Complete List Of Little Feat Band Members

Little Feat Band Members

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Everyone loves Littel Feat. They are a true American rock and roll band with a southern rock dixie land twist. Little Feat was formed in Los Angeles in 1969 by lead vocalist and guitarist Lowell George and keyboardist Bill Payne. Over the years, Little Feat has released numerous albums, including notable ones such as “Dixie Chicken” (1973) and “Waiting for Columbus” (1978), which is often hailed as one of the greatest live albums of all time. Throughout their career, they have experienced several lineup changes and two significant hiatuses but have remained a beloved fixture in the rock music scene. The band has seen over a dozen members come and go, each contributing to its rich and diverse sound.

Lowell George

Lowell George co-founded Little Feat in 1969 and was a pivotal member until his untimely death in 1979. George’s tenure with the band saw him contributing as the primary songwriter, lead vocalist, and slide guitarist. His distinctive voice and guitar work were integral to the band’s early success. He played on albums such as “Little Feat” (1971), “Sailin’ Shoes” (1972), “Dixie Chicken” (1973), and “Time Loves a Hero” (1977). Outside of Little Feat, George worked as a producer, notably on The Grateful Dead’s album “Shakedown Street.” His solo album “Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here” was released posthumously in 1979.

Bill Payne

Bill Payne, a co-founder of Little Feat, is known for his intricate keyboard work and has been a constant presence in the band from its inception in 1969 until today. Payne’s contributions include songwriting and vocals, as well as his performances on every Little Feat album, from their debut “Little Feat” (1971) to their more recent releases. In addition to his work with Little Feat, Payne is a sought-after session musician who has played with artists such as Bob Seger, James Taylor, and Jackson Browne. His versatility and musicianship have made him a key figure in the band’s longevity.

Richie Hayward

Richie Hayward was the drummer for Little Feat from its formation in 1969 until his death in 2010. His dynamic drumming style was a cornerstone of the band’s sound. Hayward played on all of the band’s classic albums, including “Dixie Chicken” (1973) and “Waiting for Columbus” (1978). Outside of Little Feat, Hayward was an accomplished session drummer, playing with artists such as Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and Buddy Guy. His technical skill and rhythmic innovation were highly regarded in the music industry.

Paul Barrere

Paul Barrere joined Little Feat in 1972, bringing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist to the band. Barrere contributed significantly to the band’s sound from “Dixie Chicken” (1973) onward, co-writing some of their most memorable songs, including “All That You Dream” and “Time Loves a Hero.” Barrere remained a member of Little Feat until his death in 2019. In addition to his work with Little Feat, Barrere pursued solo projects and collaborated with other musicians, including appearing on albums by Bonnie Raitt and Carly Simon.

Sam Clayton

Sam Clayton joined Little Feat in 1972 as a percussionist and vocalist, and he has been a consistent member of the band ever since. Clayton’s percussion work added a unique layer to the band’s rhythm section, evident on albums like “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now” (1974) and “Representing the Mambo” (1990). Besides his contributions to Little Feat, Clayton has worked with various artists across genres, bringing his expertise in percussion to numerous recording sessions.

Kenny Gradney

Kenny Gradney became the bassist for Little Feat in 1972, replacing original bassist Roy Estrada. Gradney’s deep, funky bass lines became a key component of the band’s sound on albums such as “Dixie Chicken” (1973) and “The Last Record Album” (1975). His tenure with the band has been marked by his consistent presence and musical contributions. Outside of Little Feat, Gradney has played with artists like Bob Weir and Delaney & Bonnie.

Fred Tackett

Fred Tackett officially joined Little Feat in 1988, though he had a long history with the band as a session musician and songwriter. Tackett’s multi-instrumental talents (guitar, mandolin, trumpet) and songwriting skills enriched albums such as “Let It Roll” (1988) and “Rooster Rag” (2012). Besides his work with Little Feat, Tackett has an extensive career as a session musician, playing with Bob Dylan, Jimmy Webb, and many others.

Gabe Ford

Gabe Ford became the drummer for Little Feat in 2009, stepping in for Richie Hayward when he fell ill. Ford’s drumming can be heard on the album “Rooster Rag” (2012). He continued in this role following Hayward’s death in 2010, bringing his own style to the band’s rhythm section. Ford’s background includes playing with artists such as Robben Ford and The New Power Generation, showcasing his versatility and technical proficiency.

Craig Fuller

Craig Fuller joined Little Feat as a vocalist and guitarist in 1987, during the band’s reformation after a hiatus. Fuller’s contributions are prominently featured on the album “Let It Roll” (1988) and “Representing the Mambo” (1990). Prior to joining Little Feat, Fuller was known for his work with the band Pure Prairie League, particularly their hit “Amie.” His tenure with Little Feat lasted until 1993, after which he continued to perform and record with various projects.

Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy was a member of Little Feat from 1993 to 2009, serving as a lead vocalist. Her powerful voice added a new dimension to the band’s sound, particularly on albums like “Under the Radar” (1998) and “Kickin’ It at the Barn” (2003). Before and after her time with Little Feat, Murphy enjoyed a successful career as a backing vocalist and solo artist, working with Bob Seger, Eric Clapton, and The Moody Blues.

Roy Estrada

Roy Estrada was the original bassist for Little Feat, playing with the band from its formation in 1969 until 1972. Estrada’s bass playing is featured on the band’s first two albums, “Little Feat” (1971) and “Sailin’ Shoes” (1972). After leaving Little Feat, Estrada played with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. His contributions to the early sound of Little Feat remain significant, laying the groundwork for the band’s future development.

Tony Leone

Tony Leone joined Little Feat as their drummer in 2020. Although his tenure with the band is relatively recent, Leone has brought fresh energy and a new rhythmic style to their performances and recordings. Before joining Little Feat, Leone was known for his work with bands such as The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble Band. His versatility and experience in various musical genres have made him a valuable addition to Little Feat.

Jay Collins

Jay Collins has been a member of Little Feat’s horn section since 2017. As a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, Collins has added a rich, brassy texture to the band’s live performances and recordings. Prior to joining Little Feat, Collins had an extensive career as a session and touring musician, performing with artists like Gregg Allman, Levon Helm, and Donald Fagen. His expertise in horn arrangements and improvisation has enhanced Little Feat’s dynamic sound.

Steve Bernstein

Steve Bernstein joined Little Feat’s horn section as a trumpet player in 2017. Bernstein’s contributions have been crucial in bringing a fuller, more vibrant sound to the band’s recent performances. Known for his work with the Millennial Territory Orchestra and his collaborations with artists like Levon Helm and Lou Reed, Bernstein brings a wealth of experience and a unique stylistic approach to Little Feat.

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Erik Lawrence

Erik Lawrence, a saxophonist, became part of Little Feat’s horn section in 2017. Lawrence’s powerful and expressive playing has added depth to the band’s live shows and studio recordings. With a background that includes performing with Levon Helm, Bob Dylan, and Joan Osborne, Lawrence’s broad musical palette and improvisational skills have enriched the band’s sonic landscape. His ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles has made him an integral part of Little Feat’s horn section.

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