Top 10 Michael Schenker Group Songs

Michael Schenker Band Songs

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Our Top 10 Michael Schenker Group Songs list introduces us to a hard rock band whose greatness has been built around the name and skills of its founder Michael Schenker. Formed in 1979, Michael Schenker Group is one of the greatest hard rock bands known for their astounding guitar-oriented rock vibes. Award-winning and rock guitar legend Michael Schenker was the force behind the formation of this band after quite a successful career with the Scorpions and UFO bands. Michael Schenker would start playing guitar from a tender age after getting his first Gibson Flying V guitar as a birthday gift from his brother Rudolf.

Inspired by legends such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Rory Gallagher, Michael Schenker would become a true rock star on his guitar, playing his first gig at only eleven years with his brother Rudolf and the Scorpions. Five years later, Michael Schenker would become the Scorpions guitarist for their debut album. When they offered his former Scorpions band an opening act on tour, UFO would be amazed by Michael Schenker’s guitar skills. Rudolf would release his brother gladly to allow him to try new the new challenge with UFO. However, life with the UFO band wasn’t easy, and Michael Schenker would leave the band despite successful albums and tours. He briefly joined his brother in the Scorpions, helping compose music as he had done for the UFO band and playing lead guitar for some songs in the album.

Michael Schenker later in 1979 started his own band, Michael Schenker Group, which helped him rekindle his greatness on the stage. While the Michael Schenker Group band had too many personality conflicts, it has withstood the test of time by rejuvenating its musical journey and change in lineup. Here are the top 10 Michael Schenker Group songs that bring the best of the band’s melodic hard rock vibe.

#10 – After the Rain

Ushering us into the top 10 Michael Schenker Group songs is the song “After the Rain” from the band’s most recent album, Immortal. And truly, the band is “immortal,” as depicted by its vigor in their 2021 album, which features powerful ballads that showcase the band’s pure talent even years after their prime. The album title was the perfect way to describe Michael Schenker Group and, specifically, Michael Schenker, who was celebrating his 50th anniversary as a musician. Thanks to Michael Voss for the sublime lyrics and vocal melodies that blend in well with Michael Schenker’s composition on the backing track for the song “After the Rain.”

# 9 – Dancer

Written by Michael Schenker and the then Michael Schenker Group’s lead artist Graham Bonnet is the ballad “Dancer” from their 1982 album Assault Attack. This song is about Toni Basil, who rose to stardom owing to her song “Mickey.” Notably, Toni Basil was a talented dancer and choreographer before she made the hit song. “Dancer” states how fast Basil transformed into a musical star everyone adores from being a dancer.

# 8 – Sail the Darkness

Also, from the band’s newest album, Immortal is the song “Sail in Darkness” featured as the album’s third single. Vocalist Ronnie Romero admitted that as soon as he heard the demo to the song, he knew that it would become one of the greatest ballads from the Michael Schenker Group. “Sail the Darkness” is a powerful song sounding like the sublime old hard rock songs. Thanks to the magical guitar riffs by Michael Schenker that the song is such a melodic hit that it rekindles the greatness of the Michael Schenker Group ages after it was formed.

# 7 – Captain Nemo

Taking us back to the good old days with the Michael Schenker Group band is the song “Captain Nemo” from their album Built to Destroy. You ought to love how Michael Schenker plays with his guitar making it feel so easy to make such an awe-inspiring guitar solo! The change in tempo of the instrumental is so sublime, with every guitar riff so clear hence making “Captain Nemo” a perfect hard rock song.

# 6 – On and On

Featured in Michael Schenker Group’s second studio album, MSG, the song “On and On” brings on a guitar solo that is so memorable. Michael Schenker can almost have guitar riffs communicate the song’s mood, while Simon Philips put on some sublime drumming skills for this song. Lead artist Gary was disappointed not having his vocals blend well with this strong hard rock song!

# 5 – In Search of the Peace of Mind

Coming in at number six is a song that Michael Schenker admits to being the theme of his life. Written when he was just 15 in his mother’s kitchen, “In Search of the Peace of Mind” was first released on his former band, the Scorpions debut album. The song is a two-part composition with the first part prettily melancholy followed by a breakdown which is later followed by a more ominous second part.

# 4 – Assault Attack

Departing from Rainbow, Graham Bonnet would join Michael Schenker Group to replace Gary Barden on the vocals. Featured in their album, Assault Attack, this ballad brings Michael Schenker at his best. Thanks to the legendary vocals from impressive Graham Bonnet, that “Assault Attack” is one of the best songs from the Michael Schenker Group.

# 3 – Attack of the Mad Axeman

Written by Gary Barden and Michael Schenker, the song “Attack of the Mad Axeman” brings out the best of the Michael Schenker Group’s album MSG. “Attack of the Mad Axeman” brings out the perfect vocal capabilities of Gary Barden, which blend in the powerful guitar riffs from Michael Schenker. This song has been one of the band’s most performed ballads on live performances.

# 2 – Armed and Ready

The song “Armed and Ready” was the first track on the Michael Schenker Group’s eponymous album. It followed after Michael Schenker’s exit from the UFO band and creating the new Michael Schenker Group band. “Armed and Ready” is an uptempo song that served as a prelude to what the bad had in store for its fanbase. This song was also released as a single on the Chrysalis Records label backed by the band’s instrumental “Bijou Pleasurette.”

# 1 – Into the Arena

Michael Schenker might have struck gold when he unearthed Gary Barden from the mound of cassettes sent to the band’s then-record label Chrysalis. Thanks to the solid partnership they forged in the beginning, they came up with awe-inspiring lyrics for many songs, including “Into the Arena.” The song is littered with great tunes to bring on Michael Schenker Group as a perfect band to watch in the hard rock music genre.

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