Top 10 Yelawolf Songs

Yelawolf Songs

Our top 10 Yelawolf songs list looks at the songs of an American rapper whose career started his elimination from The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott in 2005. Yelawolf capitalized on the fame he had already amassed when performing on the competitive reality TV show by releasing an independent debut album. The album went under the title Creekwater (2005). He went on to release a mixtape in the same year under the title Pissin’ in a Barrel of Beez.

After quite a tough start for Yelawolf, he bagged a recording contract with Columbia Records in 2007. However, this didn’t work out for him and the record label. Yelawolf only released the single “Kickin” before Columbia Records dropped him. Sadly, he didn’t even have a chance to release his debut studio album Fearin’ and Loathin’ under the record label. His pursuit for success in the rap and hip-hop scene didn’t end at that. He went on to release two mixtapes that were unnoticed by many.

In 2008, Yelawolf saw his music career take a new turn after signing with Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment. Without hesitation, he released his debut EP, Arena Rap (2008). While still under Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment, Yelawolf released a new mixtape under the title Trunk Muzik (2010). The mixtape has been lauded as his breakthrough release having him sign with Interscope Records after its release.

After signing with Interscope Records, Yelawolf started making guest appearances on songs by other reputable figures in the hip-hop and rap scene. Some of the artists included Gucci Mane, Big Boi, Travis Barker, Big K.R.I.T., and Tech N9ne. Yelawolf linked up with Eminem in 2011, an interaction that led him to be associated with Shady Records. Under Shady Records, Yelawolf released his single track “Radioactive.” He later released his sophomore studio album under the title Radioactive in the same year. The album was released under Interscope Records and Shady Records.

Radioactive (2011) debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard 200. Songs on the album featured alternative hip-hop and hardcore hip-hop elements. “Let’s Roll” and “Hard White (Up in the Club) were the greatest releases from the album. In the following year, Yelawolf released a collaborative EP with Ed Sheeran entitled The Slumdon Bridge. This was shortly followed by the collaborative EP with Travis Barker entitled Psycho White.

Throughout the years, Yelawolf has released five more studio albums, including Love Story (2015), Trial by Fire (2017), Trunk Muzik III (2019), Ghetto Cowboy (2019), and Mud Mouth (2021). Currently, Yelawolf is working on a new album under the title Sometimes Y scheduled for release this year. The American rapper has also worked with other artists, including Korn, Caskey, Riff Raff, DJ Muggs, and DJ Paul.

His hip-hop art draws influence from Dungeon Family, Pete Rock, Black Star, Digable Planets, J Dilla, and CL Smooth. Yelawolf has also cited Portishead, The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, and Black Sabbath as his musical influences. In 2012, he founded his independent record label Slumerican, specializing in hip-hop music. Yelawolf has been releasing his songs under his label since his EP Black Fall with DJ Paul in 2013. Here we present the best Yelawolf songs of all time.  

#10 – Opie Taylor

Ushering us to the top 10 Yelawolf songs is the hit “Opie Taylor.” The song is featured on his sixth studio album, Ghetto Cowboy (2019). “Opie Taylor” refers to a fictional character played by Ron Howard in the American situation comedy The Andy Griffith Show. In the song, American rapper Yelawolf compares his carefree attitude in life to that of Opie Taylor.

#9 – Box Chevy V

“Box Chevy V” is one of the special hip-hop gems released by Yelawolf. The song finds Yelawolf describing his love for his car. While the song starts on a low-key, it progresses to a melodic hip-hop track, thanks to the swirling synth tunes. “Box Chevy V” was initially released on his EP Trunk Muzik (2010).

#8 – Daylight

Coming in at number eight on our top 10 Yelawolf songs is the hit “Daylight.” The song serves as the lead single to Yelawolf’s fourth studio album, Trial by Fire (2017). In this song, Yelawolf admits alcohol as his best friend. “Empty Bottles” from his album Love Story (2015) is yet another track that speaks volumes about his addiction.

#7 – You and Me

“You and Me” is one of the best Yelawolf songs from his album Ghetto Cowboy (2019). The song finds the rapper addressing criticism he received for releasing music under a major record label. This marks one of his best releases since departing from Shady Records (owned by Eminem) and Interscope Records.

#6 – American You

Number six on our top 10 Yelawolf songs is the hit “American You.” The song is featured on Yelawolf’s album Love Story (2015). This track finds Yelawolf singing about the life of a mediocre young American, his dreams, wishes, problems, and struggles. In a nutshell, the song analyses a life of hard work and the middle class in the US. “American You” is one of the few hits that blends hip-hop with country elements.

#5 – Daddy’s Lambo

Yelawolf had quite a tough start having him not break into mainstream success at the beginning of his career. However, the release of his mixtape Trunk Muzik in early 2010 changed the narrative. This came after he received a recording contract from Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment. “Daddy’s Lambo” is one of the musical gems from his successful mixtape Trunk Muzik (2010).

#4 – Pop the Trunk

“Pop the Trunk” serves as the lead single to Yelawolf’s sophomore EP Trunk Muzik 0-60 (2010). However, the song was initially released on his acclaimed 2010 mixtape Trunk Muzik. “Pop the Trunk” finds Yelawolf rapping about diverse situations that had to reach an end with gunplay back at Alabama.

#3 – Let’s Roll ft. Kid Rock

Coming in at number three on our top 10 Yelawolf songs is the hit “Let’s Roll.” The song is featured on the album Radioactive (2011). Yelawolf teams up with Kid Rock, a heavy metal, rock, country, and hip-hop artist, in this song. “Let’s Roll” is one of Yelawolf’s heaviest songs on the album. The two artists take a ride through the grubbiest areas of New York and Alabama. Yelawolf features a quick cameo of hip-hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc on this song.

#2 – Till It’s Gone

“Till It’s Gone” is a hip-hop track from Yelawolf’s album Love Story (2015). The song finds Yelawolf struggling with fame and its intrinsic foiling. He also talks about how his associates before his success now feel entitled to his success. This melodically acoustic yet aggressive and dark hit draws stylistic inspiration from “Pop the Trunk.”

#1 – Best Friend ft. Eminem

Number one on our top 10 Yelawolf songs list is the hit “Best Friend.” The song is featured on the album Love Story (2015). “Best Friend” finds Yelawolf collaborating with Eminem, who spits more than sixteen bars in an aggressive rap. On the other hand, Yelawolf takes on a more spiritual tone in this song. While Yelawolf refers to the holy trinity as his best friend,Eminem’s best friend still remains to be the late rapper Proof. “Best Friend” peaked at number three on the Billboard Under Hot 100 Singles.

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