Classic Rock History Rock And Roll Quiz # 4

Classic Rock History Rock And Roll Quiz # 4

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We all love trivia, and rock/rock and roll is no different. I love Jeopardy! and trivia, especially musically related, so here we go again. Your grand prize will be the thrill of knowing you are really good at this stuff if you do, say, eight out of ten. But I’m here to make it difficult, so hang on.

Classic Rock History Rock And Roll Quiz #4


10) The Beach Boys made their triumphant album Pet Sounds in 1966 which is still considered one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time, and there is no argument from me on that score. There was even one performer you may never have expected to cover any Beach Boys tune, much less “Here Today”, but this person did. Who was it? And for a bonus donut, at your expense, what was the name of his band? Hint: it wasn’t his famous band.

9) We know all about Vince Neil of Motley Crue infamy. But we know the rockers also named Vince – Ferrano and Furnier. Who are these dueling Vincents?

8) This band had, during their first three albums, three Englishmen and three Americans and had many Top 40 hits. Who were they?

7) Armored Saint, one of the best straight-up heavy metal bands ever, is known for composing very well-crafted and catchy songs in the vein of Judas Priest. Their singer did take some time off to record a couple of albums with another well-known band but never deserted Armored Saint, who is still going strong today. Who is that singer?

6) Seattle, Washington has more to boast about than the grunge bands that smothered it in the early ’90s, with only a small handful escaping the grunge tag, and one being saddled with the grunge tag, when they were much more a hardcore band. Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, a lesser-known but great band called Gruntruck, Screaming Trees with the late leader Mark Lavegin all came after these bands. Name three. If you correctly name four, you win a grunge flannel shirt from your nearest thrift shop.

5) Matt Pike, the leader of the stoner band Sleep, and the incredibly heavy High On Fire, released a fine solo album recently. But there is one Sleep album that is notable for this reason, and I’ll give you the album title, Dopesmoker.

4) This great label, run by Greg Ginn of Black Flag and Gone fame, was the ultimate DIY (do it yourself) label, with artists recording without big label interference, and as a result, rock and roll got a huge breath of fresh air thanks to some of the outfits on the label. Black Flag, The Minutemen, Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets, Husker Du and others recorded some of the most original and delightful rock and roll, and possibly some of the last vestiges of the great ’70’s – early ’80’s before the internet and MTV got their claws in the recipe.

3) This Knoxville, TN. deathcore band has lots of fans, not just because it has a very brutal three guitar attack, but a very sharp and increasingly excellent songwriting capability. Their name though hails from a decidedly sinister source. What is significant about the band Whitechapel?

2) True or False: And don’t cheat by using your phone or a map to get the answer. Is there really a small town in NE Arkansas near Jonesboro (your only hint) called Black Oak? The other part: Another small town called Dyess is nearby and is the home of Johnny Cash. True or false on that one, too.

1) Kevin Parker is the solo artiste of Tame Impala, a fantastic synth/guitar/computer driven project that is so good both in songwriting ability, a truly jaw-dropping voice that sounds just like John Lennon, and the kind of great hooks that I frankly thought were in danger of disappearing. Those especially who love the synth-pop of  New Wave, even some of the cheesy organ parts of the late ’60’s bands and truly great melodies would be well advised to get all four albums. The question is: where does Kevin Parker reside?

Classic Rock History Rock And Roll Quiz # 4


And pass the hat, please as we reveal our answers and maybe share something you didn’t know.

10) Of all the people to cover Pet Sounds, one album I personally think is perfect as is and shouldn’t be covered, The Rocking Vicars covered “Here Today” in various clubs in Wales, the home of Lemmy Kilmister, later of Hawkwind and Motorhead notoriety.

9) Vince Neal shares his first name with Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, aka Vince Ferrano. Years before the Crue was wearing makeup Vincent Furnier had already made his mark in theater/gore imagery, producing so many similar bands you couldn’t keep up with them all. He allegedly stated that his stage name was revealed in an Ouija board – Alice Cooper.

8) We certainly know their music, as the band is Foreigner. They’re still enjoying lots of classic rock airplay today.

7) John Bush, one of metal’s greatest vocalists, who was asked to join Metallica early on, stayed true to Armored Saint but did manage to work with Anthrax as well. Both bands are enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks to very strong albums released recently.

6) Seattle, WA. It’s a metropolitan place for sure and it isn’t all grunge and coffee. The city has also boasted Jimi Hendrix, Heart, and Metal Church. As far as the band that put up with the grunge tag by some types who didn’t know hardcore music when they heard it, it was of course Nirvana. And they weren’t even from Seattle proper. Play some hardcore from the late ’70’s and early ’80’s and you’ll see where Kurt Cobain’s musical influences lay.

5) Matt Pike sounds somewhat like the heir to Lemmy Kilmister, all bullfrog and roar. Sleep would create an album in stoner legend with Dopesmoker, first entitled Jerusalem. While bands did entire album sides of one song, or several parts, this album really is one song. No stylistic changes, no big tempo variants, etc. It’s just one song that lasts for an hour and six minutes. I like it a lot, but I must warn you it is not good for driving a long distance.

4) The most famous DIY label of all time has to go to SST. Greg Ginn saw to it many many great bands that didn’t pander to the mainstream mentality, and with the bands mentioned in the question part of this quiz, rock and roll got its voice back.

3) In addition to Whitechapel’s starting to add melodic voices and guitar parts, giving them a very much broader scope, they have the notoriety of naming themselves after a notorious East End London neighborhood called Whitechapel, which is where Jack The Ripper did his worst.

2) Both questions are true. Black Oak the town was a bit larger for a while before farms became much more mechanized and had combines and tractors to bring in cotton to the local gin mills where buyers would pay for cotton and send it on to Memphis and the Mississippi River to further sew and distribute all over the world. The band Black Oak Arkansas was one of the rowdiest southern bands ever, and are an Arkansas legend. Short on cash and needing a PA quickly, they broke into Manila High School where they helped themselves to equipment in the band/music room.

Later however, they became famous and returned the favor to their unwitting benefactors at the school by totally modernizing the PA and music/band systems.  Dyess was about the same, just another little workingman’s island amidst cotton where Johnny Cash was born. My deceased mother-in-law was from Piggott, in the far NE corner, and her family had a small cafe to run in addition to picking cotton or working other crops. It was hot brutal work.

1) Kevin Parker is a very popular fellow and lends his hand to other local outfits in and around Perth, Australia, although he resides in nearby Fremantle. There is a big pop music revival of sorts going on in Western Australia’s largest city of well over a million residents on the Indian Ocean.  Pond is also a great Perth band worth checking out.

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