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Sugarloaf Songs

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Our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list features a classic American rock band formed in the late 60s. The band consisted of members Jerry Corbetta (lead singer/keyboardist), Bob Webber (guitarist), Myron Pollock (drummer), and Bob Raymond (bassist). When Sugarloaf originally got together, they originally called themselves Chocolate Hair. The band changed their name before they released their first album. Sugarloaf rose to fame with their two Top 10 singles, “Green-Eyed Lady” and “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You.”

Their compelling music reached listeners throughout the years. They were more than just their two hit songs. The psychedelic band created music that defied the decade. Their music appeals to fans of heavy progressive music. Sugarloaf infused jazz, blues, and pop music to create their eclectic sound. Fans treasure the dynamic sound that makes their music timeless.

Before their first album debuted, Sugarloaf dealt with a member change. Myron Pollock left the band. Bob MacVittie became the band’s bassist. The band changed their name because they wanted to be politically correct. They came up with the name from a mountain near Boulder, Colorado. Sugarloaf began working on their eponymous album. They released the album in 1970. It peaked at number 24 on the Top LP charts. The album features the hit single “Green-Eyed Lady.” It reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. “West of Tomorrow,” “Things Gonna Change Some,” and “Gold and the Blues” appear on the eponymous album.

After the band released their first album, they recruited singer, guitarist, and composer Bob Yeazel. He played in a band with Kenny Passarelli. Sugarloaf worked on their second album, Spaceship Earth. The album premiered in January 1971. It peaked at 111 on the Billboard 200. It features the singles “Tongue in Cheek,” “Mother Nature’s Wine,” “Woman,” “Music Box,” and “I Don’t Need You Baby.” After releasing their second album, Sugarloaf went on tour with The Who, Deep Purple, Eric Burdon & War, and other popular acts. The band grew when they added bassist Bobby Pickett. Sugarloaf lost members one year later when Bobby Pickett and Bob Yeazel left the group. By the end of 1972, Bob Webber, Bob Raymond, and Bob MacVitte left the band. Jerry Corbetta remained the only member of the band. Bob Webber and Bob Raymond rejoined the band. They recruited drummer Larry Ferris to join the group.

Sugarloaf released the album I Got A Song in 1973. It features the singles “I Got A Song,” “Wild Child,” “Lay Me Down,” and “Easy Evil.” In 1974, the band recorded a new song that helped put the band back on the map. “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” became the band’s second Top 10 hit. The song became popular, and they re-released I Got A Song to include it on the album. Sugarloaf broke up again in 1975 when Bob Webber and Bob Raymond left. Jerry Corbetta went on tour with Myron Pollack. They added guitarist Ray Payne and bassist Rusty Buchanan to the group while they were on tour. In 1978, Jerry Corbetta decided to retire from Sugarloaf and pursue a solo career. Throughout the years, the band reunited and broke up. The band went on tours with various group members.

Sugarloaf recorded music in the 70s but remains a favorite with fans today. Their catalog consists of more than just their big hits. Sugarloaf recorded a plethora of deep songs. The underrated group deserves their flowers for their hard work in the music business. Our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list puts a spotlight on their timeless music.

# 10 – Woman

The tenth song on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “Woman” from the Spaceship Earth album. Sugarloaf released the single in 1971. The song is about a mysterious woman who appears in his dreams. She remains distant from him. In his dreams, he gets the woman he loves. His opportunity slips away from him when he’s awake. She appears whenever he longs for her. The woman he loves waits for him in his dreams. As the song progresses, the woman of his dreams moves on with someone else. Even though her attitude changed towards him, he still loves her.

The haunting song depicts a man in love with an unattainable woman. He has her in his dreams but not in reality. It’s a tearjerker about unrequited love. We know how it feels to love someone from afar. It hurts to watch someone you love fall for someone else. Sugarloaf told a realistic story many people relate to. We enjoy the 70s vibe of the music. The bassist and guitarist make magic happen as they strum the bass and guitars. “Woman” puts you in a 70s haze. The tempo slows down at the halfway mark of the song. It gives the music a dramatic flair. Fans of psychedelic rock music get a treat during the instrumental pause. We get to enjoy the instrumentation. Jerry Corbetta sings the song with passion. We feel his pain as he describes the woman of his dreams.

# 9 – Things Gonna Change Some

Our ninth pick on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “Things Gonna Change Some” from the eponymous album. They released the single in 1970. The song is about the world changing. He talks about the things people accomplished and how to improve them. Sugarloaf expresses the need for change. People are overwhelmed by the noise in the world. He wants listeners to stop and smell the roses. The band wants people to question what’s going on around them.

“Things Gonna Change Some” is a song that delves into the problems in the world. Sugarloaf crafted a compelling song about what happened during the 70s. They wrote the tune in the 70s, and it works today. With everything happening today, we need a song like this to inspire change. Sugarloaf wants listeners to think outside of the box and create their destinies. We applaud Sugarloaf for recording a track that resonates decades later. The music has a gripping sound that fits the theme of the track. Veeder Van Dorn takes the lead on the track. His vocals go through tempo changes throughout the track. He projects his voice during the loud moments of the song. The producers did an outstanding job of blending his vocals with the instrumentation. Sugarloaf included an instrumental break that blows your mind.

# 8 – West of Tomorrow

Number eight on our Top 10 Sugarfoot Songs list is “West of Tomorrow” from their eponymous album. Sugarloaf premiered the track in 1970. The romantic ballad talks about falling in love. He uses metaphors to describe a couple loving each other. He hopes their love transcends time. Sugarloaf wants to live in a world where love reigns supreme. He wants a better future with the woman he loves.

“West of Tomorrow” wrote a unique love story. The band uses metaphors to describe falling in love. Sugarloaf utilizes time and location to describe the feeling of finding the love of your life. We congratulate them for finding an original way to talk about love. They didn’t rely on a stereotypical love story. Sugarloaf makes you think when it comes to love. We love the imagery they use while talking about love. It conveys a sense of longing. Jerry Corbetta sounds like a maestro on the keyboard. His keyboard solo blows your mind. Bob Raymond could teach lessons on how to play the bass. Veeder Van Dorn’s incredible vocals make you believe in love. His soulful vocals are what the doctor ordered.

# 7 – Music Box

We picked “Music Box” as the seventh track on our list. “Music Box” appears on the album Spaceship Earth. Sugarloaf released the single in 1971. The song talks about a man who loves a music box figure. The figure represents elegance and beauty. He becomes fascinated with her. As the song progresses, his affection for her grows. She turned his world upside down. He enjoys watching her dance.

The reflective song talks about lost love. We love how Sugarloaf used a music box to describe love. They think outside of the box when it concerns songwriting. We give them credit for originality. The song means more than just a man in love with a figurine. It’s about longing for someone unattainable. The lyrics hit home for anyone who lost the person they love. It appeals to people of all generations. Sugarloaf included a music box in the melody. The somber instrumentation touches your soul. “Music Box” is a short song, but has a significant impact.

# 6 – Lay Me Down

The sixth track on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “Lay Me Down” from the I Got A Song album. Sugarloaf debuted the song in 1975. The song talks about a man who loses the love of his life. He cries himself to sleep because the pain hurts too badly. His mind gets flooded with memories of her. He still looks at the picture in his wallet. Memories of their relationship flow through his mind. He wishes the wave would take him away to keep him from feeling pain. It breaks his heart to see her with another man.

The introspective song focuses on losing the love of your life. Sugarloaf discusses the pain you feel when the person you love moves on with someone else. If you lost the love of your life, you understand the lyrics. The music features dramatic instrumentation that sells the theme. It’s the perfect theme for people with broken hearts. The haunting guitars and theatrical keyboards make the song stand out. Listeners appreciate the instrumental breaks in the track as they showcase their talent. Sugarloaf played their hearts out. Jerry Corbetta’s vocals soar throughout the track. His vocals blend with the instrumentation.

# 5 – I Don’t Need You Baby

The fifth pick on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “I Don’t Need You Baby” from the Spaceship Earth album. Sugarloaf recorded the track in 1971. The song discusses a man looking for his independence. He needs personal space from the woman he loves. The singer wants freedom instead of being tied down. He wants time apart. They need to get their heads together. He needs to clear his mind to keep from hurting her.

Sugarloaf wrote a bitter song about a breakup. He wants independence from a relationship. The track conveys a message of self-preservation. It has an important message about choosing peace of mind over a stressful relationship. Sugarloaf wrote a song we need today. The lyrics speak to anyone dealing with a stressful relationship. Sugarloaf wrote poignant lyrics that touch our hearts. It teaches you to choose your mental health over a bad relationship. They wrote a song we didn’t know we needed. Sugarloaf wrote another timeless track that resonates today. The music fuses blues and rock. We love the bluesy feel of the song. It shows Sugarloaf’s versatility. Jerry Corbetta sings the track in his lower and upper registers. The rest of Sugarloaf sounds phenomenal supporting Jerry Corbetta.

# 4- Mother Nature’s Wine

“Mother Nature’s Wine” is from the Spaceship Earth album. Sugarfoot recorded the song in 1971. The song describes the joy people find in nature. Sunshine represents positivity. He finds peace through nature while in the company of the person he loves. Sugarloaf wants people to embrace nature.

The song teaches listeners to appreciate nature. They find joy in the sun and the woods. Sugarloaf feels nature rejuvenates people. It gives people the opportunity to embrace their spiritual side. We enjoy the dynamics of the music because we never know what to expect from it. It features psychedelic music that fits their style. The guitar and keys are on point. Jerry Corbetta holds impressive notes in the second half of the track. He belts in the hook. We enjoy hearing what Jerry Corbetta could do with his voice. Sugarloaf did an excellent job supporting him in the background. Their harmonies sound amazing. They invite you to sing along with them.

# 3 – Tongue in Cheek

The third pick on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “Tongue in Cheek” from the Spaceship Earth album. They released the track in 1971. The song talks about a man in love. He wants her around him all the time. Seeing her walk down the street gives him a funny feeling. The singer feels like he’s going stir-crazy. His goal is to feel like a giant in her eyes. He wonders if she feels the same way. The singer would do anything for her and wants her to know how he feels.

The stirring song discusses a man in love with someone. He wishes she would tell him how she feels and wants her by his side. We understand the pain of unrequited love. Sugarloaf captures the feeling perfectly. It feels like they wrote the song for their listeners. The beautiful lyrics strike a chord with listeners. They remind us how it feels to long for someone you love. Sugarloaf knows how to compose a song that leaves a lasting impression. Jerry Corbetta sounds fantastic playing the organ. Bob Webber, Bob Yeazel, and Bob Raymond did an excellent job with the guitar riffs. Bob MacVitte did a stellar job with the drums. Jerry Corbetta sounds phenomenal. The song features more music than lyrics. It allows the listeners to hear the band perform.

# 2 – Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

“Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” appears on the album of the same name. Sugarloaf dropped the track in November 1974. The song is a satirical look at how the music industry looks. They talk about meetings between musicians and record labels. The singer talks about the frustrations of getting into the music business. He describes how artists deal with rejection from record labels.

Sugarloaf gives listeners an inside look at the difficulties of getting into the music industry. They tell a realistic story about the obstacles artists endure trying to get into music. A fun fact about the track is the song pokes fun at a record label that turned them down. We love how they don’t sugarcoat the journey into stardom. It’s good to know what happens behind the scenes. The track infuses pop and rock music. It features an outstanding bassline that sets the song on fire. We love how Jerry Corbetta sings the song like he’s telling a story. He has fun singing it. Jerry Corbetta keeps you invested until the song ends. The catchy hook stays in your head long after the track finishes.

# 1 – Green-Eyed Lady

The number one song on our Top 10 Sugarloaf Songs list is “Green-Eyed Lady” from the eponymous album. Sugarloaf released the track in August 1970. The song is about a man enchanted by a woman with green eyes. She has a captivating figure and a warm personality. The woman enjoys life. She feels free and powerful.

Sugarloaf created a dreamlike story about a woman with green eyes. Here is some trivia about the song. The song is about Jerry Corbetta’s girlfriend, who had green eyes. We relate to loving someone the way he loves his girlfriend. Listeners get taken on a journey through Sugarloaf’s thoughts about love. We love how they left the song open to interpretation. Listeners infer the lyrics how they see fit. The song features a majestic Hammond organ solo by Jerry Corbetta that exudes excellence. Bob Raymond’s magic bassline adds something extraordinary to the tune. Jerry Corbetta showcases his versatility by singing up and down throughout the track. He sings the soulful track as if it means something to him. The single put the band on the map. It remains a staple on classic rock stations. We couldn’t end our list without including their biggest hit.

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