Top 10 LCD Soundsystem Songs

LCD Soundsystem Songs

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Our Top 10 LCD Soundsystem Songs introduce us to an award-winning American rock band whose musical style is a blend of dance-rock, post-punk, dance-punk, alternative rock, and indie rock. Founded in 2002, the band made their first releases under DFA Records, co-founded by James Murphy. Thanks to the hit “Losing My Edge,” the band gained music fans’ attention. From the very first hit LCD Soundsystem did, many of their songs have become dance favorites. The band would receive critical acclaim after they released their eponymous debut album in 2005. Their eponymous album received a Grammy nomination for the Best Electronic/Dance Album, while the single “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. However, it is songs that followed in other albums with a string of awards for the band.

After releasing their album This Is Happening, James Murphy revealed that it would have been a better album than their previous one. Murphy stated that the band would go on hiatus after stating that this would be their last album. However, the band would later have a string of high-profile music festivals in the UK and USA. December 2015 would mark the band’s reunion with a Christmas-themed hit, “Christmas Will Break Your Heart,” a song regarded by Murphy as a depressing song he had been singing to himself for quite some while. Thanks to the sublime vocals of the band’s frontman James Murphy and awe-inspiring instrumentals for their songs that LCD Soundsystem has gained quite some appeal amongst other rock artists. Here are the top 10 LCD Soundsystem songs that bring the best releases from the band’s four studio albums.

#10 – I Can Change

Ushering us to the top 10 LCD Soundsystem songs is “I Can Change” from the band’s 2010 album This is Happening. Here, Murphy uses an acid beat to brief his audience about his marriage breakup. He admits that he gave the song his best having him even try spice it up with a Jimmy Somerville falsetto. “I Can Change” is a song of desperation that proves that everyone possesses their full range of emotions unless they are sociopathic!

#9 – Losing My Edge

“Losing My Edge” was one of the few ballads that bring out the best of LCD Soundsystem’s debut album. The song holds a special and dear place not only in the heart of LCD Soundsystem’s fans but mostly to the band members since it was their debut single. “Losing My Edge” is an anthem to growing older while realizing that musical styles evolve with time and generations. Thanks to the inspirational message in the song that it received critical acclaim right.

#8 – American Dream

There was no greater way to reclaim their place in the hearts of rock fans than releasing a smashing album. “American Dream” was one of the band’s great songs from their 2017 self-titled album released slightly more than a year after they reunited. The song is a moody synth-pop ballad that finds Murphy recalling when he woke up from a one-night stand to piece together what went on that night.

#7 – Dance Yrself Clean

When you make a nine-minute ballad for an opening track for an album, it better be awe-inspiring! “Dance Yrself Clean” made the perfect opening track for the band’s third studio album, This Is Happening. The song is a blend of great instrumentals and transcendent vocals, delivered in the lengthy two-part ballad. You ought to love the shift between the first part of the song to the second. Notably, the second part of the song introduces us to some high notes that James Murphy reveals were too high and would barely allow himself to do such a song anymore. The song was featured in an episode of the series Transparent back in December 2015.

#6 – Call the Police

Number six in our top 10 LCD Soundsystem songs list is the hit “Call the Police” from the band’s album American Dream. The song drew comparisons to the works of David Bowie with Murphy’s vocals compare to those of David Bowie and the guitar riffs similar to those of David Bowie’s hit “Heroes.” “Call the Police” achieved quite a great reception having its peak at number 26 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart even though critics have noted it to be post-punk.

#5 – All My Friends

Featured on the band’s album Sound of Silver, “All My Friends” is a great piano-led ballad graced with a disco groove. Peppered with melancholy, “All My Friends” finds the band’s frontman recalling his crazy youth, which was filled with excitement and, as you can guess, bad decisions too. However, there is quite a shift in priorities and change in friendship in middle age, having Murphy wonder where his former friends were at that time.

#4 – Tonite

Number four in our top 10 LCD Soundsystem songs list is an award-winning song, “Tonite,” from the band’s 2017 album American Dream. “Tonite” is an acid house-infused hit that finds James Murphy detecting existential crisis in the contemporary radio hits grinning out of the airwaves. However, the song is more of a sad use of the awareness of your mortality. “Tonite” won the 2018 Grammys Award for the Best Dance Recording.

#3 – Someone Great

Featured on the band’s album Sound of Silver, “Someone Great,” is a great ballad worth mentioning on the top 10 LCD Soundsystem songs list. The song is about a loved one dying, citing how we argue with our loved ones and they drive you crazy. But, then, suddenly they pass, and you miss them, including all the dumb things they did to you. Rumor had it that the song was inspired by the death of Dr. George Kamen, Murphy’s therapist.

#2 – Oh Baby

“Oh Baby” is an almost perfect song by LCD Soundsystem, thanks to its sublime lyrical content and great instrumental. The synth-filled ballad is a breakup song that serves the album American Dream right, bringing a sparkle to it. “Oh Baby” finds Murphy sadly recognizing the relationship is coming to an end. The song brings quite an aesthetic and emotional world of the 80s.

#1 – Daft Punk is Playing at My House

Featured in the eponymous album, “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” is the highlight of the band’s career. The song was inspired by Murphy’s idea for enlisting French music duo Daft Punk for a movie. “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” was nominated for the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The song was also featured in tons of films, including Project X and The Limits of Co.

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