Top 10 TikTok Songs Of 2023

Top 10 Tik Tok Songs Of 2023

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Our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list will look at popular songs that are featured on TikTok. TikTok has emerged as a popular streaming service. It has become famous for its dance challenges and the music in the videos. Songs have become an important part of the content that people share on TikTok. The songs have gone viral on the platform. This is helpful for singers who want to promote their music. It helps new artists get attention and veteran artists to have a resurgence in music. TikTok has helped people find artists in music. Some of today’s artists have gotten attention from fans because of their songs appearing on TikTok. In 2023, TikTok has helped launch the careers of Steve Lacy, Ice Spice and Mae Stephens. It also helped veteran artists such as Elton John get a new audience. Our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list will take a look at some of the top songs on the streaming service.

# 10 – Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

The 10th song on our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list is “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy. “Bad Habit” is from the Gemini Rights album. “Bad Habits” was released in June 2022. This popular song is about a man who wished he had known his love interest had wanted to be with him. He would have made a move. He wants to know if it is too late to go after the person he wants. He thought the person was too good for him which was why he didn’t pursue a relationship. He thought the person would never give him the time of day. He wants his love interest to say they want to be with him. He doesn’t want to get played. He wants to know the truth. The love interest always knew how to wow him. He gets tongue-tied whenever he is around the person.

“Bad Habit” became popular because of TikTok. The song took the world by storm. The song went viral on TikTok because of Steve Lacy’s talent. His vocals are smooth and soulful which won fans over. The catchy beat is infectious. The memorable chorus will stay in your head. The theme of the song was relatable to TikTok users. TikTok users created numerous videos dancing and lip-synching to the song. The song was used in over 494,000 videos on TikTok. The platform can be credited for Steve Lacy’s song making it to number one on Billboard Hot 100 charts. It knocked Harry Styles’ “As It Was” out of the top spot. You can read more about Steve Lacy in our Top 10 Steve Lacy Songs article.

# 9 – Ceilings (Sped Up Version) – Lizzie McAlpine

The ninth song on our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list is “Ceilings” by Lizzie McAlpine. “Ceilings” is from the Five Seconds Flat album. “Ceilings” was released in 2022. The song is about a woman who is thinking about being with someone. She must face the fact that what she is thinking about isn’t real. The song opens with her talking about being impatient waiting for something to happen with the man she loves. She feels trapped and like her situation won’t change.

As the song progresses, she talks about spending time with someone she thinks is cute. She is disappointed because it is raining while she is spending time with him. The rain is ruining their time together. In the next verse, she talks about being intimate with the guy. They enjoy being intimate with each other. She holds back from expressing how she feels because she doesn’t want to ruin the moment. Their relationship feels like something from a movie. As the song wraps up, we find out that the person she is with doesn’t exist.

A trend happened with Lizzie McAlpine’s song. The song was changed on TikTok and her vocals were sped up. The users posted videos singing to the remix version of “Ceilings.” When the song reaches the climax, the users start running away from the camera. The videos for the song are filmed on location shots. Users are on the beach or foggy streets. Lizzie McAlpine was able to benefit from the trend by releasing her own version of the sped-up song on TikTok. It helped her gain millions of views on TikTok. Users fell in love with the plot twist of the song. It helped make the song popular.

# 8 – If We Ever Break Up – Mae Stephens

The eighth song on our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list is “If We Ever Break Up” by Mae Stephens. “If We Ever Break Up” is a non-album single. “If We Ever Break Up” was released in January 2023. This song is an honest betrayal of the emotions that happen during the end of a relationship. The song opens with her talking to her partner. She lets him know that she doesn’t understand him even though he questions her about the same thing. She warns him that he will get his karma for what he did to her.

The narrator tells her partner that she wouldn’t be upset if they broke up. She would even call his father and let him know about the things he did to her. She is angry at him for the way he treated her. As the song continues, she puts him in his place. She lets him know that she has no intention of putting up with his behavior anymore. She tells him to pack up his drama and move on with his life.

If you are a fan of TikTok, then you have seen plenty of videos about breakups on the app. A lot of users can relate to breaking up with their partners, so this song is a perfect fit for the streaming app. Mae Stephens knew how popular the theme was, so she posted the song on TikTok. The song ended up gaining popularity with the users. “If We Ever Break Up” went from a few thousand views to millions of views in 2023. Users added this song to their videos when they were going through breakups. There is a dancing challenge for the popular song. Users lip-sync to her song in their videos. Fans use the infectious chorus in their videos. Mae Stephens credits TikTok for her song gaining popularity.

# 7 – Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress and Ice Spice

The seventh song on our list is “Boy’s a Liar” Pt. 2. “Boy’s a Liar” is a non-album single. “Boy’s a Liar” was released in February 2023. This is a song about a man that wants to stay in a relationship because his girlfriend is good looking. The narrator doesn’t feel loved by her boyfriend. She believes he is only staying with her because of the way she looks. She decides to make a lot of effort to look as best as she can. She is afraid he will leave if she isn’t good enough. She wants to build something with him because she loves him. She doesn’t like the fact that he is only interested in appearances.

The narrator wants him to propose to her one day, but he seems like he is ready to go. She is afraid he will leave if she doesn’t stay pretty. It is a problem and it is breaking her heart. She is sad because she loves him unconditionally, but he doesn’t feel the same way. She questions whether their relationship ever had a chance. She also wonders if he ever cared about her. She wants to know if she is good enough for him and if he is the right man for her.

This song is popular with TikTok users because of the theme of the song. Females try to look their best for their men. This song helped transform Ice Spice into a star. Fans fell in love with her signature hair color. TikTok helped PinkPantheress and Ice Spice become household names. There is a dance challenge for the dance-friendly pop song. Some fans are dancing at home while others are dancing in different locations. Users enjoy lip-syncing to the song. Females aren’t the only ones using the song.

This is a female anthem, but guys enjoy the song as well. Guys are also using the song for their videos. There are even pets dancing to the track. The bouncy song has gained over two million TikTok views and counting. TikTok has been helpful with PinkPantheress’ career. The song sold over one million copies thanks to its appearance on TikTok.

# 6 – Creepin’ – Metro Booming ft. The Weeknd and 21 Savage

“Creepin’” by Metro Booming ft. The Weeknd and 21 Savage is from the Heroes and Villains album. “Creepin’” was released in December 2022. This is a heartbreaking song about being cheated on by a lover. The narrator confronts his girlfriend about a rumor he heard about her. He heard that she was cheating. He doesn’t want to know the truth. He would rather live in denial than have his heart broken by finding out the truth. He asks his girlfriend not to tell anyone that she is seeing someone.

He wants her to keep her affair a secret. The narrator talks about being cheated on in the past. He tells a story about being in love with the woman and wanted to marry her. He didn’t marry her because she cheated on him. He changed her style and bought her everything she wanted. She ended up cheating on him anyway. He still feels alone even though he has a girlfriend.

Fans know how it feels to be cheated on by someone they thought they loved. They also understand how it feels to deny wanting to know the truth. This theme is popular on TikTok. Fans fell in love with the song and started making videos. The song has been sped up on TikTok. The Weeknd’s voice is in a higher octave in the videos. Users create videos where they expose their partners cheating on them.

Some users are lip-synching to the song. No matter what they are doing in the videos, they are loving the song. They love the vibe of the song which makes it perfect for any TikTok video you want to post. The song has a catchy chorus. The chorus appears in a lot of videos. The song resonates with many fans. You can read more about The Weeknd in our Top 10 Songs By The Weeknd article.

# 5 – Kill Bill – SZA

The next song on our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list is “Kill Bill” by SZA. “Kill Bill” is from the SOS album. “Kill Bill” was released in January 2023. The song is about a woman who wants to kill her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. She is jealous of them being together. She knows it is wrong, but she doesn’t care. She loves him but found out he cheated on him. They broke up because of his cheating.

She is still mad about their breakup. She is not happy that he has moved on with his life while she is still suffering. She visualizes killing the new couple. She is aware that killing them isn’t the best idea, but she doesn’t want to be by herself. The narrator would rather go to jail than be alone. She doesn’t want her ex to be with anyone but her. She doesn’t want him to be happy because she isn’t happy.

“Kill Bill” is a standout song on the SOS album. The song was a smash hit on Billboard thanks to TikTok. TikTok users made the song go viral. The song peaked at number one on the Billboard streaming songs charts and the Hot 100 charts because of its popularity on TikTok. “Kill Bill” is one of the top songs on TikTok. TikTok users made song covers, dance challenges lip sync videos, and revenge posts with this song in the background. They are also changing their looks to this song.

The lyrical content won over fans which is why it is so popular on TikTok. The song may be heartbreaking, but fans can’t get enough of it. The song has millions of views and counting. We believe it will continue to be successful on TikTok. You can read more about SZA in our Top 10 SZA Songs article.

# 4 – Cold Heart (Pnau Remix) – Elton John ft. Dua Lipa

“Cold Heart” (Pnau Remix) is from The Lockdown Sessions album. “Cold Heart” (Pnau Remix) was released in August 2021. This song is about a man who is misled by temptation. He knows how it feels to have a cold heart. He is having trouble keeping up appearances about who he is and how he feels inside. He blames his cold heart on the person in his life. He blames his ex for why his heart has hardened.

His ex left an everlasting feeling of hate in his heart. He can still smell his ex in the room. He feels like his ex is tempting him. The narrator feels like it is going to take long to get over the ex. He is not the man they think he is. He knows he should have told the truth, but he kept it to himself.

This song helped bring new life to Elton John’s songs. “Cold Heart” combines Elton John’s songs “Rocket Man,” “Sacrifice,” “Kiss the Bride” and “Where’s the Shoorah?.” This remix helped introduce Elton John to new fans. The remix was released in 2021, but TikTok made the song popular again in 2023.

The song has appeared in numerous dance videos. There is an animated video with the singers that has gone viral on TikTok. There are videos of fans lip syncing to the song. The song is so popular with fans that it has over two million views and counting. There is no doubt in our minds that this number won’t grow. TikTok users enjoy this beat so you can expect to hear it in more videos.

# 3 – Collide – Justine Skye ft. Tyga (Sped Up Version)

Coming in at number three on our list is “Collide” by Justine Skye ft. Tyga. “Collide” is from the Dark Side album. “Collide” was released in August 2014. This song is about a woman who wants to be intimate with someone she has known for a long time. She wants him to take his time and do things the right way. She wants him to see her dark side. When they are together, she wants to go all the way with him. She doesn’t want to turn off the lights. She feels like people know her, but they don’t know her until they see her dark side. She has a side that no one knows about.

She wants to show that side to the man she loves. The male narrator talks about his extravagant life and what he has to offer. He feels like a relationship with him wouldn’t be guaranteed. He doesn’t plan on staying with her long. The narrators take things to the next level, but they have different intentions from each other. She wants to show him her true self, but he doesn’t think he will be around very long.

This song is like the little engine that could. “Collide” was released in 2014 and is still popular on TikTok in 2023. It has made its way back on TikTok charts. The sped-up version of “Collide” has become popular and helped the song get a resurgence with the fans. The song is originally a ballad, but it is mid-tempo on TikTok. Sped up versions of songs usually do well on TikTok and this is no exception.

The song has been used for a variety of videos. Couples dance to the song in videos. The song has been used in motivational, business and comedic videos. Justine Skye also released a TikTok video of her song. She can be seen singing the lyrics to her song. The song has been used in over two million videos.

# 2 – Unholy – Sam Smith and Kim Petras

“Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras is from the Gloria album. “Unholy” was released in September 2022. This song is about someone who is doing unholy things in a body shop. Our narrator talks about a man who is doing unholy things behind their partner’s back. The song opens about a man who is doing naughty things behind his wife’s back. He is possibly cheating or doing something illegal behind her back. The guy likes what he is doing behind his wife’s back.

The narrator talks about a woman who is married to someone who is being unholy. On the outside, she seems like she is a happy woman. In reality, she is someone dealing with a cheating husband. She is considered lucky, but she isn’t because her husband is cheating. The narrator says the wife wouldn’t be happy with her husband if she knew what he has done. He is being careless with his actions. The woman he meets at the body shop wants him to buy her things if he wants her to be with him. She is the type who needs money for her attention. He calls her because she never causes any drama. When he wants his needs met, she is always the first to do it.

This song sent TikTok on fire. The song’s sexy lyrics and dance routines made it popular on TikTok. Users feature this song in their videos when they want something provocative to play in the background. The song caused a stir on TikTok because of the touchy subject. The controversy behind the lyrical content made users curious. Fans love controversy so the song was a success on TikTok.

Users have videos doing various things. Fans can be seen lip syncing to the song. They also have videos wearing clothes one minute and exposing their bodies the next. Some videos feature fans changing their appearance in the videos. Users are also making parodies of the lyrics. TikTok made the song a viral sensation. The song has over four million views and counting. You can read more about Sam Smith in our Top 10 Sam Smith Songs article.

# 1 – Flowers – Miley Cyrus

The number one song on our Top 10 TikTok Songs of 2023 list is “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. “Flowers” is from the Endless Summer album. “Flowers” was released in January 2023. The song is about self-love. She sings about an ex that didn’t get the job done. He didn’t do the things he was supposed to do to make her happy. Since he didn’t do those things, she decided to do them herself. She was heartbroken over her relationship ending but she realized she didn’t need him to give her the things she needed. She can love herself better than he could ever love her. She wants to buy herself flowers. She wants to take herself out on a date and have fun. She will love herself better than he can.

“Flowers” was a hit on TikTok because of the message behind the song. The song tells a story about a woman whose relationship didn’t work out. In the end, she realized no one could love her better than she could. It gained attention on TikTok because people love drama. “Flowers” is a very dramatic song. Fans rushed to TikTok to analyze the lyrics behind the song. They wanted to know if the song was about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. They were looking for clues to see if she was talking about him.

Users didn’t just stop watching videos for the song. They included the song in their videos. Since the song was released, fans have been trying to recreate the song in their own videos. The song has over five million videos on TikTok which means fans are in love with the track. You can read more about this song in our Top 10 Miley Cyrus Love Songs and The Complete Meaning Behind The Lyrics To Flowers By Miley Cyrus articles.

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