Top 10 Anathema Songs

Anathema Songs

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The city of Liverpool has played a major role in reshaping the world of rock and roll. In the post Beatles era the city has continued to give birth to some extraordinary bands. One of our favorite bands to come out of Liverpool over the past thirty years has been the Progressive Rock band Anathema. There are easily one of the most extraordinary Progressive Rock bands to emerge in the second wave of Progressive Rock.

The band Anathema released their first EP the The Crestfallen  under their current name in 1992. The band had originally started out under the name Pagan Angel, but changed their name as new members were added to the band. In 1993 their first full length album was released entitled Serenades. Since 1993, the band released ten more albums. Their most recent album as of this writing was entitled The Optimist. That album was released just recently in 2017.

Over the years the and has gone through many different musical periods. Like so many of the modern progressive rock based bands such as Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Spock’s Beard and others, Anathema has crossed the musical genres of progressive, alternative, and different genres of metal to create their own unique sound. In essence, bands like Anathema have re-categorized the definition of Progressive Rock.

Our Top 10 Anathema Songs list takes a look at various time periods throughout the band’s career. It is just a small sampling of the great music Anathema has produced since their early days out of Liverpool.

# 10 – Harmonium

We open our Top 10 Anathema songs list with the opening track off their A Natural Disaster album. The record was released in 2003. We think from the moment you hear this incredible track you will be hooked instantly.

# 9 – The Optimist

It’s so sweet that band like Anathema who began their careers in the earl 90’s are still releasing album that show continued growth and quite simply breathtaking material. The Optimist is their latest album released in 2017.

# 8 – A Natural Disaster

The title track to their brilliant 2003 album.

# 7 – A Simple Mistake

“A Simple Mistake,” is from the album,We’re Here Because We’re Here. The album was released in 2010. The great founder of Porcupine Tree, Mr. Steven Wilson was responsible for mixing the album,

# 6 – Release

Release is one of the most popular Anathema songs the band has ever released. The song Release was issued on the A Fine Day To Exit album. The CD was released in 2001.

# 5 – Pitless

If we had to choose one Anathema album to take with us on to our deserted island it would be the great Judgment album. The amazing record was released in 1999. The song “Pitless,” appeared as the second track on the album behind the great song “Deep.”

# 4 – Regret

Anathema had no shortage if simple one word titles for their songs. The great track “Regret,” was issued on the Alternative 4 album. The album was released in 1998.

# 3 – Thin Air

The second track to appear on this top 10 Anathema songs list form the album We’re Here Because We’re Here is the track “Thin Air.” The song “Thin Air,” was the opening track on the album. “Thin Air,” was written by Daniel. Cavanagh, Vincent Cavanagh, and John Douglas

# 2 – Fragile Dreams

Another big time favorite Anathema song is the track “Fragile Dreams.” The song was released on the album Alternative 4.

# 1 – One Last Goodbye

We return to the all great Judgement album for our number one selection on our top 10 Anathema songs list. “One Last Goodbye,” is simply a stunning song that defines the brilliance of one of the most exciting and original sounding bands of the past thirty years.


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