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Loggins and Messina Songs

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In the 1970’s, one of the most popular soft rock acts was a duo that went by the name of Loggins and Messina.The name stemmed from the pairing of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina to front a musical act that would release a string of hits in the early 1970s. At the time the pair became one of the most popular groups in the world. The pairing of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina was long forming. They were not childhood friends or anything like that. In the early 1970’s  Kenny Loggins was hired as a staff writer at ABC records. While working at ABC , Kenny Loggins began composing original recordings with producer Jim Messina. Eventually Kenny Loggins was signed to a recording deal by Columbia Records. Jim Messina was asked to work with Kenny Loggins on the first album. However so much of the first record was split down the middle between the two, that it was thought that they should form a union as an act and take it out on the road. The rest is history.

The pairing of Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina was a brilliant move. Kenny Loggins had an exceptional voice and raw talent. The talented Jim Messina had tremendous experience in the rock and roll business being a former member of bands like Poco and Buffalo Springfield. Their voices blended together beautifully and the production and songwriting skills jelled immediately.

Loggins and Messina released six albums together from 1971 to 1976. The duo also released three live albums. Kenny Loggins went on to have a very successful solo career after the duo broke up in 1976. Our Top 10 Loggins and Messina songs list presents a mixture of hits and deep album tracks that we have always found to be our favorites

# 10 – Good Friend

We open our top 10 Loggins and Messina songs list with the great funky track entitled “Good Friend.” The song was released on the duo’s second album entitled Loggins and MessinaThe song was the opening track on the album. “Good Friend,” was written by Jim Messina. The ex-Buffalo Springfield member also sang lead vocals on the track.

# 9 – Sailin’ The Wind

This beautiful epic piece of music was the closing tack on Loggins and Messina’s third album entitled Full Sail. It’s one of those songs that only hardcore Loggins and Messina fans may be aware off. Nonetheless it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music Loggins and Messina ever recorded.

# 8 – Peacemaker

Many fans of 1970s rock are familiar with the hits, but Loggins and Messina albums always contained a great collection of songs that were always so well written and captivating to listen too. The song “Peacemaker,” is a shining example of that.

# 7 – Keep Me In Mind

The only Loggins and Messina song not sung by Kenny Loggins or Jim Messina makes this Loggins and Messina songs list because it’s just so beautifully moody and defines the brilliant musicianship of the two that often gets overlooked. The song was sung by bass player Larry Sims.

# 6 – Vahevala

When this album was released in 1972, any rock fan that took a listen to the record could hear the potential that fueled these two great musicians. The song “Vahevala,” was one of the most brilliant pieces of music on the record.

# 5 – Watching The River Run

In 1973, Loggins and Messina released their third album entitled Full Sail. The album yielded the hit “My Music,” which was a top 20 hit for Loggins and Messina. However, our favorite song from the album was the wonderful “Watching The River Run.” The song was also released as a single but was unable to crack the top 40. The song was written by Loggins and Messina with both of the artists sharing lead vocal duties.

# 4 – Thinking About You

The great Loggins and Messina song “Thinking Of You,” was released on the group’s second album entitled Loggins and Messina. The song opened side two of the record. “Thinking About You,” was written by Jim Messina. The song’s lead vocal was also performed by Jim Messina. This was one of those feel good Loggins and Messina songs defined by that smooth groove that the pair were so good at establishing.

# 3 – Angry Eyes

The rocking Loggins and Messina piece of music “Angry Eyes,” is one of their most spectacular accomplishments. It’s an epic rock piece wonderfully produced, performed and composed. The song was the closing track on the duo’s second album. The song was written by both Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina.

# 2 – Your Mama Don’t Dance

The song “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” is probably the most popular Loggins and Messina song ever released. It was the duo’s highest charting song of their career. It hit number four on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was released on their second album entitled Loggins and Messina. The album was released in 1972. The song was covered by the glam rock band Poison in 1988.

# 1 – Danny’s Song

There was no doubt over this one. On some top 10 lists it’s difficult to decide on the number one song. However, on our Top 10 Loggins and Messina songs list we knew from the start that Danny’s Song would be our number one choice. If you have never heard this incredible songs, you are about to be blown away. If you’re an old fan, we bet any amount of money that you would not argue over our choice.




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