Do You Remember Your First Rock Concert? Share Your Story Here

Do You Remember Your First Rock Concert? Share Your Story Here

Do you remember your first time? We are talking rock concerts, my friends. Most people have very fond memories of their very first rock concert. How old were you when you attended your first rock and roll concert? Who did you go with? In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, most teens attended their first concert with friends. It is unlike now, where many parents bring their kids to concerts, hoping to turn them on to classic rock bands. It usually never works. I took my kid to see a classic rock artist when he was only 12, and all he asked me was when the show was going to end.

Back in the day, when most of us who are now over 40 went to concerts, we attended those shows with our friends. Those crazy nights were usually filled with adventure before and after the concerts. Those are days we will never forget. Of course, some did go with their parents even in the 70s, but I think it fair to say that most of us went with our friends or even older brothers and sisters who usually were forced to take us.

We all have great stories about our first concert. This article calls on all rock fans of any age to share memories of their first rock and roll concert. We would love it if you shared those memories with us right here in this article on

Rock and Roll is a shared experience. It’s why I started this site. It was all about engaging in conversation about music like we used to do in high school and college. It’s a conversation in which we can agree or disagree and not get mad at each other; it’s a way of getting to know people, and as always, the topic of rock and roll has always been one of the greatest conversation starter topics of all time.

If you want to share your memories of your first rock concert, you could do it in multiple ways. You can leave your story in the comments and let us know if you want us to transfer it into the article or just leave it in the comments. You can also email your story to our email address, which is always found on the homepage.

You can also just post it on our Facebook page and then let us know if you want us to put it in the article.

If you’re not sure what to write about, below are some questions about your first concert that may help you.

Who did you see? Where did you see them? Where did you sit? Who did you go with? How did you get the tickets?  What was the first song the band played? What was the last song? What was the best song of the night? Were there long solos that allowed you to get a bathroom break finally? What was the crowed like?  Who was the opening act? What do you remember most about that night? Did you buy a T-shirt? Did you wear it the next day in school? Do you still listen to that artist?

I couldn’t ask for everyone to share their stories and not share mine. Below is my first experience seeing a rock concert. I hope that below my story, I will have the chance to print all of yours.

Thin Lizzy / Queen  – 1976 Madison Square Garden New York

Brian Kacjejian – Editor-In-Chief  –

The first rock concert I ever attended was Thin Lizzy and Queen at MSG in 1976. It wasn’t my first concert. I had seen Harry Chapin in 1975 at my High School. But Harry had appeared by himself just with a guitar. It was also in my High School with my teachers and administrators watching over us. Not really a rock concert in any sort of sense. So, my first real experience was rock and roll in New York City at the greatest arena in the world.

At the time, I had just moved out to Long Island from the Bronx. I was 14, and my heart was still in the Bronx, where all my friends lived. I invited my best friend Fran and a girl named Mary who I really liked. I went into the Bronx for the weekend to stay with my friends and went to the show. Somehow, my two friends and I managed to pick up a pint of Southern Comfort for the show. In the 70s, everyone snuck in booze, among other things, into concerts. There was hardly any security outside of those by the stage. The ushers were really old. It was another world back then.

There was an incredible sense of excitement sitting in the Garden waiting for the show to begin. I will never forget when the lights went out and Thin Lizzy hit the stage. They opened the show with “Jailbreak.” The way Phil Lynott stood center stage playing that bass and singing was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life up to that point. The bottle of Southern Comfort, which my friend Fran had foolishly given me to hold, was cracked open, and the fun began.

I remember the Thin Lizzy set well. One of my strongest memories of their set was that they played “The Boys Are Back In Town” in the middle of the set. They were probably trying to make a point that they were not a one-hit band. The thrill of seeing a rock band also sped up the rate of taking sips from that bottle of Southern Comfort. Once Thin Lizzy left the stage, I was shocked to see how the crew was changing the entire stage setup into that massive stage for Queen. It took a long time, but finally, Queen hit the stage opening with “Tie Your Mother Down.” I remember some of the other songs like “Stone Cold Crazy” and a few others, but by the time Queen was halfway through the set, I had finished the entire pint of Southern Comfort by myself. I do remember my friend Fran asking me to pass him the bottle and the look on his face when he saw it was empty.

The subway ride back to the Bronx was an epic adventure. I won’t get into the details, but we were all lucky to get back to the neighborhood alive. I remember Mary giving me a cerian look of disappointment in my foolishness as she said goodnight as my friend carried me up the stairs to his parent’s apartment. The night did not end well, but it’s one I will never forget. We got into so much trouble with his parents the next day.

That is my story; I dont expect people to leave a long story; it’s okay if you want. It is up to you to share whatever you want. I hope to hear from you, my rock and roll friends.

Michael Edmonds

My very first concert was Rainbow in 1976 at The Beacon Theatre in NY. I was 15 years old, and my older friend John, who was 18 at the time, took me. I was so glad to go to my first rock show with him because he was super cool and was like an older brother to me. We sat in first row of the balcony and back than you could bring in anything like wine or booze, we brought in a big container of orange juice mixed with vodka and we were feeling nice. I have an older sister so I got into great rock music like Hendrix & The Stones etc. at an early age.
Being that I was a huge Deep Purple fan I followed Richie Blackmore when he started Rainbow and had already heard their first album and Rainbow Rising which they were touring and I absolutely loved. The concert was incredible and the band was on fire that night and Ronnie James Dio had the crowd in the palm of his hand. The Rainbow lighting was also a huge part of the show also. At the time I didn’t have a clue who the rest of the band were including Cozy Powell, Jimmy Bain & Tony Carey and they were flawless. I will never forget this concert and this experience ever and also I have been to many many concerts and shows and very few have topped this one. You can please publish this story. I also added the concert ticket. Cheers and Thank you.
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Nel Berkheij-Ros

The Police, back in 1982. I was 17 and a big fan. I drove my parents crazy with my Police- albums, hahaha. I wasn’t allowed to go to that show, but I bought tickets anyway. And went with a guy from work. 😜 I am almost 60 now, and I still go to festivals and concerts. My last one was Atreyu, in December of last year. I can’t wait for my next show.

Larry Reno Paganelli

1974 Styx at the Hammond Civic Center in Hammond Indiana when “Lady” was their only hit.

William Oeffinger

As a sophomore in high school, REO and Aerosmith were great shows. Festival seating was wild back in the day. My older brother and his buddy (seniors) drove me and 4 of my buddies in our parent’s Vista Cruise (the same car on That 70’s Show; it was even the same color). What a memory.

Debbie Williams Dover

I was 13 years old that summer. I did laundry for my Uncle Stanley Long and he paid me with a concert ticket to this show. To this day, it stands as one of the greatest experiences of my life. My ears rang for days, and I swear I can still feel the bass in my chest. I was hooked!!🤟💜💫😊

Mark Hosman

Led Zeppelin at the Oakland Coliseum in 1970. My buddy and I took the bus since we weren’t old enough to drive yet. We had nose bleed seats. After smoking a doobie rolled in chocolate flavored papers we decided to go down near the stage. A security guard stepped in front of us to block the way. When we turned around to go back there was a wave of fans behind us! The guard was pushed aside and we got up near the stage. It was a fantastic show, and my ears rang for two days afterwards!

Lisa Hess Rewa

18th birthday, AC/DC & White Lion at the Castle in Charlevoix Michigan, (drove from Grand Rapids) my first ever concert. One of my favorite bands AND on my 18th birthday! I was on cloud nine! 🤘🎶❤️

Brian Friel

Herman’s Hermits with opening acts, Blues Magoos, and THE WHO. 1966 at The Philadelphia Civic Center. I was 10, and our neighbor, who was a Philadelphia Police officer, got us in for free. At the time, I only knew of Herman’s Hermits. Blues Magoos were first, and they had day glo suits on. Up next The Who and they did the wreck the equipment thing (to a 10 year old, it was the coolest thing ever) Don’t remember much about Herman’s Hermits, but the girls screamed so loud, you couldn’t hear the music.
Hippies and teenyboppers all in the same place . As I think back, it was the first time I smelled Pot. (hey, I was 10)

Elizabeth Reece

My first concert was 1972 in Toronto at the CNE and it was the Osmonds and I was 9 years old. My first rock concert was 1978 Black Sabbath with Van Halen opening at the Niagara Falls Convention Center. Great shows all.

Karen Joynson

 The 70s went to see Kansas with some friends; the band came out wearing Charlie Chapmen hats and mustaches and nothing else, lol; it was a blast!

Dave Parker

First concert I went to was The Who at the Royal Albert Hall in about 1969-1970. Many happy memories of that exciting time. Went with a school friend, who has recently passed away. My ears are still ringing from the volume!

Craig Wolfie

You always remember your first time! Then you can never get enough!
I was 15 when I saw Slade at the Boscombe Ballroom in Bournemouth (1972). The power of the music, banter between band and audience, lights and communal spirit was incredible. I’ve been a gig goer ever since.

Bob Garrison

This was mine. 1974.
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Larry K. Peterson

My first concert was Cheap Trick, AC/DC (with Bon Scott), Molly Hatchet, the Baby’s, & Steve Dahl’s Teenage Radiation at Pecatonica Fairgrounds near Rockford, IL on July 4th, 1979. Ticket was $12.50 and I bought a tee shirt for $5.

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