The Romantics Songs Ranked

The Romantics Songs

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Our Top 10 Songs from The Romantics introduces us to a power-pop and new wave band from the legendary rock city of Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1977, The Romantics were a band inspired by many of their local hometown heroes, such as The Stooges, MC5, and Bob Seger. Thanks to The Romantics’ well-composed songs and awe-inspiring shows the band achieved international popularity. The Romantics blended pop sensibility with the energy of punk that led to a very successful sound that music fans fell in love with.

The band’s original lineup consisted of bassist Rich Cole, guitarist Mike Skill, drummer Jimmy Marinos, and vocalist Wally Palmar. However, like many bands, The Romantics went through various lineup changes over the years. The current lineup consists of all founding members of the band except drummer Jimmy Marinos whose place is currently occupied by Brad Elvis since 2004. While their music quality had them shine on an international level, their look had something to add to their brand. Performing in black vinyl and red leather suits, they established their music videos trademark look. This look also made the band desirable for concerts since it gave them a strong visual image that complemented their energy in their performances. Here are the top 10 songs from The Romantics that prove that the band’s music lives up to the expectations of Detroit’s legendary music scene.

# 10 – Forever Yours

Introducing us to the top 10 songs from The Romantics is a ballad from their 1980 album, National Breakout by the name “Forever Yours.” Thanks to Nemperor Records for helping The Romantics release such a timeless new wave song that gained quite some positive reception worldwide. The incredible lyrical content of the song was a joint effort by the band members Marinos, Skill, and Palmar. Other than the great lyrics, you can attest that it’s one of The Romantics’ danceable ballads if you love dancing to the rhythm of your favorite songs.

# 9 – Tell It to Carrie

We all have that one person that we share so much that we can’t imagine a life without them. And for The Romantics in their 1980 self-titled album, this would be a girl Carrie. The persona seems to have created quite a bond with the lady and cannot understand how he will survive this life without her. From a trusted confidant to a reliable assistant in making decisions, the persona seems to be too dependent on Carrie. The song seems to be a message to her, letting her know that the persona can barely live without her. It all channels the romantic vibe about how a man can be vulnerable without his lover.

# 8 – She’s Got Everything

Also, from the band’s album, The Romantics, the song “She’s Got Everything” channels some romantic vibe to the male listeners. In an appreciative gesture, we have the band’s vocalist Palmar bring out the lyrics that he needs nothing extra from her girl since she has everything. Probably, this is a perfect song to dedicate or, if possible, sing to your woman to make her feel special. After all, women would love to know that they are a complete package for a man they date.

# 7 – Night Like This

Featured in their 1980 album, National Breakout, the song “Night Like This” is a perfect ballad that showcases the fine art of performance by the band. In addition, the instrumental of the song brings some energy that is probably tripled when you check out the music video for “Night Like This.” In particular, Marinos’s work on the drum makes the song video and instrumental the major selling point of this ballad. His passion for drumming can be visually seen in the way he performed on the song’s video, having him entertain masses with the same vigor on live shows during the band’s prime years.

# 6 – Test of Time

One of the songs that led to the success of The Romantics album Rhythm Romance was “Test of Time.” The song would peak at number 44 on the US Main Rock Chart proving its worthiness as one of its most successful songs. You can also feel the Motown vibe in the song, making it among the memorable songs of the 80s. Down to the lyrics, the band goes quite romantic with this song having them bring on the notion of waiting patiently through the test of time for a lover to prove his worth to his significant other.

# 5 – When I Look into Your Eyes

Trading to the world words of love was probably the band’s major selling point of their famous releases. This cannot be emphasized better than seeing another song from their self-titled album gracing their top ten music. The song “When I Look into Your Eyes,” brings on some romantic vibe with its sweet lyrics that speak deeper about what eye contact with a lover does to a guy in love. After listening to this song, you can attest that it’s no lie that eye contact can make us make the most from an encounter with a soul we love. It’s easier saying that the genesis of intimate moments is eye contact like such in the song, “When I Look into Your Eyes.”

# 4 – Rock You Up

Featured in the band’s 1983 album, In Heat is the song “Rock You Up” as the first single in the album. The song ushers in a sublime performance from vocalist Palmar which complements the almost perfect guitar and drum beats. And when the chorus ushers in the backing vocals to Palmar’s performance, you can feel the song “Rock You Up” define what the epitome of power pop is like. With the song so catchy, it is without a doubt that The Romantics were one underrated power pop band that received not enough pats on their backs for some awe-inspiring songs.

# 3 – One in a Million

Approaching a gorgeous woman in the 80s was not for people with no romantic words to give. For The Romantics, this would not be much of a struggle, thanks to the huge catalog of romantic words that made up the better part of their music career. The song “One in a Million” praises a woman for her impact on a man thanks to her beauty and natural feminine charm that gets men hooked. While this might feel like a cliché in the current age, telling a woman that she is one in a million in the 80s was a perfect line never missed while expressing romance.

# 2 – What I Like About You

The song “What I Like About You” proves to be one of the top 10 songs from The Romantics, having it covered by notable artists and bands like Michael Morales and 5 Seconds of Summer. “What I Like About You” is a song based on communicating tons of reasons why a man likes a given lady. The song is the best performing ballad from the band’s self-titled 1980 album. Its cover by the Canadian female rock band Lillix has been used for a similarly titled sitcom.

# 1 – Talking in Your Sleep

Coming in at number one is the song “Talking in Your Sleep” from the band’s 1983 album, In Heat. The song is the only ballad from the band to make it on the top ten in the US Billboard Hot 100, having it reach a peak position of number 3. “Talking in Your Sleep” bagged the first position in a few charts both locally and international proving to be The Romantics highlight of their career. Still related to their romance and love themes, the song is about learning a lover’s secrets when she reveals them while talking in her deep slumber. Lucky it is for the guy that the lady mentions a couple of nice things about him, comforting him and reassuring him of love from the lady.

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