10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Levine

Things You Didn't Know About Adam Levine

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Adam Levine is a celebrity and musician. Born in Los Angeles in 1979, he started playing guitar when he was young and formed his first band in high school. He later attended USC but dropped out after two years to focus on music. His big break came when he came in second place on the hit television show “The Voice.” Adam Levine’s rise to fame is the stuff dreams are made of, but his journey to pop stardom wasn’t without its hiccups.

After auditioning for one of two open slots in 2003, he became part of the band that would make him famous. But don’t let anyone tell you fame is all roses. Levine claims that losing his anonymity to the paparazzi at the height of Maroon 5’s career is, in part, what led him down a path of self-destruction, and he soon found himself on a dangerous road that included booze and drugs.

Levine has also played a significant role in film and television. A few of his notable roles are in films like 2014’s Begin Again, 2011’s Valentine’s Day, 2010’s Valentine’s Day, and 2007’s Transformers. He was also in an episode of American Horror Story called “Hollywood” in 2012.

If you think you know more about your favorite celebrity, check these Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Levine:

1) Although he is known as a guitar player now, Adam started his musical career as a drummer. Since then, Adam Levine has gone on to become one of the biggest stars around.

His first instrument was the drums, and he played it throughout high school. He even considered pursuing drumming a severe profession; however, an injury sustained during a fight made him reevaluate his choices. Adam studied some music theory but claimed to have learned mostly by ear. Even though you probably know him best for playing the guitar and singing with Maroon 5, Adam still occasionally uses the drums when performing live.

2) Before reaching worldwide success with Maroon 5, Adam was quite the ladies’ man.

His first forays into dating were exclusively focused on trying to impress the girls around him. Before forming Maroon 5, he had a brief stint in modeling, which helped him hone his appearance and style. However, when it came time to go out on dates, Adam says that he used all kinds of tricks to seem more interesting than he was at that age. He would carry around books just so that women would think he was intelligent and even wore a suit so they would take him seriously.

3) If you think that Adam Levine is just an average Joe waiting in line at the grocery store, you couldn’t be more wrong.

He has a gift for staying out of the limelight and has lived a relatively everyday life despite being so well-known worldwide. His fame hasn’t changed him as a person as he likes going to places where people don’t know who he is so he can enjoy doing things that ordinary people do. When living in Europe, Adam enjoyed bicycling around with his friends without being bothered by fans.

4) One thing you probably don’t know about Adam Levine is how he met his wife, Behati Prinsloo.

Although they started dating at the end of 2012, they first met when she walked into a room that Adam was recording six years before. The two had never seen each other before but were introduced by a mutual friend and have been together ever since.

5)His Family is Incredibly Close

We all know that Levine grew up in Los Angeles as an only child, but you might not have known that his parents divorced when he was just seven years old. Rarely do children from divorced homes grow up feeling as close as they do to both of their parents, so this fact alone is pretty amazing. He even has an excellent relationship with his stepmom, whom he calls “Auntie.” And here’s an even more remarkable fact, his parents come to every show he plays.

6)Levine is an outspoken liberal.

He supported President Barack Obama during his presidential campaign, performed at the “March for Our Lives” gun control rally on 24 March 2018, attended Women’s attend the celebration of Global Citizen Year 6th anniversary party on 26 September 2017. He also appeared in Rock The Vote PSA (Public Service Announcement) in November 2016.

7)He Studies Henna Designs Before Marrying his Wife

Of course, there would be a learning curve with everything that goes into planning a wedding, but Adam takes it to the next level. Before proposing to Prinsloo, he studied hundreds of henna designs and even asked friends for advice. The result was an incredible design that has been described as ” all-encompassing” and “extremely intricate.”

8)He Loves Baseball

Yup, just like Reese Witherspoon, Adam loves baseball. Since he was 4 years old, he played and even earned himself an LA Dodgers bobblehead doll for donating 10,000 dollars to their foundation in 2012. Most notably, though, is his connection with Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz aka Big Papi. They are such good friends that they even had matching tattoos.

9)His Idol is Jon Bon Jovi

We all know that Levine idolizes Bob Dylan, but he also has other idols such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and John Lennon, to name a few. But it doesn’t stop here, and his biggest idol is none other than Bon Jovi, who he wishes he could sing like. His main reason for idolizing him? “His band is still together, and they make good music. I don’t know if I’m a fan of his voice, but as a songwriter and frontman, he’s great.”

10) How the band’s name came to be

The band’s name was chosen because Holkins and Parnes were athletes, being a Maroon is the color for University of Michigan athletics teams, their home field is the Big House, which fits into Adam “M/ 5 or 5/ M”, and -5 are the jersey numbers of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.


Adam Levine, the frontman of Maroon 5 and coach on The Voice, has been a household name for over fifteen years. In his spotlight, he’s done everything from singing to acting to judging television talent shows. If you’re wondering what else to know about this talented man, make sure you check the above 10 things that may surprise you about Adam Levine.

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