Bring Me The Horizon Songs Ranked

Bring Me The Horizon Songs

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Bring Me The Horizon are one of the biggest names in rock of the 21st century who were first formed in the city of Sheffield, UK in 2004. Two years after their formation they released their debut album Count Your Blessings. By all accounts, the album is not a classic debut and was not met with a very positive critical reception. With their second album Suicide Season released in 2008 they had changed their sound rather significantly and it was received much more favourably. Further success came with their third album There is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s keep It A Secret released in 2010 which incorporated elements from other genres of music such as electronic pop. They have since released three more albums which have all been met with critical and commercial success. They have won four Kerrang! Awards and have been nominated for two Grammy Awards.

When the band first emerged on the scene they were seen as one of the key bands of the deathcore movement which was a combination of metalcore and death metal. In their early days, despite gaining a strong youth following through the social media site Myspace, they were quite controversial and generated a lot of criticism which was largely due to the somewhat provocative nature of frontman Oli Sykes as well as there “scene kid” image which was a particular source of dislike for a lot of the more elitist metal scene. However, this has been largely been put down to young age of the band at the time and over the years they have gained more respect and appreciation from both the metal scene and the music press. So here is a list of their ten best songs.

# 10 – Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Kicking of our top ten Bring Me The Horizon songs list we have a track taken from their second album Suicide Season which is a live fan favourite due to its memorable chorus. The song definitely shows an improvement in the band’s sound from the first album, with a much more mature approach and just generally more well written lyrics and music.

# 9 – Blessed With A Curse

Here is a track taken from Bring Me The Horizon’s third album released in 2010 There is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen it, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret which shows a very different direction for the band that is almost unrecognisable from their earlier sound. This is a very emotional song that show’s Oli Sykes more personal side as a songwriter.

# 8 – Can You Feel My Heart

This song is taken from Bring Me The Horizon’s fourth album released in 2013 titled Sempiternal. It was the fourth and final single to be released from the album and got to number five on the UK Rock and Metal Singles Chart. It is a song that makes heavy use of the band’s electronic sound and is yet again another track that sounds very far away from that of the band’s early deathcore routes.

# 7 – Braille (For Stevie Wonder’s Eyes Only)

Here we have a track from Bring Me The Horizon’s debut Count Your Blessings released in 2006. I have probably made it clear at this point that the first album is not the best but this is without a doubt one of the highlights from it. Despite its rather bad taste title, it is a strong piece of mid-2000’s deathcore that is rather reminiscent of melodic death metal pioneers At The Gates.

# 6 – Crucify Me

Up next we have another song from the third record which is easily among the band’s most ambitious moments. At six minutes long, it features much variation with post-rock style guitars mixed up with an electronic sound and even a choir! Although this may not sound like something that should work on paper, it most certainly does upon listening to it.

# 5 – Shadow Moses

Here is another song from Sempiternal which was produced by Terry Date who is known for his work with Pantera and Slipknot. It was the album’s lead single and reached number eighty-two on the UK Singles Chart and number two on the UK Rock and Metal Singles Chart. It was one of the first songs written for the album and is named after the setting of the classic video game “Metal Gear Solid.” It was very well received by critics upon its release and is a live favourite with fans.

# 4 – Sleepwalking

Here we have yet another song from Sempiternal. It was the album’s second single and got to number three on Uk Rock and Metal Singles chart. After being released as a digital download, it was then released as a ten inch picture disc for Record Store Day. It was another track that was well received and it is notably more melodic than the album’s previous singles despite still being heavy.

# 3 – Throne

At number three is third single from Bring Me The Horizon’s fifth album released in 2015 titled That’s The Spirit. It topped the UK Rock and Metal Chart as well as the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and also reached fifty-one on the UK singles chart and number twelve on the Billboard Hot Songs chart. The song sounds rather like Linkin Park and is easily the biggest sounding song that they have ever done, being the kind of track that would be a crowd pleaser in a stadium.

# 2 – Go To Hell For Heaven’s Sake

Just off the top spot we have yet another song from Sempiternal (this writers favourite album). It was the third single to be taken from the album and reached number twenty-two on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart. It is another track that is rather like Linkin Park, who several critics compared it to. Vocalist Oli Sykes particularly sounds like late LP frontman Chester Bennington on the track’s chorus.

# 1 – Don’t Look Down

At the top of Bring Me The Horizon list is this track. It features vocals from Orifice Vulgatron from dubstep group Foreign Beggars. It was a standalone song that was recorded as part of BBC DJ Zane Lowe’s re-score of the movie “Drive” ( in the same way that a track from our Bastille list was.) Some fans were unhappy with the direction of the song particularly with the dubstep sound that it had, feeling that it veered too far from the band’s sound. However, the band were quick to address the criticism, stating that a song featuring their typical sound would not have been suited for the movie, of which the original soundtrack is widely regarded as a modern classic of electro-pop.

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