10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pink

Things You Didn't Know About Pink

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Our 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Pink article presents some fun facts and cool things about Pink that her fans many not know. Who doesn’t love the singer Pink? She has so much personality, so much talent, and she has been one of the most entertaining rockstar’s of the past 20 years. She has been very much an outspoken artist which definitely presents a history of some very interesting things that she has done. She has been an inspiration for countless female artists over the years and has delivered constantly top quality rock ‘n’ roll music since her debut album was released in 2000 entitled Can’t Take Me Home. Since her debut album in 2000, Pink has released eight studio albums, fifty three singles and a pair of stunning live albums. She has also released six compilation albums and multiple promotional singles. Our 10 things you didn’t know about Pink article takes a look at her career and the fabulous life of the artist we know as Pink.

# 10 –  Her biggest influences

Anyone can hear in the music of Pink that she has had many influences in her lifetime as a musician and songwriter. There is a great deal of 1970s and 1980s melodies and grooves that run throughout her music. That all makes sense because Pink has claimed in previous interviews that her biggest musical influences were two of the biggest female music stars of all time in Madonna and Janis Joplin. These were two very in your face entertainers and singers that left it all on the stage and at times could also be rather controversial off the stage. Sounds just like Pink.

# 9 – Pink has earned record sales.

Over the years Pink has become one of the biggest selling musical artistS in rock ‘n’ roll history. Pink has sold over 100 million records on a worldwide basis. There are not that many artists that can say they have sold over 100 million records leaving Pink in a very distinct and prestigious category of artist.

# 8 – Pink came from a small town.

Many people have associated Pink with the LA scene or New York City because of her glamorous style and outspoken personality. However, Pink actually was born in a small town called Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her town had a population of less than 10,000 people. Pink’s Mother worked as a nurse in the hospital while her father was an insurance salesman.

# 7 – Pink’s connection to Elvis Presley

Every musical artist from the past 50 years loves Elvis Presley and pays tremendous respect to the importance the King had on the music industry. Pink paid her respect and made her connection to Elvis Presley via way of his daughter Lisa Marie Presley. Pink worked with Lisa Marie Presley on Elvis Presley’s daughter’s album entitled Know What?  Pink’s work with Lisa Marie Presley made Pink part of the Elvis Presley story forever.

# 6 – Pink was bigger in the UK than the US

While Pink may be a native Pennsylvanian and citizen of the United States she has  become far more popular in the United Kingdom than in the U.S. In fact, on the radio in the United Kingdom she has become the second most popular played female artist of the 2000s, second only to the legendary Madonna.

# 5 – Connection to Whitney Houston

Pink’s connection to Whitney Houston stems from the point that both singers sang the National Anthem at separate Super Bowls. In fact, it was Whitney Houston’s legendary performance at the Super Bowl in 1991, that inspired Pink as a young kid, and put the thought in her mind that one day she would get the chance to sing the National Anthem at a the Super Bowl which she did in Super Bowl LII in 2018.

# 4 – Pink is an animal rights activist

Pink is a strong advocate for the organization called PETA which is short for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Over the past decade she has joined with PETA in critiquing many businesses that have hunted and murdered animals worldwide for the sake of the wool industry. At one point in 2015, Pink posed nude for one of PETA’ campaigns.

# 3 – Pink is devoted to charities

Besides being an advocate for animals rights, Pink has also been a supporter of multiple charities around the world especially charities focused on children and human rights such as Save the Children, UNICEF, Run for the Cure Foundation and Take Back the Night.

# 2 – Pink and her modeling career

Besides being a multiple talented artist such as a brilliant singer, captivating songwriter and incredible entertainer, Pink is also a woman of stunning beauty. Her dazzling beauty helped her become a spokesperson for the legendary cosmetics brand Covergirl.

# 1 – Pink had appeared on Forbes List Multiple time.

You know you’ve made the big time in life when you appear on the legendary Forbes list. Pink first appeared on the Forbes list back in 2010 when she was placed on the Celebrity 100 for making close to $45 million that year. A few years later in 2013 she also placed on the Forbes list for being one of the highest paid musicians in the business. Only a few years ago Pink once again made it to the Forbes list for being one of the highest paid female celebrities of the year. I think it’s safe to say that Pink has celebrated a very successful career.

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