Speaking of Babyface, he is responsible for writing this song in addition to our previous entry. Boyz II Men recorded this single for their album II. The song has an r&b beat. The sultry banger is self-explanatory. The track is about a man who wants to make love to the woman he loves. The song’s not just about making love. The song is about respecting the needs of both partners. They want to discuss making sure everyone’s needs are met in the bedroom. The couple have a connection that goes beyond a physical one. They are perfect for each other.

The song will put you in the mood. This is an excellent song to hear when you are in love. It will touch your soul. The track will make you believe in love if you didn’t believe in it before. Boyz II Men were the right choice for this song. They achieved success when they recorded another song penned by Babyface. “End of the Road” was a hit for the group, but that’s a song about heartache. They followed it up with this love jam. Boyz II Men won a Grammy award for this tender jam. The song reached number one and stayed there for an astonishing 14 weeks. The song tied the record for the longest time spent at number one at that time. It tied with the next song on our list. Any song on our list could have been number one, but we had to decide what was going to get the top spot.

# 1 – I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

The number one song on our Top 10 R&B Love Songs list is “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. The song appears on The Bodyguard Soundtrack. The song has an r&b and pop beat. “I Will Always Love You” is one of the greatest love songs of all time. This song shattered records across the world when it was released. The song was originally recorded by Dolly Parton, but the song regained a new audience when Whitney Houston covered the track. She made the song her own. Whitney Houston recorded the song for the movie, but it can resonate with people who are in love. The song has a simple theme. It’s about loving someone for life.

The lyrics will stir emotions in your heart. Whitney Houston sings the song so tenderly that you will have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by her interpretation of the track. This track is what love songs is all about. This sums up the feelings of love succinctly. You will be mesmerized by her interpretation of the song. She turned this simple country song into powerful r&b love song. She took this song to a different place. There is a reason why this is one of her signature songs. The song peaked at number one on the charts for 14 weeks. Whitney Houston won almost every award possible for this banger.

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