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Train Songs

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We can never seem to get enough of what rock bands have to bring to our table of entertainment, thanks to the thrill and power they fill us with. Our top 10 Train songs introduce us to an American band from San Francisco. Like most other bands, the 1993 formed band has undergone evolution with new members replacing older ones who might have left at a certain point in the band’s journey. However, one thing has remained about the Train band-they never stop entertaining almost thirty years after their entry into the music industry. From award-winning hit songs to reputable ballads, the Train band has proved to be more than a talented but a passionate band in rock music. Here are the top 10 Train songs that you probably should have on your playlist.

# 10 – Mermaid

Ushering us to the top 10 Train songs is a song “Mermaid” from their 2012 album California 37. Written by Pat Monahan, the Latin-tinged ballad finds the lyricist and band’s frontman singing about a remote island where he falls in love with a mermaid. Thanks to teaming up with the Norwegian duo Espionage and Stargate on the composition that the jam finds quite some soft spot for all Train band fans. Its Latin vibe comes following the influence caused by the use of Latin percussions with the island flavor exhibited thanks to the use of acoustic rhythmic guitars.

# 9 – Bruises

Coming also from his sixth studio album California 37, the song “Bruises” featured Ashley Monroe to bring quite some flavor to the band’s 19-years journey in the music industry. You ought to agree that the song was quite massive having the song re-recorded with singer Marilou in both French and English. Notably, the song depicts an encounter between high school classmates who meet a decade later. After meeting, the two do the usual thing of updating each other on how life has treated them sharing the tough lessons they have picked up all along. You ought to love how Pat trades vocals with Ashley Monroe in this song.

# 8 – Meet Virginia

Men can never stop talking about their encounters with girls especially when they have fallen head over heels. However, “Meet Virginia” from Train’s 1999 eponymous self-titled album stages quite a peculiar lady. Virginia, the strangely alluring mistress never seemed to amaze less with her quirks including drinking coffee at the midnight and wearing high heels during exercise. Inspired by Pat’s friend the song is not aimed at a certain lady specifically but used to bring out about several people.

# 7- Calling All Angels

Included in their album My Private Nation, the song “Calling All Angels” is one of the best ballads by the Train band. Released back in 2003, the song would go ahead and peak in tons of music charts. The best performance was topping the Adult Top 40, Adult Alternative Songs, and the Adult Contemporary music charts. The song brings us to the fact that we all need guidance from the ‘heavens’ to have life turn around in our favor. “Calling All Angels” would go-ahead to be nominated for two Grammys awards. Despite winning none, this proved that the Train band was making moves in the music industry.

# 6 – Play That Song

The Train band in 2017 sought to impress masses reminding everyone that they still can do something worthwhile in the studio still thanks to their album A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat. Their song “Play That Song” was among the few songs from their 2017 album that peaked high on the music charts. Written by Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael, the song incorporates the melody of “Heart and Soul” to bring out quite some unique vibe that conquered in the music charts not only in the US but also in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

# 5 – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye

Coming from the band’s sixth studio album California 37 it is with no doubt that 2012 was one of Train’s best years in music. The lyrics of the song are a narrative where the singer claims he better say his girlfriend died in tons of other bizarre ways rather than admit he got dumped. Originally titled “50 Ways to Kill Your Lover” the title would be tossed to avoid attracting controversy from critics.

# 4- Marry Me

Written by the band’s frontman Pat Monahan, “Marry Me” was a ballad from the band’s 2010 album Save Me, San Francisco. With the song peaking in the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, the band recorded quite an achievement having three consecutive top 40 hits jams on the Hot 100. While the song made it quite big, Pat reveals that it was initially a short tune that consisted of just a verse and a chorus. But we all know great things start from minute things like such or even smaller.

# 3 – Drive By

Ushering us to the top three Train songs is the jam “Drive By” from the band’s album California 37. Released three months before the album release date, “Drive By” took the charts by storm having it reach number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. As if that was not enough the song went ahead to peak in the top ten hit songs in thirteen more nations. Sales for the ballad hit more than two million having the band perform it later on the TV series “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud.” Notably, the song was written during their 2011 tour of Australia.

# 2 – Hey, Soul Sister

And now to the number two spot is the ballad “Hey, Soul Sister” from the Train band’s album Save Me, San Francisco. Tagging along with Espen Lind and Amund Bjorklund in the songwriting, Pat would have the catchy riffs and melodies rich song lyrics penned owing to the imagery he saw. From reaching a high position of number three on the Billboards Hot 100 the song would also sell over six million copies. Noted to be iTunes Store top-selling song, “Hey, Soul Sister” also became the second overall best-selling song in 2010.

# 1- Drops of Jupiter

Released on their 2001 album Drops of Jupiter, the song would hit the top five in the Billboard Hot 100. It would later stay for twenty-nine weeks on the charts in the top 40 of the Hot 100 proving to be a song that many loved. In the song, Pat captured the feeling of one left behind by an ex who’s off to find themselves. However, the true inspiration for the song is Pat’s late mom who passed on after a struggle with cancer. Nominated for five Grammy Awards, this ballad would win two of them including Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) and Best Rock Song.

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