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Jason Derulo Songs

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Our Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs list takes a look at one of music’s popular singers. Jason Derulo is a popular singer, songwriter and dancer. He is a pop singer who blends r&b and hip hop into his music. His musical influences are Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Prince. He credits Michael Jackson for being the star that he is today. His goal was to be the kind of performer Michael Jackson was.

Jason Derulo has a lot of hit singles. He sold over 30 million singles worldwide. He has 11 platinum-selling singles. That’s impressive for someone who hasn’t been in the music industry for long. Some of his hits include “Talk Dirty,” “Wiggle,” “Trumpets,” “It Girl,” “Want to Want Me,” “Ridin’ Solo,” “In My Head” and “Whatcha Say.” He tried his hand at acting. He appeared on the TV shows Empire (2015) and Lethal Weapon (2016). He also appeared in the movie Cats (2019). Jason Derulo was cast to play the legendary singer Ron Isley. He is a social media influencer. His account is the 12th most followed account on TikTok.

Jason Joel Desrouleaux was born on September 21, 1989. He got his start by writing songs for artists such as Danity Kane, Sean Kingston, Diddy, Cassie, Lil Wayne as well as others. Jason Derulo began singing in 2009. He released his first eponymous album in 2010. The album peaked at number two on the r&b charts and number 11 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Whatcha Say,” “In My Head,” “Ridin’ Solo,” “What If” and “The Sky’s the Limit.” The album went platinum. “Whatcha Say” helped the album do well on the charts.

Future History was released in 2011. The album peaked at number one on the r&b charts and number 29 on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Don’t Wanna Go Home,” “It Girl,” “Breathing,” “Fight for You” “Undefeated” and “Pick Up the Pieces.” The album didn’t sell as well as his eponymous album, but it did manage to go gold.

Tattoos came out in 2013. It peaked at number two on the U.K. charts. Derulo wanted this album to be different from his previous albums. The album features the songs “The Other Side,” “Talk Dirty,” “Marry Me,” “Trumpets,” “Stupid Love” and “Wiggle.”

Talk Dirty came out in 2014. This album is the reissue of Tattoos. Tattoos was basically released overseas in 2013. Talk Dirty peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “The Other Side,” “Marry Me,” “Talk Dirty,” “Wiggle,” “Trumpets” and “Bubblegum.” The album went platinum.

Everything is 4 was released in 2015. The album peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 charts. This album was his highest-charting album on the Billboard 200 charts. The album features the singles “Want to Want Me,” “Cheyenne,” “Try Me” and “Get Ugly.” The album went gold.

Jason Derulo is a popular singer with a lot of hit singles. In fact, his singles outsold his album sales. If you go by album sales alone, he may not have been too popular. His singles are so popular that most of them are platinum. There aren’t too many artists who are basically successful because of their singles. He achieved quite a feat. He managed to sell a lot of singles and he hasn’t been in the music industry that long. In addition to being a successful singer, he’s successful on social media. He’s a hustler because he wants to make sure he is successful in different areas of entertainment. He is able to carve his notch in music while competing with Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Usher as well as other artists. This Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs list will feature some of his best songs.

# 10 – Wiggle ft. Snoop Dog

The first song on our Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs list is “Wiggle” from the Talk Dirty/Tattoos album. The song has a dance, pop and rap beat. The banger is about the shape of a woman’s bottom. He wanted to describe the way a woman’s behind “wiggles.” The song might be offensive to women because it does exploit their bodies. The track is designed to get you on the dance floor. If you can get past the theme of the song, you would enjoy it. The style of the song is similar to Chris Brown’s work. It sounds like something Chris Brown would have released.

The lyrics weren’t created to make you think or get emotional. The purpose is to get you to dance. He accomplished that goal. The music will have you on the floor dancing. It might make you try to “wiggle” your bootie. Derulo’s vocals are pretty strong on the track. He doesn’t get to showcase his vocal strength because a song like this doesn’t require strong singing. He does manage to do a good job with the material. He sounds like a combination of Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown and Trey Songz. He sings parts of the song in falsetto so he does get to show some versatility on the track. Snoop Dogg makes an appearance on the track. He has lots of swag on the song and excellent timing. A minor complaint about the song is that it needs a better chorus. The song doesn’t have one. He repeats the title and that’s it. If the song had a better hook, it would be even better.

# 9 – Talk Dirty ft. 2 Chainz

The next song on our Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs list is “Talk Dirty” from the album of the same name as well as Tattoos. The song has an r&b, pop and rap sound to it. The sexual song is self-explanatory. Derulo wants his woman to talk dirty to him while they are having sex. This is a fun song about sex. The lyrics are sexual in nature so the song isn’t exactly for a younger audience. The song is for mature listeners. The younger listeners may enjoy it too, but they may not understand the meaning of the track. He uses metaphors to talk about sex to make the song more radio friendly. “Talk Dirty” uses a sample of “Hermetico” by Balkan Beat Box. Here’s some trivia about the song. The producer wrote the song for Missy Elliott. It’s hard to imagine her singing this track. The song seems more suited for a male singer than a female artist.

The sample helps sell the music. The song is very saxophone heavy. You hear it throughout the track. The drumbeat is thumping and will have you dancing. There are handclaps throughout the song that invite you to clap along. This song is better suited for Derulo’s voice than “Wiggle.” He gets the chance to sing more on this song. Unfortunately, he made the same mistake with this song that he made with “Wiggle.” The song doesn’t have much of a chorus. The pre-chorus is what will grab you. The chorus is simple and should be stronger. Jason Derulo sounds like Usher and Trey Songz on this track. He sings the song with an accent at different times. He utilizes his falsetto in the pre-chorus. 2 Chainz does his thing with his section of the song.

# 8 – Ridin’ Solo

The breakup song is from his eponymous album. It has an electro, pop and r&b sound. The bittersweet song is about him breaking up with is girlfriend. This track is different from the previous entries on our list. This song is more pop friendly than the other songs. The track is also the first entry on our list that doesn’t feature a rapper. Jason Derulo was “ridin’ solo” on this song. The song has an infectious pop beat that’s perfect for the radio. The lyrics have a positive message. Derulo is telling his fans that it’s okay to be single. There are people who feel as if they can’t be alone so this song lets you know that it’s okay to be alone. The music opens with a piano solo. It begins like a ballad and he does a little run before the intro ends.

The song picks up in tempo with the addition of the drum programming. Like the other entries, this song was made for dancing. There’s no way to sit still while you’re listening to this track. The music is irresistible to the ear. Derulo sings part of the song in AutoTune. He didn’t need to make that decision because he has a good voice. His voice is strong enough to sing the track without any help from AutoTune. It’s easy to forget this song is from his debut album. He sounds like he’s been singing for years. He is channeling his inner Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown with this track. Some of the lyrics are a little hard to understand, but that doesn’t stop the song from being enjoyable.

# 7 – Fight for You

The personal song is from the Future History album. The song has an urban pop beat. The introspective song is about him not being ready to let go of the woman he loves. The mid tempo song features a sample of Toto’s “Africa.” Derulo uses a lyric from the classic hit song in the chorus of the track. The rest of the song doesn’t sound like Africa. The sample works for the song. He wrote a song about trying to get the woman he loves back in his life. A lot of his songs are graphic, but this showcases his sensitive side. He was 21 when he recorded this song so that proves he was sensitive at a young age. RedOne did a superb job with the production of the track.

The music is similar to Lady Gaga’s earlier work. It’s not hard to notice the style since RedOne worked with Lady Gaga as well. The synthesizer and drumbeat drive the track. The rhythmic song will stay in your head long after you’ve heard it. The track commands your attention from the catchy beat to his singing. It’s time to talk about Derulo’s vocals. He sounds like Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Brown on the track. He uses AutoTune in the hook and didn’t need it. He has excellent timing on the song. He sings in time with all of the beat changes. He holds little notes after the bridge. It was a nice touch to hear him challenge himself like that. He proved he could hold notes if he wanted to do it.

# 6 – It Girl

The longing song is from the Future History album. The track has a pop and r&b sound. The romantic song is about Derulo finding the right woman after searching all over for the perfect girl. The sizzling track has hit written all over it. It features the keyboard, whistle, guitar, base and percussion. The music is a different style for Derulo. The song has an acoustic sound to it. The song sounds like a cross between Ne-Yo and Ryan Tedder’s music. Derulo doesn’t record too many ballads so this is one of the few in his collection. It gives listeners a chance to see his romantic side on a ballad.

He has an explicit style when it concerns his songs about relationship so this track gives listeners a chance to see his tender side. Derulo’s vocals are strong on the song. He belts through the loud music. He pours his heart out in the chorus. Speaking of the chorus, it’s unforgettable and will stay in your head. He does runs in the song. He sounds like Michael Jackson and Chris Brown on the track. This is a song that you will want to hear over and over again.

# 5 – In My Head

The next song on our Top 10 Jason Derulo Songs list is “In My Head” from his eponymous album. The song has a rock, dance, pop and r&b sound. The sleek song is about him meeting a woman in a bar and wanting her to go home with him. He wants her to forget about other guys and be with him. The song is a cross between rock and pop music. It has a thumping drumbeat. The guitar riffs will please fans of rock and pop music. The song has an intense synthesizer beat. Everything about the music works. It has the perfect formula for crossover appeal.

It’s impossible to sit still while the song is playing. It will stay “in your head.” Derulo commands your attention while he’s singing the bop. He uses Michael Jackson’s vocal tics throughout the song. He also sounds like Usher and Chris Brown. The song sounds like something either artist would have recorded. It also sounds like something Ne-Yo would have recorded on his later albums. The track has a memorable hook that will stay in your head long after you hear it. It’s easy to forget that this song is one of his debut singles.

# 4 – Want to Want Me

The feel-good song is from the Everything is 4 album. The song has a pop and disco beat. The obsessive song is about him wanting the person he loves to want him back. The song is told in two parts. He sings about being with the woman in the verses and then switches it up for the chorus. In the chorus, he sings about how he wants to get with the woman. The song is a departure from Derulo’s past work. This song is more pop and rock friendly than on his previous albums. A lot of his songs are pop and r&b friendly. This song gave him a chance to explore his pop and rock side.

It sounds like something Maroon 5 would have recorded. You could easily forget this was Jason Derulo singing this song. Here is some trivia about the song. Chris Brown was supposed to sing the song first, but he didn’t want to record it. He thought it didn’t fit with his album. Derulo didn’t want to record it initially because he felt it was too pop friendly. He eventually changed his mind and recorded. It’s a good thing he did because the song was a hit for him. The synth, keyboard and drums are the stars of the instrumentation. The song will have you dancing as soon as it begins. Jason Derulo sings in falsetto on the track. He sounds similar to Justin Timberlake in the chorus. He took a risk singing the majority of the song in falsetto because he risked his voice cracking, but it didn’t. He was able to sing in falsetto effortlessly.

# 3 – Trumpets

The sensual song is from the Tattoos/Talk Dirty album. The track has a pop beat. The metaphoric song is about being in love and hearing trumpets playing in his head. The track has an upbeat sound. The song features a vibrant drumbeat and you guessed it, trumpets. The musical instrumentation is similar to a marching band. If you listen to it, you can spot the similarity to a marching band. You can hear the sound in the chorus of the song. The title is misleading because it doesn’t seem like it would be a love song. It’s not everyday that a body is compared to other artists’ music.

He manages to make the comparisons work for the song. He doesn’t make it sound corny. He makes it sound unique. Jason Derulo has a creative way of talking about love and sex. He writes about love and sex in ways that no one else could do. He shows a vulnerable side while he’s singing about the woman he wants. He was dating singer Jordin Sparks when he recorded the track so this song could be about her. He holds a mini note in the hook. He could have pushed himself a little further to hold it longer, but he did attempt to hold a note so he gets an “A” for effort.

# 2 – Whatcha Say

The chart-topper is from Derulo’s eponymous album. The song has a pop and r&b sound to it. The biographical song is about someone cheating on his girlfriend and wanting to get her back in his life. He proves that he is confident to think he could win back the woman he loves after cheating on her. People deal with this situation so the lyrics are relevant and relatable. Here is some trivia about the song. Jason Derulo was inspired to write this song because him brother cheated on his girlfriend. He loved the woman he cheated on and wanted her to take him back. Derulo sampled Imogen Heap’s song “Hide and Seek” for the track.

He uses the same chorus as the one in “Hide and Seek.” The sample works for the track. He mixes her vocals with his and it sounds like they recorded it together. The beat is pounding and thumping. The drumbeat is fire and the standout instrument on the single. The synthesizer is infectious. Derulo sounds soulful and his voice is pleasant on the ear. He does use AutoTune throughout the song, but it doesn’t take away from how good he sounds on the song. He sounds similar to Usher on the track. It’s easy to see why this is his first big hit because everything about the song works.

# 1 – Marry Me

The number one song on our Jason Derulo Songs list is “Marry Me” from the Tattoos/Talk Dirty album. The song has a pop and r&b sound. The romantic song is self-explanatory. Derulo wants to marry the woman he loves. The song is about Jordin Sparks. He was dating her at the time he recorded the song. He was ready to marry her when he recorded the track. The song gives the audience a chance to listen to his tender side. This song is a departure from his other tracks. He has written a lot of songs that are sexual in nature so it was great to hear a song about romance.

He pours his heart out in the tender track. The song stands out from his other singles because you can tell it hits close to home for the artist. He sings it with a lot of passion that he doesn’t show on his other tracks. He sounds like he’s in love on the track. It’s guaranteed to melt your heart while you listen to it. The music sounds like something Ryan Tedder or Ne-Yo would have written. He sounds soulful on this song. He doesn’t use AutoTune, which was a great decision. It makes his vocals sound more heartfelt and passionate. The listeners get a chance to hear how good of a singer he really is. He didn’t have to disguise his voice behind special effects. The song is beautiful and deserves the top spot on our list.

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