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The Interrupters songs

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The Interrupters were formed in 2011 when the original four band members: Aimee Interruptor (Vocalist), Jesse Bivona, Justin Bivona, and Kevin Bivona, met backstage at a show where the Telecasters were playing alongside Aimee. Telecasters was the name of the former band which the Bivona brothers had started out with. On the other hand, Aimee had already released an album two years back and had made an appearance on the “Hairspray” soundtrack.

After they started working together, the band caught the attention of Tim Armstrong of Rancid, who convinced them to be part of his project dubbed “Tim Timebomb and Friends.” The band would then appear on several of Armstrong’s shows and appear in some of his recordings.

In 2013, The Interrupters released their first singles, “Liberty” and “Family,” both of which were produced by Armstrong. The band would later release their debut studio album, which catapulted them to extraordinary fame, which has seen them perform as opening acts for bands such as Rancid and Blink-182.

Since then, The Interrupters stock has risen to incredible levels, culminating in world tours and an album that has featured in several Billboard charts. If you are a fan of modern funk and street punk, you will definitely enjoy our list of the ten best Interruptor songs.

10. Jenny Drink

The release of Say It Out Loud was quite significant since it enabled the band to tour alongside some of the most famous bands. “Jenny Drink” is the 13th track from the album Say It Out Loud and was released on  May 24th  2016. The group sounds a little like early No Doubt on this one.

9. A Friend Like Me

When you listen to this track, you will understand why ska fans think that it is the most underrated music style in the world. The song’s lyrics — especially the chorus, which is sort of an anthem is a definite crowd-pleaser.

The chorus, which goes like, “I know, you won’t find a friend, No, you won’t find a friend, like me,” is a sure way to keep both old and new punk and skinheads entertained after a few drinks. The track is contained on the album The Interrupters.

8. By My Side

The album Say It Out Loud contained some of the most exciting songs that had a great message. The band’s lyrical strength is displayed well on this track. The main message is about resisting social control, standing up against domestic violence, and the noise surrounding the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections.

The video, which was directed by the talented Tim Armstrong, features the likes of Rancid, Left Alone, and some Hellcat artists.

7. Got Each Other

Like the title suggests, the message behind this song is being there for each other, like family. At the beginning of the song, you can hear the band members belting out the lyrics of the song, saying, “We don’t have much, but we got each other.” If you have people who have stuck by you from the beginning, this could be the perfect song to sing along with them.

6. Take Back The Power

Are you a fighter or a coward? As the title of the song suggests, this song is about reclaiming what you have lost. It could be on a personal level or a community level.

The track features some great vocals from Aimee, while the guitarist and the ska style drive the message home in a fun way. This song has been featured in several commercials such as T-mobile and the closing credits of “Where To Invade Next,” which features Michael Moore.

5. On a Turntable

Our number five song in the list of the top 10 songs by The Interrupters comes from the hit album “Say It Out Loud.” The prominent vocals of Aimee in the song are like Pink, but with a more aggressive style. The track’s lyrics, “On a Turntable,” draw inspiration from the challenging musical journey that the band has had to endure.

4. Babylon

Say It Out Loud showed the world the great strides The Interrupters had made in their musical journey. Their songwriting was bolder, and the album contained several feel-good songs that captured the band’s incredible frenetic energy.

“Babylon” is one of those songs which captured the attention of many fans. The track’s main message is to encourage people to resist “the kings” and the corrupt people in our society.

3. Family

This band definitely deserves more recognition for releasing such hits. “Family” is a song from the band’s album The Interrupters. The band features Tim Armstrong in the hit song, which also features prominently in the movie Twilight Zone in the episode called “Six Degrees of Freedom.” In the song, the whole crew compliments each other well with great drummer grooves, unique vocals, and a fresh ska style.

2. She’s Kerosene

“She’s Kerosene” is probably the most exciting song from the band’s 2018 album, Fight The Good Fight. The song narrowly misses out on the top spot in our list of the greatest songs by The Interrupters.

Though the whole album has a sound similar to Rancid’s, it wasn’t a surprise seeing this track dominate radio play on American alternative stations for quite some time. “She’s Kerosene” peaked at number one in the Canadian Rock Music Charts and peaked at position four in US Alternative Airplay Charts.

In addition, the song was certified gold in Canada and hit a million views within six weeks of its release. This makes it the band’s most successful single.

1. Bad Guy

The Interrupters have previously confessed to being huge fans of Billie Eilish — and so are we. According to Aimee, the band decided to do a cover of Billie Eilish’s song “Bad guy” because they felt it could be the perfect song to play live.

Their version was later featured in season 2 of The Umbrella Academy, which resulted in the track’s massive success. After being featured on The Umbrella Academy, the track saw a 250% increase in shazam streams and more than a million streams worldwide. The song also charted in the UK, peaking at position 14.

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