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Smash Mouth Songs

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Our top 10 Smash Mouth songs list examines the great recordings and songs of a band out of San Jose California formed in the mid-1990s. The band had a great run at the end of the decade of the 90s into the early 2000s with multiple big-time hits that ranged from great original tunes and fabulous cover versions of songs that were already well known. Smash Mouth got a huge boost in their popularity by having many of their songs included in the Shrek series of movies. This helped gain the band an audience of younger kids and their parents who shreked their kids to the movies and also watched those films over and over again on video hearing many Smash Mouth songs non-stop. Our top 10 Smash Mouth songs list takes a listen to some of the band’s best recordings and most memorable songs.

# 10 – Your Man

We open up our top 10 Smash Mouth Songs list with a video that features some incredibly beautiful women. There also seems to be a whole lot of cheatin going on in this video. Somehow you get the feeling that at the end of the video, the lead singer is going to get the girl. Does he? Well you will just have to watch the video to see what happens and while your doing that, listen to a really good rock and roll pop tune that we thought would be a great one to open up our Smash Mouth songs with.

# 9 – Story of My Life

Continuing on with our Smash Mouth songs list we turn to the fabulous song “Story of My Life.” The song was released on the Smash Mouth album entitled Summer Girl. It was the third single released from the album. The song did well commercially hitting number 29 on the US Billboard adult contemporary charts. The song also made an appearance in the third Shrek Film entitled Shrek the Third.

# 8 – Waste

In the number eight spot on our Smash Mouth songs list we present the song entitled “Waste.” The song was released on the band’s breakout album entitled Astro Lounge. The song “Waste,” was released as the album’s fourth single. This one was a slow acoustic number that served as a nice change to the band’s very upbeat and rocking singles that they had already been released from the album.

# 7 – Pacific Coast Party

This one starts out with a melody and groove that sounds like a cross between Barry White’s “Love Theme,” and the “Theme from Love Boat.” However, after a few measures the song sinks into the traditional and fun Smash Mouth rhythm and groove. The song  “Pacific Coast Party,” was released on the band’s 2001 album entitled Smash Mouth. The song was released as the third single from the album. While it failed to break onto the Billboard Hot 100, it did make a dent on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts speaking at number 23.

# 6 – Then the Morning Comes

At the number six position on our Smash Mouth songs list we take a listen to the great Smash Mouth track entitled “Then the Morning Comes. The song was released in the fall of 1999 on the band’s immensely successful album entitled Astro Lounge. The song “Then the Morning Comes”  was released as the second single from the record. It would prove to be a big hit for the group as it broke into the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number eleven on that very important music chart. The song also was a huge success in Canada where it hit number two on the Canadian music charts.

# 5 – Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

At the halfway point on our Smash Mouth songs list we once again turn to their brilliant album entitled Astro Lounge. The song “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby” was released as the album’s lead single. This is not a Smash Mouth original as it was a cover   song written by Denny Randall and Sandy Linzer. The song first appeared on the soundtrack to the motion picture Can’t Hardly Wait. However. many years before Smash Mouth recorded the song for their Astro Lounge album it was recorded by the legendary band Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in 1966.

# 4 – I’m a Believer

Well we all know this one. This legendary song entitled “I’m a Believer,” was originally written by the great Neil Diamond in the 1960s. The song was turned into a big-time hit by The Monkees in 1966. It’s one of those songs that has been widely covered by many people. However, Smash Mouth had another big time hit with it when they released it on their third album entitled Smash Mouth in 2001. Nonetheless, it was the inclusion of the song on the soundtrack to the animated film Shrek that really turned this song into a green monster hit as the song found a new audience of younger people who may have never heard the song before.

# 3 – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

The next three songs on this Smash Mouth songs list were easily three of the band’s biggest hits of their career. In the number three position is the band’s great cover version of the 1970s War classic entitled “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Smash Mouth really did a great job on this tune updating the song and adding a little bit of modern fuel to the tune.

# 2 – All Star

In the number two spot on our top 10 Smash Mouth songs list is the band’s most successful hit single release of their career. The song “All Star” was the bands only top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. The song reached all the way up to the number four spot on the legendary Billboard Hot 100 music charts. The band scored incredibly high on the US billboard Adult Contemporary charts hitting number 1 with the song “All Star.” The single sold over three million copies in the United States making it their biggest selling single of their career. The song “All Star,” was released as the second single on the band’s 1999 album Astro Lounge.

# 1 – Walkin’ on the Sun

In the number one spot on our Smash Mouth songs list is the band’s great original song entitled “Walkin’ on the Sun.” The song was written by Smash Mouth guitarist and songwriter Greg Camp. While this song may not have been as big as a hit as “All-Star,”  was, it definitely is our favorite Smash Mouth song of all time. The song was also the band’s debut single that wound up hitting number one on both the US Billboard Adult Contemporary charts and Alternative AirPlay charts. What a way to begin!

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