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Twenty One Pilots Band Members

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Emerging from the suburban landscape of Columbus, Ohio in 2009, Twenty One Pilots quickly defied categorization, forging a unique sound that transcended genre limitations. Their music, a potent blend of pop, rock, rap, and electronica, resonated with a generation seeking a fresh and innovative sonic experience.

The duo, initially consisting of vocalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, quickly gained notoriety for their energetic live performances and introspective lyrics. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2009, established their DIY ethos and showcased their genre-bending approach.

Twenty One Pilots’ critical and commercial success continued to rise with subsequent releases. Their 2015 album, “Blurryface,” became a cultural phenomenon, spawning the global hit “Stressed Out” and earning the band a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. This breakthrough cemented their status as one of the most popular and influential bands of the 2010s.

Throughout their career, Twenty One Pilots have released six full-length studio albums, along with several EPs, live albums, and compilations. Their music draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Fall Out Boy, Radiohead, and Linkin Park. In turn, they have influenced countless artists across genres, with their genre-bending approach and emotionally charged lyrics paving the way for a new generation of music makers.

Tyler Joseph

Tyler Joseph, the dynamic frontman of Twenty One Pilots, has been steering the band since its inception in 2009. His role encompasses lead vocals, piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, keyboards, programming, and percussion, making him a multi-instrumental powerhouse. Joseph’s journey with the band has seen him on all their albums, from their self-titled debut “Twenty One Pilots” in 2009 to the latest releases, contributing significantly to the band’s unique sound that blends elements of rock, hip-hop, and indie music. Beyond the band, Tyler Joseph has explored other creative ventures, though his primary focus and most notable achievements remain tied to Twenty One Pilots, including several prestigious music awards and nominations.

Josh Dun

Josh Dun joined Twenty One Pilots in 2011, bringing his explosive energy to the drums, percussion, and trumpet, while also contributing backing vocals. Dun’s arrival marked a pivotal moment in the band’s history, solidifying the duo’s lineup that would lead to breakthrough success with albums like “Vessel” in 2013 and the chart-topping “Blurryface” in 2015. His dynamic drumming and stage presence have become a hallmark of the band’s live performances. Outside the band, Dun has made a few guest appearances with other artists but remains most closely associated with and celebrated for his work in Twenty One Pilots.

Chris Salih

Chris Salih was a founding member of Twenty One Pilots, playing drums, percussion, and providing backing vocals from 2009 until his departure in 2011. During his tenure, Salih contributed to the band’s early work, including their self-titled debut album. His time with the band laid the groundwork for their future success, though he would move on before the band reached their commercial peak. After leaving Twenty One Pilots, Salih has kept a relatively low profile in the music industry, focusing on personal and business endeavors outside the spotlight.

Nick Thomas

Nick Thomas, alongside Tyler Joseph and Chris Salih, was part of the original lineup of Twenty One Pilots. His contributions on bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals were instrumental in the band’s formative years from 2009 to 2011. Thomas played on the band’s debut album, helping to define their eclectic sound. Like Salih, Thomas exited the band early on and has since pursued interests outside the global music stage, stepping away from the limelight that Twenty One Pilots would later enjoy.

Skyler Acord

Skyler Acord joined Twenty One Pilots as a touring member in 2021, handling the bass guitar for live performances. Acord’s addition to the touring lineup brought a new depth to the band’s live sound, contributing to the dynamic performances that fans have come to expect. Outside of Twenty One Pilots, Acord is known for his work with the band Issues, showcasing his versatility and talent across different musical genres.

Todd Gummerman

Since 2021, Todd Gummerman has been touring with Twenty One Pilots, playing keyboards and guitar and providing backing vocals. His role enhances the live renditions of the band’s songs, adding layers to their already rich soundscapes. Gummerman’s involvement in the music scene extends beyond Twenty One Pilots, having been part of the band Mutemath, which further highlights his experience and skill in contributing to high-caliber live performances.

Paul Meany

Paul Meany, known for his work with Mutemath, took on the role of touring member, backing vocalist, and musical director for Twenty One Pilots in 2021. His extensive experience in the industry and his previous collaborative efforts with the band, particularly on the production of the “Trench” album, made him a perfect fit for enhancing their live shows and overall musical direction.

Dan Geraghty

Guitarist Dan Geraghty joined the touring lineup of Twenty One Pilots in 2021, bringing his guitar prowess to the stage. Although primarily known for his time with Twenty One Pilots, Geraghty’s background and experience contribute to the energetic and immersive live performances the band is known for.

Jesse Blum

Jesse Blum, a multi-instrumentalist known for his work with MisterWives, has been part of Twenty One Pilots’ touring ensemble since 2021, playing trumpet and keyboards. Blum had previously made appearances with the band from 2014 to 2020, showcasing his versatile talent and adding a unique flair to their live shows.

Kenyon Dixon

Kenyon Dixon, a touring member in 2021, provided backing vocals for Twenty One Pilots, enriching their live sound with his vocal harmonies. Dixon’s tenure with the band was brief, but his contribution to their live performances during that time left a mark. Outside of Twenty One Pilots, Dixon has made a name for himself in the R&B and soul genres, both as a singer and songwriter.

Danielle Withers

Danielle Withers also joined Twenty One Pilots as a touring backing vocalist in 2021. Her powerful and emotive vocal delivery added depth to the band’s live performances. Withers’ background in vocal performance and her work outside the band, particularly in the realms of jazz and soul, highlight her versatility and talent as a vocalist.

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