Lindsey Buckingham Albums Ranked

Lindsey Buckingham Albums

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Our top 10 Lindsey Buckingham albums list takes a look at the solo albums of the great Fleetwood Mac guitarist and songwriter. Known worldwide for his work in the band Fleetwood Mac in which he helped propel the group into one of the biggest bands of all time along with his partner Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham has also enjoyed a successful solo career in which he has released some fabulous solo albums. While he never had  huge hit singles as a solo artist in the way that he did with Fleetwood Mac such as “Go Your Own Way,” and all those other mega hits from the Rumors album, Tusk and  1975 Fleetwood Mac LP, his solo albums are still filled with incredibly catchy songs that have always been a hallmark of Lindsey Buckingham’s work

This Lindsey Buckingham albums list will take a look at just the albums he released under his own name. That means we will not be presenting his first album with his partner Stevie Nicks entited Buckingham Nicks or his most recent album released with Christine McVie entitled Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie. We just felt those albums aren’t really solo albums, especially the last one which had started out basically as a Fleetwood Mac album but was finished as a duet album instead.

Music fans first heard of Lindsey Buckingham from his debut album with Stevie Nicks released in 1973 entitled Buckingham Nicks. However the album was not that popular at the time and most people did not discover it until after Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had joined Fleetwood Mac and released that 1975 Fleetwood Mac album and that went through the roof.

Lindsey Buckingham released his first solo album in 1981 entitled Law and Order. It remains his highest charting album of his solo career. Lindsey Buckingham followed up that solo album three years later in 1984 with the album Go Insane. It would be eight more years before he released his third solo album entitled Out Of The Cradle in 1992. Even a longer stretch of time occured between his 1992 Out Of The Cradle album and Lindsey Buckingham’s next solo album called Under the Skin released in 2006. However, of course in between those years Fleetwood Mac had  gotten back together again so the man was a little busy. In 2008 he released the album Gift Of Screws. That album was followed up by his sixth solo album called Seeds We Sow in 2011. In 2017, he released the Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie duet album which is such a fabulous record. It should have been a new Fleetwood Mac album. With the amount of great songs on that record and maybe a couple of new Stevie Nicks numbers, it would have been one of the best Fleetwood Mac albums ever released.

# 6 – Seeds We Sow

We open up our Lindsey Buckingham albums ranked list with the great artists sixth solo album entitled Seeds We Sow. This was Lindsey Buckingham’s first album not to be released on a major label, which is pretty unbelievable when you think about it. Lindsey Buckingham is one of the biggest rock and roll artists of all time and he’s releasing an album on an independent label. Boy has the  music industry changed. The Seeds We Sow was a very successful album for Lindsey Buckingham.

The album was a top 10 hit on the Billboard Rock album charts peaking at number six. Interestingly, it also was a top 10 hit on the Billboard Independent album charts peaking at number five. On the Billboard Top 200 albums charts it hit number 45 which was the same number his great 1984 album entitled go insane achieved. The album received great reviews by critics everywhere. His fans loved it Lindsey Buckingham wrote all the songs on the album except for the song “She Smiled Sweetly,” which was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Standout tracks include “Seeds We Sow,” and the beautiful song “That’s The Way That Love Goes.”

# 5 – Under The Skin

Continuing with our Lindsey Buckingham albums list we turn to the album entitled Under The Skin. The album was released in 2006. The album charted considerably higher than his previous album Out Of the Cradle which had only hit 128th on the Billboard top 200 album charts. The 2006 album Under the Skin hit number 80 on the US Billboard Top 200 albums charts. It had been 14 years since Lindsey Buckingham had released a solo album. That was very much due in part to the Fleetwood Mac Reunion tour that began in the 1990s and the new Fleetwood Mac album Say You Will that was released in 2003. Once again, Lindsey Buckingham recorded a Rolling Stones song entitled “I Am Waiting,” for the record. He also covered a Donovan song entitled “To Try For The Sun,” on the album. The album’s only single released from the album entitled “Show You How,” failed to break on to any of the music charts around the world.

# 4 – Gift of Screws

Lindsey Buckingham’s album Gift of Screws was released in 2008. The album had quickly followed up his previous solo album released in 2006 called Under The Skin. The album was a top 20 hit on the Billboard Rock Albums Chart peaking at number fifteen. Three singles were released from the record including the songs “Did You Miss Me,” “Love Runs Deeper” and “Gift of Screws.” This great album was also somewhat of a family affair within the Buckingham household. The song “Great Day,” was co-written with Lindsey Buckingham’s son Will. Lindsey Buckingham also co-wrote two songs on the album with his wife Kristen. 

# 3 – Out Of The Cradle

We just can’t tell you how much we LOVE the next three Lindsey Buckingham albums. The album presented in the number three slot entitled Out Of The Cradle was released in 1992. The album’s title was obviously a reference to the breakup of Fleetwood Mac. The album Out Of The Cradle was just a spectacular album in which every single song was a complete joy to listen to. The songs were powered by Lindsey Buckingham’s powerful guitar playing and impeccable skill set as a songwriter. Despite all of his accomplishments with Fleetwood Mac it just still really feels like he’s completely underrated as a songwriter. Just listen to the great tunes on this album and think about it. Despite how brilliant his record was, it was his lowest charting album on a Billboard’S Top Hundred album charts peaking at only 128. Some things just don’t make any sense. Nonetheless this one is highly recommended.

# 2 – Go Insane

In the number two spot on on Lindsey Buckingham albums list is the great album Go Insane. This was Lindsey Buckingham’s second solo album. Of course not counting the Buckingham Nicks record in 1973. The Go Insane album was released in 1984. At the time Fleetwood Mac was still together but just simply in between albums. The album’s title track “Go Insane,” was released as the album’s first single. It was very successful hitting number 23 on the US Billboard top 200. The song was even more successful on the US mainstream Rock tracks where it hit number 4. The song also charted in Canada and Australia. The second single released from the album titled “Slow Dancing,” did not chart anywhere. The Go Insane album itself peaked at number 45 on the Billboard Top 200 albums charts. The album was received well by critics and fans. All the instruments on the album were played by Lindsey Buckingham with a few exceptions making this a true blue solo album in every meaning of the word.

# 1 – Law And Order

We close out our Lindsey Buckingham solo albums ranked list with his first solo album entitled  Law and Order. His first solo album would become his highest charting album of his solo career. The album peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts in 1981. Much of the success of the sales of the album were due to the album’s hit single entitled “Trouble.” The song was very much a Fleetwood Mac sounding song as both Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood played  on the track and Christine McVie sang backing vocals. Four singles were released from the album including the songs ” Trouble,” “It Was I,” “The Visitor (Bwana)” and “Mary Lee Jones.”  This was a great pop rock album that helped fill in the gap between Fleetwood Mac albums and also showcased the incredible talents of Lindsey Buckingham. 

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