10 Thing You Didn’t Know About Olivia Rodrigo

Things You Didn't Know About Olivia Rodrigo

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Olivia Rodrigo is one of the hottest pop stars in the planet in 2021. How many pop stars get invitations to the White House. Not many. She is also a well known American actresses, best known for her role as Paige Olvera on the “Bizaardvark” television series and her work in High School Musical, She has a massive following of fans worldwide who are eager to know if she has any future roles and issues associated with her personal life. After looking into the history of this thriving new star, we unearthed numerous things about her life. Here are 10 things you might not know about Olivia Rodrigo.

1) She started engaging informal training at six years of age.

When Olivia was six years old, she had already started singing and acting classes. Research indicates that she has loved performing, and that love has continued to intensify as she grows older. Most importantly, she had a found foundation of her career through education and training. Even at such an early age, she landed roles in school plays and did her best to establish her acting skills.

2) She lives a normal life

With a list of accolades and a current net worth of approximately $500,000, most of her fans assume that she lives a different life from girls of the same age. Although such a case might be true to a certain extent, Olivia engages in normal hobbies and habits which most other teenagers can relate to. For instance, Olivia loves playing the piano, and she claims that she enjoys hanging out with her best friends. Not only that, she is a fan of board games, enjoys shopping and cuddling up with a good book.

3) She had already written a hot 100 Hit before her big breakthrough.

Although the song “Drivers License” might have blew up Olivia’s career to another level, in reality, she had already landed a Billboard Hot hit from her work in High School Musical. In this case, the actress had written a piano-driven ballad known as “All I Want,” where she performed in her character in the 4th episode of the 1st season. Luckily due to popularity and vulnerable lyrics,that many young people associated with the soundtrack was ranked number 90 on the Hot 100. It was also certified gold after its January 2020 release.

4) Olivia Rodrigo is a strong advocate of gender equality

Besides starring in major television shows and writing record-breaking songs, Olivia is also an institute panelist and speaker at the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Under this non-profit organization, she champions gender equality in the media industry. She also engages in a campaign known as “She Can STEM” that encourages young girls and ladies to join the traditionally male-dominated fields of mathematics, engineering, technology, and science.

5) She loves Lorde and Taylor Swift

Olivia Rodrigo is always vocal about her undying love for Taylor Swift, and reports from their social media chats indicate that Taylor also reciprocates that love. In particular, Olivia tends to praise her favorite artist on social media channels. She has even sung praises for Taylor in a series of interviews. Therefore, it is clear that she deeply admires Taylor. In an interesting twist, it appears Taylor believes that Olivia has a great talent, and he has even left several notes on her Instagram feed to prove that. Apart from that, Olivia has a strong passion for the style and music of Lorde, and most people have compared to her on several occasions.

6) She likes her character Nini.

In one of the media interviews, Olivia revealed that she liked the character she played in the High School Musical. In particular, she claimed that Nini was written like a teenage girl trying to discover herself amidst the societal craziness as she grew up. In this case, she revealed that she thought she was a teenage girl attempting to find a place in the universe while she filmed it. She also purported that it was easier to write the song “All I Want” since she drew on her experiences with romance from the time she had attained the age of 16. Therefore, that demonstrated how the character related to her.

7) She rarely tweets

Olivia has her favorite modes of communication on social media since she prefers to use some channels over others. For instance, she is an Instagram guru based on her more than seven million followers on this platform. Olivia also has millions of followers on TikTok and continues to chat, sing and post fantastic, funny video clips. Although she uses Snapchat periodically, she rarely posts on her Twitter account. In most cases, Olivia uses her social media channels to raise public health, politics, and social justice awareness.

8) She is signed to Geffen records.

Olivia signed her contract with the instrumental record label known as Geffen, owned by Universal. Surprisingly, this record label has signed in the past several prominent artists, including Nirvana, John Lennon, and Snoop Dogg. Therefore, there is no doubt that she has entrusted her music to one of the best labels. Furthermore, Olivia has claimed that she plans to release her debut album with Geffen Records this year. With the hype that surrounds the “Drivers License,” her album is bound to become successful.

9) She has a special pen pal

Olivia has one special person in her life that she keeps in touch within an old-fashioned way. In particular, Olivia and her great-grandmother, who lives in Wisconsin, are pen-pals. That is why Olivia takes time to send her great-grandmother handwritten letters regularly. When writing the letters, she keeps her updated on all events in society and her personal life. Admittedly, that has become a unique gesture since it is uncommon for people to use such a mode of communication. Therefore, it might be helpful for more people to offer the older generations aspects that they can look forward to since most of them do not rely on modern modes of communication.

10) She met her producer through Instagram

Olivia believes social media is a strong secrete weapon. That is because it inadvertently offered an opportunity for her debut to hit and also assisted her in securing a record deal. Fortunately, it also enabled her to get her producer, Daniel Nigro, who has worked with several celebrities like Sky Ferreira, Carly Rae Jepsen, Conan Gray, and Lewis Capaldi. In particular, Nigro noticed Olivia and decided to text her after posting an Instagram video in January 2020 to celebrate her release of the song “Happier.”

Olivia Rodrigo is a talented and gorgeous woman who has had success in the modeling acting and music industries. She’s also an advocate for women, children, and other causes close to her heart.

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