10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits

10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits

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When you think of successful female rock stars Pat Benatar may be one name that comes to mind. Our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits list looks back at some of the songs that helped make her the star she is today. Pat Benatar has 15 Top 40 singles. Her albums went platinum or better. Pat Benatar is an award winner. The rock star has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. She has recorded songs that have stood the test of time. If you are a fan of rock music, chances are you have heard her songs on the radio. If you’re not, our list will give you a chance to get familiar with some of her biggest hits.

# 10 – Heartbreaker

The 10th song on our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits list is “Heartbreaker” from the In the Heat of the Night album. The single was released in 1979. The song peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It spent over four months on the charts. It’s her fourth longest single. The song is about a woman who is drawn to someone who isn’t suitable for her. He makes empty promises that he doesn’t keep. He is a “heartbreaker.” He has a seductive and manipulative nature. Despite the issues, she is drawn to him. She knows he isn’t good for her, but she can’t help being attracted to him.

“Heartbreaker” is a song that explores how powerful attraction can be. You know it’s wrong to be with the person, but you can’t help falling for them. This type of love is intense and passionate. It’s an example of the heart wanting what the heart wants. The lyrics combine love, lust and heartbreak. Most of us have been attracted to people who may not be right for us because we know we’ll get our hearts broken. It’s too hard to resist the person and that’s what Pat Benatar describes in the song. Fans fell in love with the song because it’s relatable to anyone who has a “heartbreaker” in their lives. As long as heartbreakers exist, this theme will never get old.

# 9 – Little Too Late

The ninth song on our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits list is “Little Too Late” from the Get Nervous album. The single was released in 1982. It peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It’s about a woman who is frustrated with her partner. He broke her heart when he thought he had a better opportunity. When the opportunity didn’t work he came back to her asking for forgiveness. She has been hurt and has reached her breaking point. His attempts at reconciliation are a “little too late.” She refuses to give him another chance. She has nothing left to say to him.

“Little Too late” tells a story about a woman who is fed up with her partner. She is ready to move on from him because he broke her heart. She refuses to let him hurt her again. This story may sound familiar to you. If it does, then you understand her pain. Many people can relate to this situation. Most of us reach a boiling point in tumultuous relationships. Pat Benatar conveys this message well. This song is ideal for people who don’t want to be chosen as a second option. Fans were drawn to the song because it has a message about self-respect. It will teach you not to be anyone’s second choice. This song is guaranteed to please fans of rock music. It has the classic 80s sound.

# 8 –All Fired Up

The eighth song on our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits list is “All Fired Up” and appears on the Wide Awake in Dreamland album. The song peaked at number 19 on the Hot 100 charts. This is her last Top 40 hit. The song is about empowerment and self-discovery. She is on a journey of personal growth. She was living without a purpose. She wasn’t aware that there was a chance for growth. The singer starts looking for the meaning of life because she’s tired of going through the motions. She wants to feel alive and passionate again. There will be a time when everything will fall into place.

“All Fired Up” is a motivational song that inspires listeners not to give up. This song will give you confidence. The song is like an affirmation to make your life better. The lyrics will make you feel as if you can accomplish any goal you set out to achieve. You will not let obstacles stand in your way. This song became one of her most iconic songs. It resonates with listeners because of the empowering lyrics. It has inspired many listeners to follow their dreams. This is a song you can listen to when you need to be inspired to make your goals happen. The song has been featured in movies, TV shows and commercials throughout the years. The song was written years ago, but the message is still relevant today.

# 7 – Treat Me Right

Coming in at number seven on our list is “Treat Me Right” from the Crimes of Passions album. The song came out in 1980. The track peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It’s about a woman who is mistreated in a relationship. She wants to stand up for herself and doesn’t want to settle for anyone who doesn’t deserve her. She has become frustrated with her boyfriend. He keeps changing his mind about wanting to be with her and she’s fed up with it. She’s not going to wait around for him to decide what he wants. He must treat her right before it’s too late.

“Treat Me Right” is an empowering song about a woman who wants to be treated with respect. If she’s not, she’s going to leave him. The song teaches you to embrace your self-worth. She encourages listeners to embrace their independence in their relationships. We all want to be treated right in relationships so this is an excellent message. No one should compromise who they are to please their partner. Pat Benatar wrote a song that would be great for her long-time fans as well as casual listeners. The message will speak to you regardless of how you feel about the rock legend. The song was recorded in 1980, but the theme still works today.

# 6 – Fire and Ice

“Fire and Ice” appears on the Precious Time album. The song was released in 1981. The song reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Pat Benatar won a Grammy for this single. The song is about a woman who is in a relationship with someone who doesn’t always treat her right. The couple is on an emotional rollercoaster. She is attracted to him, but she is aware of the dangers involved. It is like playing with fire. She is aware that he’s deceptive, but she still has feelings for him. He can be passionate one minute and cold the next. Passion represents fire and cold represents ice. She wants to give him her love, but she knows he’s going to break her heart.

“Fire and Ice” is a cautionary tale about a person who is attracted to someone who is manipulative. She knows he isn’t right for her. She refuses to let him take advantage of her despite being attracted to him. If you have ever had manipulative people in your life, this song is written for you. Pat Benatar wrote a song about a subject that may feel familiar. She tells you how to deal with a relationship that’s hot and cold. This is a perfect track to listen to when you are confused about your relationship. Fans enjoy this song because it’s a realistic story about being in an up and down relationship. It has become a fan favorite because of the honest lyrics. Pat Benatar’s gritty vocals will reel you in immediately.

# 5 – Shadows of the Night

The next song on our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits is “Shadows of the Night” from the Get Nervous album. The single was released in 1982. The track peaked at number 13 on the Hot 100 charts. Pat Benatar won her third Grammy with this single. “Shadows of the Night” is about a couple who feel lost and alone but come together to escape their troubles. They want to find a sense of comfort and security. They aren’t just running away from their troubles. They want a brighter future. In the second verse, they assure each other that they can lean on each other and forget about their troubles.

“Shadows of the Night” encourages you not to give up on a better future. It teaches you not to run away from your problems. You can find love and happiness as long as you don’t give up. It gives you hope that you can find the happiness you are looking for in life. Listening to this song is like getting comforting words of advice from a good friend. Pat Benatar is the friend that’s telling you that things will be okay. Listeners can appreciate this song because it will remind you about your dreams and overcoming your obstacles. If you are a fan of classic rock songs, this is the track for you. This song proved that she could contend with the male rock stars in the business. She wasn’t taking any prisoners. The song helped influence other female rockers to get into the industry.

# 4 – Invincible

“Invincible” is from the Seven the Hard Way album. The single was released in 1985. It peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song is self-explanatory. She’s upset that there’s nowhere to turn. She’s determined to stand up and face her enemies. She is going to find a way to get over her obstacles. It may seem hopeless, but the fight will be worth it to her. The pursuit will lead to victory.

“Invincible” is an anthem about solidarity and staying strong during hard times. It teaches listeners to overcome their fears and stand up for themselves. This song may make you feel proud and strong when you hear it. The world may be against you, but you can rely on yourself and face your enemy. This is an excellent theme for anyone who feels as if no one will help them. The lyrics may convince you that you don’t need anyone’s help to survive. This song has become so popular that it was used in movies. This is the ultimate theme song for anyone who needs encouragement or motivation. This is a song that you can shout out while you’re listening to it. The infectious beat will grab you whether you are a big fan of her music or not. The song will please rock and pop fans. The song can still be heard on the radio today.

# 3 – Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Coming in third place on our list is “Hit Me with Your Best Sit” and appears on her Crimes of Passion album. The single was released in 1980. It peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song sold over one million copies. The song is about resilience. She is determined not to be defeated no matter what life hands her. She has been challenged and put down. People have doubted her abilities, but she’s not backing down. She is willing to take on new challenges. She will face anything that comes her way with courage.

“Hit Me with Your Best Shot” is an anthemic song that celebrates strength and resiliency. It tells a story of a woman who perseveres against obstacles. Fans understood the message she was getting out there. Pat Benatar is a strong woman who can overcome anything. She displayed that feeling in her song. The song resonates with anyone who has to overcome obstacles. Pat Benatar is at her best when she sings motivational songs. Fans enjoy her motivational songs because they hit home. Songs like “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” will give you the strength to succeed no matter what you’re going through. This song will enable you to face your struggles head on. The song is a favorite for Karaoke night. This song can be heard in sports arenas before games are played.

# 2 – We Belong

The runner-up on our list is “We Belong” which appears on the Tropico album. The single came out in 1984. The single reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song went gold. It’s about being in love. Pat Benatar talks about a deep connection between a couple. The couple have had their share of ups and downs. She has invested in the relationship and doesn’t want to give up. Doubts can make things complicated, but they belong together. She may not always know the right thing to say or do, but she knows she wants to stay with him.

“We Belong” is a straightforward song about a couple who are meant to be together. They may have their obstacles, but they are meant to be together. The song is a reminder that love can be painful but it’s worth it in the end. The song may have you examine your relationship. If your relationship is turbulent, this song may remind you why you are still together. Pat Benatar switched things up musically for this song. She didn’t go the hard rock route. She went for a softer sound. She proved she could handle singing soft rock. This song was a hit with fans because they enjoyed her vulnerable side. She proved she didn’t always have to record anthems about survival to make a song that is a crowd pleaser with fans.

# 1 – Love Is a Battlefield

The number one song on our 10 Biggest Pat Benatar Hits list is “Love Is a Battlefield” from the Live from Earth album. The song came out in September 2023. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. The song went platinum. It was picked as one of the greatest songs of the 80s. The song is about difficult relationships. She uses a metaphor for love being a war zone. She feels they have to live in misery to keep their relationship intact. Love is a struggle that isn’t always easy to navigate. People shouldn’t sacrifice their happiness in a relationship. Couples should work together to make their relationships work.

“Love Is a Battlefield” is a powerful song about the challenges of relationships. Pat Benatar uses metaphors to describe love being a battlefield. It’s a unique way to describe a tumultuous relationship. The song proves that a couple can overcome obstacles if they are willing to work them out. Love may not always be easy, but it’s worth keeping. It takes two people to make a relationship work. This song is a hit with fans because of the infectious beat. It’s impossible to listen to this song without moving around to it. “Love Is a Battlefield” is a sing along song. You will be tempted to sing the song with her because she captivates you. She invites you to sing the song with her. This is arguably Pat Benatar’s most recognized song. The song is a classic that still gets airplay to this day.

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