Complete List Of Tedeschi Trucks Band Members

Tedeschi Trucks Band Members

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I was always a big fan of the Derek Trucks Band. I always loved listening to Derek play guitar in the Allman Brothers Band. Between him and Warren Haynes, they paid such great respect to Duane and Dickey while bringing their own fiery play that revitalized that band in the later years. However, It was always interesting to hear him play in his own band  where I thought he was able to really let it loose.  Nonetheless, it seems he took it to an entirely new level of play when he formed The Tedeschi Trucks Band in 2010 with his wife, Susan Tedeschi. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the band has been known for its strong blend of blues, soul, and rock music, featuring a large ensemble of musicians. Since its inception, the group has released several albums, including the Grammy-winning Revelator in 2011. The band has also been noted for its dynamic live performances, highlighted by their improvisational skills and the chemistry between the lead duo and the rest of the ensemble. Over the years, the band’s lineup has seen various changes, with members contributing to different albums and tours.

Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi, co-founder of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, serves as the lead vocalist and guitarist. She joined the band upon its formation in 2010 and has been a pivotal figure in all their recordings, including their debut Grammy-winning album Revelator, Made Up Mind, and Let Me Get By. Prior to forming the band with her husband, Derek Trucks, Tedeschi had a successful solo career, highlighted by multiple Grammy nominations and a strong reputation in the blues and soul music scenes.

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Derek Trucks

Derek Trucks is the co-founder and a central figure in the Tedeschi Trucks Band, known for his slide guitar skills. He has played on all the band’s albums, contributing not just skillful guitar work but also his vision as a bandleader. Before forming the band, Trucks was a member of The Allman Brothers Band and led The Derek Trucks Band. He is renowned for his slide guitar playing often, echoing the spirit of Duane Allman with a little bit of the phrasing of John Coltrane thrown in.

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Kofi Burbridge

Kofi Burbridge was a flautist and keyboardist with the Tedeschi Trucks Band from its formation in 2010 until his passing in 2019. His musicianship is featured on albums like Revelator, Made Up Mind, and Let Me Get By. Burbridge was also known for his work with the Derek Trucks Band before joining Tedeschi Trucks Band. His ability to play multiple instruments added depth to the band’s sound, making significant contributions to their musical arrangements.

Mike Mattison

Mike Mattison, a vocalist and songwriter, has been with the Tedeschi Trucks Band since its inception. He previously worked with Derek Trucks in The Derek Trucks Band as the lead vocalist before transitioning to backing vocals with Tedeschi Trucks. Mattison’s gritty voice and songwriting skills are featured prominently on several of the band’s albums. Outside of the band, he has pursued solo projects and collaborations that showcase his versatile talents in blues and roots music.

Tyler Greenwell

Tyler Greenwell joined the Tedeschi Trucks Band at its start in 2010 and has served as one of the drummers. His drumming is an integral part of albums like Revelator and Made Up Mind. Greenwell’s previous experience includes playing with Colonel Bruce Hampton, adding a strong jazz and jam band influence to his style, which has benefited the dynamic range of the band’s sound.

J.J. Johnson

J.J. Johnson, the co-drummer with Tyler Greenwell since the band’s beginning, has helped define the rhythmic backbone of the Tedeschi Trucks Band on albums such as Revelator and Made Up Mind. Before joining the band, Johnson played with artists like John Mayer and Doyle Bramhall II, bringing a blend of rock, blues, and soul drumming techniques that complement the band’s eclectic sound.

Brandon Boone

Brandon Boone, the bassist for the Tedeschi Trucks Band, joined in 2019. His contributions can be heard on their more recent recordings and live performances. Boone’s previous experience includes playing in various jazz and R&B settings, which suits the band’s diverse musical explorations. His presence has added a fresh dynamic to the group’s rhythm section.

Alecia Chakour

Alecia Chakour joined the Tedeschi Trucks Band in 2015 as a backing vocalist. Her soulful voice has enriched the band’s harmony vocals on tour and recordings, including Let Me Get By. Outside of the band, Chakour has worked with notable artists like Warren Haynes and has been involved in various music projects that showcase her broad vocal talents.

Oteil Burbridge

Oteil Burbridge was the bass guitarist for the Tedeschi Trucks Band from its inception in 2010 until 2012. Known for his deep grooves and fluid playing, Burbridge’s contributions are heard on the band’s debut album Revelator. Prior to joining Tedeschi Trucks, he was well-known for his work with the Allman Brothers Band and the jam band scene. Post his tenure with Tedeschi Trucks, Oteil continued his musical journey with Dead & Company, bringing his vibrant bass playing to a wider audience in the jam band and rock circuits.

Tim Lefebvre

Tim Lefebvre held the position of bass guitarist from 2013 to 2018. He played on key albums like Made Up Mind and Let Me Get By, bringing a versatile and dynamic approach to the band’s rhythm section. Outside of Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lefebvre has a notable career as a session musician and has contributed to a variety of projects including David Bowie’s Blackstar album.

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Maurice “Mobetta” Brown

Maurice “Mobetta” Brown was the trumpet player for the band from 2010 to 2015. His jazz-infused style contributed to the band’s brass section on albums such as Revelator. Beyond his work with Tedeschi Trucks, Brown is recognized as a solo artist and producer in the jazz and hip-hop scenes, bringing innovative sounds to his projects.

Saunders Sermons

Saunders Sermons played trombone with the Tedeschi Trucks Band from 2010 to 2015. His contributions can be heard on their early albums, providing rich, melodic brass lines that complemented the band’s soulful sound. Sermons is also a skilled vocalist, which allowed him to contribute to the band’s vocal harmonies as well. After leaving the band, he pursued a solo career, releasing his own music that showcases his talents as both a singer and a trombonist.

Mark Rivers

Mark Rivers has been providing harmony vocals for the Tedeschi Trucks Band since 2010. His voice has been a consistent part of the ensemble’s lush backing vocals across all their albums and live performances. Rivers brings a soulful presence that enhances the band’s overall vocal dynamics.

Kebbi Williams

Kebbi Williams, the saxophonist for the band since 2010, brings a vigorous and energetic jazz element to the Tedeschi Trucks Band’s sound. His performances are featured prominently across the band’s discography, adding depth and flair to their brass section. Williams is also known for his work with various other artists and his involvement in community music projects.

Ephraim Owens

Ephraim Owens has been the trumpet player for the band since 2015. Taking over after Maurice Brown, Owens has continued to provide powerful and intricate trumpet lines for the band’s recent albums and live shows. His extensive background in jazz has been a great fit for the band’s expansive and genre-blending style.

Elizabeth Lea

Elizabeth Lea, who joined as the trombonist in 2015, has brought her robust trombone playing to the forefront of the band’s brass sound. Her contributions can be heard on the band’s recent recordings, enriching the band’s musical texture. Lea’s experience spans various musical styles, which helps her seamlessly integrate into the diverse sound of Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Gabe Dixon

Gabe Dixon joined the band in 2019 as the keyboardist and vocalist. Since then, he has been a key part of the band’s studio recordings and live performances. Dixon’s prior experience as a solo artist and member of the Gabe Dixon Band adds a rich layer of musicality and vocal prowess to the ensemble.

Isaac Eady

Isaac Eady, who joined as the drummer and percussionist in 2021, is the newest member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band. His drumming is central to the rhythm section in recent performances, bringing a fresh energy and dynamic beat to the band’s evolving sound. Eady’s integration into the band marks a continuation of their tradition of featuring skilled and versatile musicians.

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