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Our Bangles Albums Ranked list looks back at one has the most successful all female rock groups in classic rock history that got their start in the 1980s. The Bangles were one of those bands that everyone loved. They were not an overnight success as their first album released in 1984 just sort of creeped on into into the public eye. They were definitely noticed but they were not a household name. Yet, that all changed with the release of their second album entitled Different Light in 1986. An album that featured the hit single “Walk Like an Egyptian,” which just blew up all over the place. The classic lineup of The Bangles consisted of Susanna Hoffs on rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals,Vicki Peterson on lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, Debbi Peterson on drums, lead and backing vocals and ex Runaways bassist Michael Steele on bass guitar and backing vocals.

The Bangles would become a very successful rock and roll band with the release of their second album and the hit single “Walk Like an Egyptian.” The video would be played constantly on MTV as the song just became a part of pop culture. The Bangles would follow-up the very successful Different Light album two years later in 1988 with a wonderful album entitled Everything. That album featured an even more successful song entitled “Eternal Flame,” which would become their biggest selling single of their career on a world wide basis. Sadly, as the band had become so popular and so loved, the group broke up. Susanna Hoffs embarked on a solo career releasing a handful of crafty pop albums.

Eventually, The Bangles would reunite many years later for the soundtrack to the motion picture Austin Powers. That single song reunion sparked the girls to go back on tour together. A few years later, The Bangles returned with their first new studio album since the 1988 Everything album entitled Doll Revolution. The Bangles would release one more album as of this writing in 2011 entitled Sweethearts of the Sun. However the group released the record as a trio as Michelle Steele was no longer part of the band.

Our Bangles albums ranked list takes a look at the five studio Bangles albums released throughout their career. We have also included the outtakes album and Rarities album Ladies and Gentlemen… The Bangles which we just absolutely love.

# 6 – Ladies And Gentlemen… The Bangles!

The Bangles have released many compilation albums over the years. Most of those albums just mixed all the singles and some key album tracks on to one super Bangles CD. However this great 2014 release entitled ladies and Gentlemen!… The Bangles was more than just a greatest hits LP. This album includes four unreleased demos done in the early 80s plus a couple of unreleased live songs, a few instrumentals and other Rarities. Plus the cover is Simply Amazing. For Bangles fans, this is a must CD to own.

# 5 – Sweetheart of the Sun

The Bangles album Sweetheart of the Sun was released in the fall of 2011. It’s a lengthy record containing 12 brand new songs. All of the songs were written by members of The Bangles with the exception of the album’s closing cut “Open My Eyes,” which was written by Todd Rundgren. This is a fabulous album by Susanna Hoffs, Debbie Peterson and Vicki Peterson. Standout tracks included the album opener “Anna Lee,” “Under a Cloud,” Mezmorized,” and the  beautiful song “Through Your Eyes.” Bangles fans were well aware of this album release but many people were not. The album did break into the US Billboard top 200, but it stalled at number 148. It’s a shame more people I’m going to wear this album especially fans of 60s music because it was that decade that really fueled the style of this wonderful reunion album.

# 4 – Doll Revolution

In 2003, The Bangles released their first new studio album in 15 years. The album was originally released in the spring in Europe and Japan and not until the fall in the United States. This is the longest-running Bangles album as it contains 15 songs. The album also includes a great cover of the Elvis Costello song “When I was Cruel.” The album contains songs that individual members of the band had released and their offshoot groups after the Bangles head broken up. There were no big hits in the US from this album although they did have a top 40 hit in the UK with the song “Something That You Said.” If your a Bangles fan, you’re going to love this album. I think if you just love pure pop rock and roll we highly recommend you picking up this wonderful Bangles reunion album entitled Doll Revolution.

# 3 – All Over The Place

The Bangles album All Over The Place was the band’s debut album. It was released in 1984. The album was played heavily on college radio FM album-oriented rock and had become a particular favorite of critics right away. The album opened up with a wonderful song written by Susanna Hoffs and Vicki Peterson entitled “Hero Takes A Fall,” with a spectacular lead vocal by Susanna Hoffs. That song was followed by a cover of the Emitt Rhodes tune “Live,” sung by Debbie Peterson. The album also contained a great cover of the Katrina and the Waves song “Going down to Liverpool.” This was a great debut album. We wonder if any of them really expected the success that was soon to follow.

# 2 – Everything

It was tough to choose between the Bangles Everything album and Different Light for our number one spot. They are both spectacular albums although with a slightly different vibe between both of them. The Bangles Everything album was released in 1988 and served as the follow up to their breakthrough record Different Light. The Everything album itself was not as successful on the Billboard top 200 as the Different Light album. The Everything album peaked at number 15 on the US Billboard top 200, while Different Light had peaked at number two. However, just like the Different Light album the Everything album featured two top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with one of them hitting number one in the song “Eternal Flame.” Not only did the song “Eternal Flame,” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, it also hit number one in Australia, Ireland, The Netherland, Sweden and the United Kingdom .it became their biggest selling single of all time.

“Eternal Flame,” was not the initial single from the record. The great rocking song “In Your Room,” served as lead single. The song “In Your Room,” hit number five on the Billboard top 100. Let me tell you, if ever there was a great album opening track, it was “In Your Room.” Two more singles entitled “To Be With You” which peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and I’ll Set You Free which didn’t chart were released from the album. The Everything album was one of those CDs that got hundreds of spins in my car CD player in the 1980s.

# 1 – Different Light

We close out our Bangles Albums Ranked list with the band’s Different Light album. This was the one that but the Bangles on the map. Five singles were released from the album. Four of them broke the Billboard Top 40, three of them broke the Billboard top 20, two broke the Billboard top 10 and one went all the way to number one. That’s a pretty successful album. The album’s lead single was written by Prince and was originally composed for the group Vanity 6 which was not the most musical group that ever came around. Instead, The Bangles recorded the song and millions of young men fell instantly in love with Susanna Hoffs. It was a fabulous single that peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Most bands would be very much satisfied with a number two single. However, The Bangles were not done. The album’s next song  “If She Knew What She Wants” was another amazing recording that once again featured lead vocals by Susanna Hoffs. Yet it was the third single that rocketed the band to extreme fame with their first number record of their career in the legendary recording of “Walk Like An Egyptian.”

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