Top 10 Twelfth Night Songs

Twelfth Night Songs

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Our Top 10 Twelfth Night Songs article takes a look at some of the best material released by one of the most important bands to come out of the so called Second Wave Progressive Rock movement that started in the early 1980’s. The band Twelfth Night were first formed in the late 1970’s under the name the Andy Revell Band. After performing local gigs the band changed their name to Twelfth Night. Like many progressive rock bands that were being launched in the early 1980’s, the band Twelfth Night released a series of live tapes. It’s impressive how band’s like Twelfth Night developed their audience from constant performing and releasing independent tapes.

The band Twelfth Night released their first tape Skan in 1979. The tape was never really officially released but for historic purposes, Skan is where it began.A year later in 1980 they released on cassette what the band called The First Tape Album. Another cassette tape was released in 1980 entitled Early Material. A studio album entitled Smiling at Grief  was released on cassette in 1982

The band released their first vinyl album entitled Fact of Fiction in 1982. The band followed up that album with the release of Art and Illusion in 1984. Two years later in 1986 the band released the album Twelfth Night XII: The band Twelfth Night have also released over a dozen live CDs and DVDs.

Over the years the band has gone through many lineup changes and lead singers. The origins of the band began with  Brian Devoil on drums, Clive Mitten on bass, keyboards, guitar and Andy Revell on guitar. In 1979, the band added Rick Battersby on keyboards and Geoff Mann on vocals. In 1980, Electra McLeod performed vocals with the band. Geoff Mann  returned for vocal duties between 1981 and 1983. Martyn Watson performed vocals from 1986 to 1987. When the group reunited in 2007 the band consisted of Brian Devoil on drums,Andy Revell on guitar, Clive Mitten on bass, keyboards, guitar Andy Sears on  vocals, keyboards, guitar and Mark Spencer on guitar, bass, keyboards and vocals

Our Top 10 Twelfth Night songs list is a tribute to the magnificent career the band has enjoyed as one of the premier Progressive Rock bands of the last thirty five years. Since its only ten songs, we are bound to miss many of the hardcore fans favorites. Please keep in mind we compose these lists as an introduction to the music of bands many people may not be familiar with. In the end, it’s about tribute and fun.

# 10 – Sequences

The song “Sequences,” was originally released on their unreleased Skan album.The version here is from the Live and Let Live album. The album was released three times, first in 1984, then 1986 and most recently in 2012 with extra tracks.

# 9 – Für Helene

This classic Twelfth Night song “Fur Helene,” has been released on so many albums by the band its hard to keep track of it. It’s actually the case with many of their songs because of all the band’s independent releases on tape and the live albums and compilations.

# 8 – World Without End

Continuing with our Top 10 Twelfth Night songs list we turn to the great track “World Without End.” The song was first released on the Fact or Fiction vinyl released in 1982.

# 7 – East of Eden

One of our favorite Twelfth Night songs is the opening track to their Fact or Fiction album entitled East of Eden.

# 6 – The Cunning Man

The track “The Cunning Man,” was released as a single in 1980.

# 5 – The Honeymoon is Over

“The Honeymoon is Over,” appeared on the band’s Smiling At Grief album. It may not be that progressive of a song,but it sure does rock. Easily one of our favorite Twelfth Night songs

# 4 – The Ceiling Speaks

Like so many of the great Twelfth Night songs, The Ceiling Speaks appears on multiple albums. This one appeared on the release of the Arts & Illusion CD released in 2010. The original album was released in 1984.

# 3 – We Are Sane

The legendary Twelfth Night song “We Are Sane,” was originally released on the Fact or Fiction album. The version below appeared on the Live and Let Live CD. The Live and Let Live Definitive Edition  CD was issued in 2012.

# 2 – Creepshow

One more time we return to the legendary Fact and Fiction album on this Top 10 Twelfth Night songs list for the great track “Creepshow.”

# 1 – The Collector

The great Twelfth Night track The Collector was released on the CD The Collector. IT is hands down our favorite Twelfth Night song.

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