Top 10 Sammy Hagar Album Covers

Sammy Hagar Album Covers

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Sammy Hagar Top 10 Album Covers

Sammy Hagar has released so many great covers throughout his glorious fifty year rock and roll career. Although the singer’s artwork displayed a great variety of images and designs, the man’s living it up, party to you drop theme constantly appeared on his album covers. And why not? Hagar’s pedal to the metal philosophy is why we all love Sammy.

While the importance of album cover art does not seem to be that big of a deal anymore in the modern digital age, back in the 1970s, it was a big thing. Album cover art was one of the record companies biggest promotional tools. Many times rock and roll fans would walk into a record store and see a huge display of an album promoting an artist that we may never have heard of before. Thousands of rock and roll fans brought their first Rush album as 2112 or Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell album or any Runaways album based on those spectacular album covers. There were huge companies formed just dedicated to creating album cover art. Rock album covers became an artistic genre in it’s own category. Think about all those incredible Yes and Pink Floyd album covers.

We all have our favorites. Of course there will be disagreements with this list as usual. Nonetheless, the point of all these articles is just to keep this music alive and to turn people on to artists that they might not know that much about. So if you don’t know much about Sammy Hagar, we hope some of these album covers inspire you to check out more of the music. And if you are a Sammy Hagar, please let us know in the comments section which album cover is your favorite. Here’s our Sammy Hagar Top 10 Album Covers.

# 10 – Red Voodoo

We open our top 10 Sammy Hagar Album Covers list with the great cover from the album Red Voodoo.  Sammy’s great Red Voodoo album cover displays Sammy’s defines the business that Sammy made more money in than his Rock and Roll career. Sammy’s Cabo Wabo Tequila was enormously successful for the singer. Sammy Hagar supposedly sold his Tequila company to Gruppo Campari for $80 million. WOW!

( Released March 23, 1999)

# 9 – Livin’ it Up !

Another great album that completely depicts Sammy’s “here’s to the  good life attitude.” Many fans and critics have recently labeled Sammy as the Jimmy Buffet of rock and roll. The album cover to Livin’ it Up clearly seems to agree with the Buffet philosophy.

( Released July 25, 2006)

Sammy Hagar Album covers

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# 8 – Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs was Sammy Hagar’s follow up to his breakthrough album Red. The cover to Musical Chairs  always stood out because of the ambiguous futuristic nature of the art. The design of the cover was created by the legendary Storm Thorgerson who had founded the company Hipgnosis which became one of the most famous graphic art company in the world.

Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis were responsible for creating some of classic rock’s most iconic album covers. They included the covers for many of Pinks Floyd’s spectacular albums such as Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and just about every other album Pink Floyd released between 1969 and 2011. Storm also did the majority of the Led Zeppelin catalog and hundreds of other covers form so many legendary rock bands and artists.

( Released October 1977)

Sammy Hagar Album covers

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# 7 – Three Lock Box

The tile and the picture said it all on this one. Sammy’s great 1983 album featured an unforgettable cover clearly inspired by 1980s cover art. Was there a bit of a Rolling Stones tribute depicted in the cover?

( Released November 30, 1982)

Three Lock Box Album Cover

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# 6 – Unboxed

A great cover of the Sammy Hagar greatest hits album featuring Sammy on the cover in the ring. Great play on words.

( Released March 15, 1994)

 # 5 – VOA

Sammy Hagar’s  Voice of America cover was released during the age of Ronald Reagan. Not really sure where Sammy was going with this one, but how can you not love the great Photoshop picture.

( Released July 23,1984)

# 4 – Danger Zone

This one was picked for the great design and mix of colors, graphics and photos. The great Sammy Hagar rock and roll expression graces the cover in all its glory.

( Released June 21, 1980)

# 3 – Standing Hampton

The artwork for Sammy Hagar’s album Standing Hampton presented probably the most original artwork design of Sammy’s catalog. Released during a time when cassettes were the most popular musical format.

( Released January 1982)

Sammy Hagar Album covers

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# 2 – Rematch

The second boxing related album cover in the Sammy Hagar catalog Simply, just a  great design and photo. We have chosen Sammy Hagar’s Rematch cover as our favorite. Great design, great lighting, great colors, great girl. ( Released 1981)

# 1 – Sammy Hagar

A genuine photo of an actual street in which most of the buildings were Red. Stared at this album covers for hours listening to this record when I was fourteen. A legendary album cover that is also a sentimental pick. The cover art design was created by Storm Thorgerson. It was the first of two album designed by Storm Thorgerson and Hipgnosis. The second was Musical Chairs which had already appeared earlier on this top Sammy Hagar Album Covers list.

( Released January, 1977)

Sammy Hagar Album covers

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