Looking Back At Gryphon’s “Spring Song”

Gryphon's Spring songOur Progressive Rock Hits series takes a look back at Gryphon’s “Spring Song.” The band Gryphon was first formed in London, England in the early 1970’s. The band only released a handful of albums before breaking up after the release of their 1977 album Treason. The band’s first album was released in 1973 entitled Gryphon. The album featured original band members Brian Gulland, Richard Harvey, Dave Oberlé and Graeme Taylor. The following year in 1974, the band released their sophomore album wonderfully titled Midnight Mushrumps. Bass player Philip Nestor joined the band on their second album. In the same year the band also released the album Red Queen to Gryphon Three. 

In 1975, the band Gyphone released their fourth album entitled Raindance. It was an album that included a beautiful cover version of the Beatles song “Every Mother Nature’s Son.” In 1977, the band released their final album called Treason. The album was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in England. The musicians on the album included David Oberlé on lead vocals and percussion, Brian Gulland on bassoon, English horn, recorders, and backing vocals, Bob Foster on guitars and backing vocals, Richard Harvey on keyboards, piano, sax and recorders, Jonathan Davie on bass and Alex Baird on drums.

The band released the album’s opening track “Spring Song,” as a single. In similar fashion to what Yes did withe their song “Roundabout,” the single release to “Spring Song,” was edited down from ten minutes to just a little over four minutes.

Looking back at 1977, its amazing how so many different styles of music were popular on an international level. On one hand, the punk and new wave scenes were flourishing with bands like the Sex Pistols and Ramones, while on the other hand Disco was creating an inferno of change that was both hated and loved. In the middle of those battles were bands like Gryphon releasing music that was inspired by the music of the Baroque and Classical periods in the same way the band Renaissance was. “Spring Song,” was a perfect moment in time for progressive rock fans of Baroque inspired progressive rock. If you have never heard the song “Spring Song,” before or even the band Gryphon, we think one listen to this will send you out hunting for their records.

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