10 Best The Ghost Inside Songs

The Ghost Inside Songs

Our top 10 songs from The Ghost Inside introduce us to an American band famed for its melodic hardcore and metalcore influences. The band was formed in 2004, starting its music career under the moniker A Dying Dream. After releasing the Now or Never EP and an album, the band changed to its current name, The Ghost Inside. Better days came after the band signed with Epitaph Records in 2012. Later in the same year, the Ghost Inside made its first release under Epitaph Record, Get What You Give. A Day to Remember’s singer Jeremy McKinnon helped the band produce the album, debuting at number eighty-eight on the Billboard 200. The Ghost Inside would later tour the world to support its album and establish itself as a reputable metalcore band.

2015 proved to be the “worst” year for the band, having The Ghost Inside suffer back-to-back losses. It started with the band’s loss of a founding member and iconic lead guitarist Aaron Brooks from the band’s lineup. Aaron posted his departure on a social media post in January 2015, leaving Jonathan Vigil as the only original member in the band’s lineup. On a morning near the culmination of 2015, the band’s tour bus was involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer. The Ghost Inside members were given a second chance in life, having them hospitalized, however, in critical condition. Early next year, Jonathan took to social media his thankfulness to have survived despite severe injuries in an accident that claimed the lives of two drivers.

The Ghost Inside went on hiatus, having every member hold their spot while waiting for everyone to be fully fit to perform. In April 2018, the band would hold its first practice session, confirming that the band was set for its new journey after hiatus. The band continues to release melodic and emotional metalcore ballads taking inspiration from older bands such as Killswitch Engage, Throwdown, and Misery Signals. Here are the top 10 songs from The Ghost Inside sampled from the band’s five studio albums, one live album, and one EP.

#10 – Mercy

Ushering us in the top 10 The Ghost Inside songs is the pulsating hit “Mercy.” The song is featured in the band’s fourth studio album Dear Youth, which serves as a message to the young self. “Mercy,” like most of the songs in the album, explores themes of uncertainty, complacency, and aging. The song feels like a mediocre ballad from a Metallica fan, only to usher in some uniqueness as the song progresses. Thanks to the song’s lyrical content and transcendent guitar riffs, it became one of the best songs from The Ghost Inside. Its lyrics allude to a war that no one ever wins, that is, a war with time.

#9 – With The Wolves

“With The Wolves” is a crowd-rousing knockout ballad from the band’s fourth album Dear Youth. The song serves as a perfect demonstration of the band’s mastery in creating anthemic yet impenetrable lyrics (that’s the true definition of metal should be like for some). Going a little dark with the lyrics while remaining inspirational is not something you meet daily. That’s why “With The Wolves” beat most of the song’s in the album to even feature on our top 10 songs from The Ghost Inside list.

#8 – Chrono

The hit “Chrono” is a massive standout from The Ghost Inside’s album Returners. “Chrono” is a fan’s favorite having it mix metallic hardcore and punk influences. The Ghost Inside called Bury Your Dead original vocalist Mat Bruso from retirement to perform guest vocals on the song. “Chrono” has its lyrics alluding to having the guts to take a pause and think about your life as it passes. The song is famed for its clear blueprint for other melodic-centric and anthemic ballads released after the band’s album Returners.

#7 – Dark Horse

“Dark Horse” is one of the best The Ghost Inside songs from the band’s album Get What You Give. The song embodies the notion of being an underdog but proving strong enough to push yourself harder in life to achieve whatever milestones. A “Dark Horse” is a term used to refer to a competitor who has only little known about them but still goes on to win despite not being among the favorites. The Ghost Inside encourages its fans to be a “Dark Horse” fighting their way to the top figuratively and literally! Katy Perry also released her version of the song “Dark Horse,” having it become one of her best songs.

#6 – White Light

Number six on our top 10 The Ghost Inside songs is the phenomenally emotional hit “White Light.” The song was penned by the band’s frontman Jonathan Vigil about his brother Ryan who had passed away in his sleep. His brother was a big Johnny Cash fan having Jonathan feature some lyric mentioning “The man in black,” a nickname offered to Johnny Cash owing to his tendency to wear black during stage performances. “White Light” has been quoted as an undeniable shred of proof of how The Ghost Inside’s music has impacted people’s lives. George Michael released a song with a similar title for his album A Symphony of British Music.

#5 – Out of Control

“Out of Control” is an inspirational song from the band’s album Dear Youth. The song featured quite some magnificent and tattoo-worthy lyrics such as “walk-in these shoes before you trample my feet.” You ought to love the immense gang vocals throughout the song having them generate a jaw-dropping crowd response whenever The Ghost Inside any time they hit the stage for live shows. The Chemical Brothers also have a song under the same title released on their album Surrender.

#4 – Avalanche

The Ghost Inside made the most sound idea by starting their album Dear Youth with the song “Avalanche.” “Avalanche” set the tone for all the songs that followed in the album. In some way, the song sounds like “Suicide Season” by Bring Me The Horizon. The song exhibits Jonathan Vigil’s awe-inspiring vocals having him retain the raspy vibe. Migos hit the studio to release a song under the same title, for their most recent album Culture III, with the song sampling “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone” by The Temptations.

#3 – Dear Youth (Day 52)

“Dear Youth (Day 52)” is the title-album hit of The Ghost Inside’s fourth studio album. The song lands the title of the best song from the title both musically and lyrically. Its lyrics allude to time, youth, aging, and fleeting existence. “Dear Youth (Day 52)” features some well-written choruses with the song delivered at a brusque pace and hooky guitar riffs.

#2 – Aftermath

Earlier, we mentioned that The Ghost Inside was involved in a car accident, after which they went on a hiatus. However, almost five years after the fatal crash, the band released the ballad “Aftermath” in their eponymous album. The song is termed to be the most personal song by The Ghost Inside, having it act as the final punctuation on the tragic chapter of the band members. “Aftermath” tells the band’s story, with Riley adding that the song is a total catharsis to The Ghost Inside, allowing the members to let out all that was bottled inside them.

#1 – Engine 45

Number one on our top 10 The Ghost Inside songs is the electrifying hit “Engine 45” from the band’s album Get What You Give. The song is the most-streamed The Ghost Inside song on YouTube and Spotify. “Engine 45” was produced by Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember having his influence add to the greatness of this song. The song’s sense of melody and catchiness makes it one of the band’s fan-favorite songs. “Engine 45” has its visual metaphor as the old Eskimo-Inuit hunting trick, making a fully-fledged victory and defeat anthem.

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