Top 10 Turnstile Songs

Turnstile Songs

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The emerging hardcore scene in Baltimore during the early 2010s gave birth to one of the biggest hardcore punk bands of the last decade. Although they are more famous for hardcore punk music, Turnstile have recently diversified their music to incorporate a broader spectrum of modern rock. The idea to form Turnstile was conceived by Brendan Yates and his childhood neighbor Brady Ebert. Although the two lads from Maryland had a four-year age difference, they had mutual interests such as skateboarding and loved listening to some New York hardcore bands such as Madball and Agnostic Front. Within a short time, the duo were performing together in a neighbor’s basement.

By the time they got to high school, Yates and Ebert were regular performers at Baltimore clubs such as Sidebar Tavern and the Charm City Art Space. The band released its first EP, Pressure to Succeed, in 2011. The album sounded like a mix of hardcore punk and death metal, and many people were impressed by the vocal energy of Brendan Yates, who has been the band’s frontman. A second EP dubbed Step 2 Rhythm was released two years later, and in 2015, the band released their debut album, Nonstop Feeling. The band was joined by Superheaven for a tour dubbed the Nonstop Feeling Tour to popularize the album.

The band released their second studio album, Time & Space, in 2018. Time & Space is widely regarded as one of the most forward-thinking hardcore albums of the 2010s. It combined classic hardcore and thrash metal while also adding more melodies and maintaining its aggressive edge. The album made its debut on the US Billboard Heatseekers chart at the top position and was given a full 5-K rating by Kerrang! Magazine. In 2021, the band released the Ep, Turnstile Love Connection which had an experimental, slightly refined new sound. The EP also featured a short film directed by Brendan Yates.

On 15th July 2021, the band announced that they would release another album, Glow On, which would feature British singer Blood Orange in the album’s first single. If you have listened to Turnstile, then you probably know how good they are and what they bring to the table. The band has managed to revive the hardcore punk of the ’90s while incorporating new twists and keeping things as fresh as ever. Here are the top ten Turnstile songs.

10. Blackout

Over the last decade, Turnstile have shown us just how good they are at transcending genres while still remaining true to their hardcore punk roots that made them one of the most iconic hardcore acts of the last decade. In the track “Blackout,” we can see how they manage to do this simultaneously. “Blackout” is the second track from the band’s latest album, Glow On.


“UNDERWATER BOI” is one of my personal favorite songs from the band’s 2021 album, Glow On. The track leans more on the indie-pop genre, and it’s one of those Turnstile songs you could get hooked to. The chorus is impressive, and the chord progression throughout the song is beautiful.

8. T.L.C (Turnstile Love Connection)

“T.L.C” is one of the shortest songs on the album, Glow On. The song, which runs for one minute and 42 seconds, features some magnificent bellows from Brendan Yates as he tells us all what he needs as the lyrics of the song go, “I want to trust! Less loneliness! A little charm….” The song contains some amazing vibes for such a hardcore band, and the video of the song is great too.

7. Stress

“Stress” is the final track from the band’s 2015 album, Nonstop Feeling. Despite how heavy the track is, the guitars are so harmonic and make the song quite beautiful. The track was a near-perfect ending to one of their best albums which offered a glimpse into what proved to be exciting future releases.

6. Holiday

“Holiday” is another track from the band’s 2021 album, Glow On. The signature Turnstile track has a catchy and punchy hardcore sound that we have become accustomed to from the band. If you love listening to 390’s alternative underground punk songs, you should definitely listen to this.

5. Mystery

The number five song in our list of the top ten Turnstile songs is about fighting for a love that doesn’t seem to have a chance of ever getting its spark back. The song features some catchy melodies that show us how Turnstile are able to blend perfectly into the hard-core genre. Against Daniel Fang’s battering drums, Brendan Yates whoops out the lyrics of the song, giving it an urgent vibe. This song is perfect.

4. Real Thing

If you never thought that you could love hardcore punk, then you need to listen to this song. The track features some sludgy guitar riffs and lyrics that portray the message about how your nostalgic views of your past can end up destroying your present and future.

3. Blue by You

Turnstile’s debut album, Nonstop Feeling, was an odd contrast to the intensity we were used to during their live performances. “Blue by You,” the seventh track in the album, follows a muffled vocal approach which is quite similar throughout the entire song. This makes the punk song catchy and reminiscent of the 90’s punk rock songs.

2. Fly Again

The eighth track from their 2021 album, Glow On, is a song that will get you jumping along as you listen to it. The anthemic tune has raw energy similar to what they did on their debut album, Nonstop Feeling, although it tends to be hookier and memorable. The track features some massive riffs, incredible hooks, and a basement level intensity that elevates the song to a whole new level. Although the song is quite good when listening to it on the radio, watching Turnstile perform it live is a unique experience.

1. Alien Love Call

The top song in our countdown of the top ten Turnstile songs is their 2021 dreamy collaboration with Blood Orange from the album Glow On. The track has an R&B sound with beautiful guitar tunes as Brendan Yates and Dev Hynes display their vocal strengths with some beautiful yet emotional lyrics. The collaboration between the two parties is perfect, and we hope to see more of the same in the future.

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