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It’s hard to believe, but it’s been twenty four years since Journey’s legendary ex-lead singer Steve Perry has released any new  solo material. The long wait for new material from Steve Perry is finally over. This week Steve Perry released a new song entitled “No Erasin.” The song is the first single released from Steve Perry’s new album entitled Traces. The album is due to drop on October 5th 2018. Many Steve Perry and Journey fans thought they may never hear new music from Steve Perry ever again. Even Steve Perry doubted he would ever release new music. However that’s all changed as it is time to celebrate the return of one of rock and roll’s greatest singers.

The last Journey album to feature Steve Perry on lead vocals was released in 1996. The album entitled Trial By Fire was Steve Perry’s final recording with Journey.  Up to that point in time Steve Perry had recorded six other albums with Journey. Their first album was released in 1978 entitled Infinity. The band followed up Infinity with Evolution in 1979, Departure in 1980, Escape in 1981, Frontiers in 1983, Raised on Radio in 1986 and then their last together Trial by Fire in 1996. While the band may not have released as many records as other classic rock bands, they made up for it with the amount of great songs released within those records. Songs like “Open Arms,” “Separate Ways,” and their most famous song of all time “Don’t Stop Believin.” Those songs have become staples of classic rock history and pop culture. However none of those songs would have grown as deep into culture without the iconic voice of Steve Perry.

While Journey was enjoying incredible success on the music charts in the early 1980’s, Steve Perry released a solo album in 1984 entitled s Street Talk. The album was a dramatic departure from the Journey sound.  It was a more soulful album built around wonderful bass grooves and Motown style melodies juxtaposed against a modern sound. However, without the dominance of Jonathan’s Cain’s big keyboard sound and Neil Schon’s screaming guitar playing, the music on Steve Perry’s solo album felt more intimate, more honest. It was a record that fans fell in love with. It stands as one of this writers favorite albums of the 1980’s. The album’s lead single “Oh Sherrie,” that also featured a video of Steve Perry’s real life girlfriend was one of the most beloved singles of the 1980s. The video was incredible heartwarming and  sincere. It did not feel like sculptured music, it felt like we were peering into the man’s life and feeling his joy which completely enriched ours. Steve Perry’s voice. even with Journey, always had that honest quality. You could feel his pain, his sorrows, his emotion with every note he sang.

The emotion that Steve Perry brought to every song he composed and performed is what fueled the singer’s body of work. When Steve Perry felt that emotion begin to fade, he stayed honest with himself and stepped away from the music business in the late 1990’s. Steve Perry’s second solo album For the Love of Strange Medicine released in 1994 and Journey’s Trial By Fire in 1996  seemed to be the final recordings of Steve Perry musical career.

So why has Steve Perry decided to release new music and come out of his own so-called isolation? It’s not a question that any of us could answer. However, Steve Perry has sought to answer all those question in the work he is doing to promote his new album. According to Steve Perry, the motivation behind his musical comeback was fueled by a relationship he had in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Steve Perry described the relationship he had with Kellie Nash as the deepest love he has ever felt. Sadly, Kellie Nash passed away in 2012. Kellie Nash had been fighting cancer while the two of them were together. During that time Steve Perry would play songs for Kellie. The love he had for Kellie which Perry has described as being on a different level beyond any love he had ever experienced seemed to fuel his creative passion.  As any artist would testify to, love feeds the artist’s heart with deep sincerity and a need to create in testimony to what one is truly feeling. It can’t be stopped.

Steve Perry explained that during the time he was together with Kellie, she made him promise not to stay isolated anymore once she was gone. As time has passed in the few years since Perry lost Nash, the singer kept hearing those words she said to him. Eventually, Steve Perry felt it was time to return to music. His new album is described as a testament to his past while keeping an eye on the hopes and dreams of the future. Likes his brilliant 1984 solo album, his new record is being described as soulful in defining an “emotional homecoming.”  In the end Steve Perry has stated that he would not have returned unless he was able to be “absolutely emotional honest about the music.” As fans, that is what we have always heard in his voice, his lyrics, his music and his performances. It so wonderful to have Steve Perry back!

Steve Perry’s lead off single entitled “No Erasin” is available now to be purchased on Amazon and other retailers. His new album can be ordered on Amazon or the official Steve Perry website. Below is the lead single from the new album to sample. Listen to how great this sounds.

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Steve Perry Traces


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