Top 10 Whitechapel Songs

Whitechapel Songs

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Our top ten Whitechapel songs list looks at the work of an American deathcore band who were formed in 2006 in Knoxville Tennessee. The founding members were vocalist Phil Bozeman, guitarist Brandon Cagle and lead guitarist Ben Savage. They named themselves after the location in London where Jack the Ripper committed his murders in the 1800’s. Not long afterwards they added Alex Wade as a guitarist, bassist Gabe Crisp and drummer Derek Martin. Now a six piece, they recorded their first demo later that year. In 2007 they signed with Candlelight records and released their debut album The Somatic Defilement during which time they also acquired a new drummer called Kevin Lane.

Their second album This Is Exile was released in 2008. Over the next couple of years they toured to support this record which included embarking on touring festivals such as Mayhem. In 2010 they released their third album titled A New Era Of Corruption which got to number forty-three on the Billboard 200 chart. Shorty afterwards Kevin Lane left and replaced by Benjamin Haclerold. They continued to tour across the world and play several festivals and in 2011 released an ep titled Recorrupted. In 2012 they released their self-titled fourth album which got to forty-seven on the Billboard 200. Our Endless War was released in 2014 which was followed by Mark of the Blade in 2016 after which Ben Haclerold left the band. Their most recent album was The Valley in 2019 and their next album Kin is scheduled for release in 2021. Alex Rudinger who had been the band’s live drummer since 2019, was officially enlisted as their new permanent drummer this year.

Whitechapel are a band who have become stalwarts of the deathcore genre over the course of their fifteen year existence. A lot of other bands who emerged from the scene at the same time as them simply did not have the talent or originality to stick around and thus have either fallen into obscurity or disappeared altogether, Whitechapel however, are one of the bands who have progressed beyond the early realms of the genre and as a result have maintained a successful career and are now a very popular modern metal band. Here is a list of their ten best songs.

# 10 – Eternal Refuge

Kicking off our top ten Whitechapel songs list is this track taken from their second album This Is Exile released in 2008. This album entered the Billboard 200 at number 118. The song is a classic staple of the 2008 deathcore era, combining the death metal sound with that of the hardcore breakdowns to make a perfect blend of the two genres.

# 9- Possession

Up next is another song from This Is Exile. It is a somewhat different track from the rest of the album, being more mid paced whereas the rest of the album is more fast in nature. It has all the classic ingredient of deathcore such as blast beats, breakdowns and a memorable line where vocalist Phil Bozeman chants “We.Are.The. Disease!”

# 8 – The Darkest Day Of Man

This next track is from the band’s third album A New Era Of Corruption released in 2010. The album reached number forty-three on the US Billboard 200 and the impressive position of number three on the Independent charts. Other positions that it reached are number five on the Hard Rock charts and twelve on the general rock charts.

# 7 – I , Dementia

Next up is a track from Whitechapel’s self-titled debut released in 2012. With this track they are tackling a generally poignant lyrical topic dealing with Dementia. 2012 was a period that was somewhat of a “clear out” point for the deathcore genre, with the lesser bands generally fading away and the superior bands like Whitechapel being fairly certain that their career’s still had a future.

# 6 – Vicer Exerciser

Going all the way to the beginning of the band’s career we have this next track taken from their debut album The Somatic Defilement released in 2006. At just under three minutes, this relatively short track packs in a lot of brutality. This album was one of the better debut albums in the deathcore genre.

# 5 – When A Demon Defiles A Witch

With our next track we come all the way up to the band’s most recent album with this track taken from their most recent album The Valley released in 2019. With this track the band have very much evolved from their deathcore roots into a style that is still heavy but has more of a sense of melody to it.

# 4 – Hate Creation

This song is another taken from the band’s self-titled album. The track has brutality written all over it from the title to the lyrics as well as the actual music itself. Two particular aspects that are applauded by fans are the vocals and the drums that make a brilliant combination that carry the song so well. That is not to discredit the guitars which are also very impressive and heavy.

# 3 – Hickory Creek

At number three is this track which another to be taken from The Valley. This album received very positive reviews and is a very different sounding Whitechapel to the deathcore band that emerged in the mid-2000’s. An acoustic version of this song was recorded that was the first Whitechapel song to have completely clean vocals.

# 2 – The Saw Is The Law

Just off the top spot is this track taken from the band’s fifth album Our Endless War released in 2014. This was the first single to be taken from the album for which a lyrical video was produced. This album remains Whitechapel’s most commercially successful album. It reached the top ten on the Billboard 200 as well number two on the top rock albums chart and number one on the Hard Rock Album charts.

# 1 – Our Endless War

At the top of our Whitechapel songs list is this cut that is also taken from Our Endless War that is the band’s most popular song according to various polls collected by a number of websites and is their most viewed video on Youtube. So as their most successful song from their most successful album it makes perfect sense to have it at the top of this list. It is not just for those reasons that’s it deserves it however, it is a great song that has all of the best ingredients of a Whitechapel song in the sense that it proves that a band can be catchy and brutal at the same time.

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