Top 10 Blackmore’s Night Songs

Blackmore's Night Songs

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Our top 10 Blackmore’s Night songs list looks at the body of work of a folk-rock band formed by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and his wife Candice Night. Before the formation of Blackmore’s Night, Ritchie Blackmore was already a rock and roll legend from his days in Deep Purple and later in Rainbow which is pretty much classic rock 101. Candice Night was an avid fan of Blackmore’s Rainbow. The two met for the first time in 1989 when Candice was still working at a local radio station. What started as a request for an autograph culminated in more than just love but also a lifestyle in music together! Two years after meeting, Ritchie and Candice started living together.

Ritchie tagged Candice in the new line-up of his band Blackmore’s Rainbow. In Rainbow, Candice provided backing vocals and contributed lyrics to several songs on Stranger in Us All (1995). Blackmore’s Rainbow has not released another album since 1995. Ritchie was inspired to form a new ensemble with his companion Candice after discovering that they both had a passion for renaissance music.

As a result of their shared love for renaissance music, Ritchie and Candice formed Blackmore’s Night. Without hesitation, Blackmore’s Night released its debut album Shadow of the Moon (1997). The album brought the band to successful days, selling more than a hundred thousand copies in Japan. Shadow of the Moon (1997) also managed to stay in the German charts for seventeen weeks, peaking at number twenty-five. Vocalist Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was a guest artist on the band, this time not on the vocals but the flute.

Blackmore’s Night’s sophomore album Under a Violet Moon was recorded and released in 1999. The band continued to share to enjoy a successful start. Thanks to its sophomore album, Blackmore’s Night won the New Age Voice Award for the Best Vocal Album of the Year. The album managed to chart in Japan and Germany. Under a Violet Moon (1999) found Blackmore’s Night increasing the use of rock guitars. However, the band still retained its folk music sound.

Its third album, Fires at Midnight (2001), featured even more rock guitar sounds than the previous album. The album led the band to success thanks to notable chart performances in Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, and the UK. Blackmore’s Night started performing at Renaissance fairs taking on multiple tours, especially in Europe. In most cases, the band performed in historic environs. More often than not, its audience would garb in period costumes.

With later releases, Candice became more involved in playing instruments for the band. While the band might have written most of its songs, Blackmore’s Night also has covered songs by other reputable artists. Some of the artists include Joan Baez, Jethro Tull, Joan Osborne, and Ralph McTell.

Ritchie and Candice have been the only constant members of Blackmore’s Night, with their additional personnel changing from time to time. Blackmore’s Night has released eleven studio albums to date. Candice also has two studio albums, Reflections (2011) and Starlight Starbright (2015), under her name. Here we present the best Blackmore’s Night songs of all time.

#10- Nature’s Light

Ushering us to the top 10 Blackmore’s Night songs is the hit “Nature’s Light.” The song serves as the album title track to the most recent release by the band. Like most of the ballads in the album, “Nature’s Light” is a song meant to brighten up dark hearts and moments. The song evokes the spirit of the band’s album Shadow of the Moon (1997).

#9- Wish You Were Here

“Wish You Were Here” is a musical gem featured on the band’s debut album Shadow of the Moon (1997). The song was originally released by the Swedish Eurodance musical group Rednex on its debut studio album Sex & Violins (1995). Blackmore’s Night covered the song spicing it with a folk feel. Candice Night delivers crystalline vocals that spill the emotions she holds for the person she misses. Other artists who have released a song under the same title (but different lyrics) include Pink Floyd, Avril Lavigne, and Black Coffee.

#8- Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There)

Coming in at number eight is the folk ode “Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There).” The song is featured on The Village Lanterne (2006). “Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There)” is an upbeat hit that alludes to two people in love, with one promising her presence any time she is needed. Many have cited the song to be a little personal to Candice, speculating that she penned about their relationship with Ritchie from her standpoint.

#7- Locked Within the Crystal Ball

“Locked Within the Crystal Ball” is our number seven best Blackmore’s Night song. It is featured on the band’s album Secret Voyage (2008). The song balances the band’s usual folk-rock sound and a pop-influenced sound. “Locked Within the Crystal Ball” showcases the magical musicianship by the two lovers. Candice’s vocals complement the energy that Ritchie’s guitar licks offer.

#6- Fires at Midnight

Number six on our top 10 Blackmore’s Night songs is the hit “Fires at Midnight.” The song is the album title track to the band’s third studio album. “Fires at Midnight” is based on a composition by Alfonso The Wise of Castille. Vocalist Candice Night and guitarist Ritchie Blackmore heard the song for the first time from German folk singers. The songs allude to the superstitions and old age narratives of how stars can guide and even speak to us only if we listen to them.

#5- Second Element

Nature’s Light (2021) is home to our number five song on our top 10 Blackmore’s Night songs, “Second Element.” Blackmore’s Night vocalist Candice Night revealed that “Second Element” is a love ode dedicated to water, the source of all our lives. Sarah Brightman initially released the song on her album Dive (1993).

#4- The Moon is Shining (Somewhere over the Sea)

“The Moon is Shining (Somewhere over the Sea)” is one of the brightest ballads from the band’s ninth studio album, Dancer and the Moon (2013). Ritchie revealed that the song is based on a haunting yet melodic old folk Czech ode. Once more, the song’s arrangement and awe-inspiring vocals by Candice make this song quite a memorable musical gem.

#3- Under a Violet Moon

Coming in at number three is “Under a Violet Moon.” The song serves as the album title track to the band’s sophomore album. Ritchie Blackmore partly penned its lyrics. “Under a Violet Moon” is a medieval sing-along drinking ode that shares some lyrics with “The Lincolnshire Poacher,” an English folk song.

#2- Dancer and the Moon

“Dancer and the Moon” is the title track to the band’s ninth studio album. The song is the band’s third release to reference the moon, after “The Moon is Shining (Somewhere over the Sea)” and “Under a Violet Moon.” “Dance and the Moon” is an enchanting ballad that the band lauds as the emotional representation of its music.

#1- Ghost of a Rose

Number one on our top 10 Blackmore’s Night songs list is the hit “Ghost of a Rose.” The song is the album title track to Blackmore’s Night’s fourth studio album. “Ghost of a Rose” is a romantic ode that finds the band giving one of its best performances. The song tells of a free-spirited fair who gets separated from her true lover. However, she remains in his heart thanks to the photographic memory he gets of her any time he sees a rose flower.

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