Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs

Billy Joel Love Songs

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Our Top 10 Billy Joel Love songs lists attempts to chooses ten songs from Billy Joel’s catalogue that serve as simple love songs. This article proved to be more challenging than we expected. Billy Joel has not really written many straight forward love songs. There is a lot of angry, sarcastic lyrics in Billy Joel’s music. I mean they are really good angry sarcastic lyrics, but there’s not many songs that are just straight to the point “baby I love you,” songs. Of course, there are many that could be interpreted as love songs like “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant , New York State Of Mind and I’ve Loved These Days.” But those songs seem to be Billy Joel expressing his life for time and place rather than the heart of a woman or a child. Nonetheless, we came up with ten really good ones that we think all Billy Joel fans would agree with, even though you have probably heard them millions of times before.

# 10 – You’re My Home

We open up our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list with the sweet and sentimental ballad entitled “You’re My Home.” When your broke and you have nothing to give to your wife for a birthday present, all you have to do is compose a sugary love song that will melt her heart and get yourself off the hook. That’s what Billy Joel did with this old song before anyone knew who he was. The tune “You’re My Home,” would eventually be released on Billy Joel’s Piano Man album. While it was never released as a single it has been covered by many other musical artists including a spellbinding version by the late Helen Reddy.

# 9 – Just The Way You Are

Every musical composer dreams of writing a standard. Billy Joel composed his first standard when he released “New York State Of Mind,” on his Turnstiles album. Yet, in 1977 “New York State Of Mind,” had not yet reached the popularity that it would eventually claim. However, when the song “Just The Way You Are,” was released as a single from The Stranger album, critics and fans applauded Billy Joel for writing the first new standard in years. For the next fifteen years it would become one of the most popular first dances at weddings. It’s popularity has since faded, and Billy Joel doesn’t seem to care for the song much as he rarely performs it, but it’s still a great love song.

“Just The Way You Are,” would  become an even more successful hit than “Piano Man.”  “Just The Way You Are,” would become his first recording to break into the Billboard Hot 100’s top 10 songs as the song peaked at number three.  Furthermore, the song won two Grammy Awards for both “Song Of The Year,” and “Record Of The Year.” That’s a pretty successful song.

# 8 – If I Only Had The Words To Tell You

In the number eight spot on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list we once again go back to Billy Joel’s Piano Man album for the grand ballad “If I Only Had The Words To Tell You.” The melody on this one is just so majestic. It’s one of Billy Joel’s’ most underrated songs. He pretty much says everything he can about not being able to say the most basic words….

# 7 – Rosalinda’s Eyes

Billy Joel’s Stranger album was such a massive commercial success, many fans and critics wondered if Billy Joel would be able to follow up the album with another record close to being as strong as The Stranger. Billy Joel didn’t let anyone down as he returned with the magnificent 52nd Street album. It was a record that blended his rock and roll roots with songs filled with New York City inspired jazz. One of the album’s most outstanding tracks was the Spanish jazz style song “Rosalinda’s Eyes” This was a love song that was captivating in such a wonderful artistic sense.

# 6 – She’s Got A Way

Landing in the number six spot on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list we present the song “She’s Got A Way.” This beautiful heartfelt song was originally released on Billy Joel’s first album entitled Cold Spring Harbor. However, the song did not became a hit or even was known to fans until a few years later when a live version of the song was released as a single on his Songs in the Attic album. Simple, yet poignant and just utterly charming.

# 5 – This Is The Time

At the halfway point on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list is the epic ravishing ballad “This Is The Time. “Like all great songwriters, Billy Joel had a way with penning songs that could be utilized on many universal levels. One could take the meaning behind this song as just being about celebrating the love of two people or an entire high school or college graduating class, or both. It’s a beautiful melody with deep heartfelt lyrics based on future reminiscing and remembering. Have loved this one since the day it was released. It was also easily the best song on The Bridge album.

# 4 – Honesty

At the number four spot on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list we present the song entitled “Honesty.” This is a love song that begs their partner to basically not cheat or stab them in the back or inflict any other cruel punishment into the relationship that is far too common in the world of romance. Yeah, Billy Joel couldn’t have said it better. The classic song “Honesty,” was released on the 52nd Street album. It was released as the LP’s second single after “My Life.”

# 3 – The Longest Time

In 1983, Billy Joel released an album entitled An Innocent Man of all orginal songs composed in the styles of his musical heroes. It was such a fabulous album that was often overlooked because of the tribute aspect of the songs basically sounding like oldies which was kind of the point of the album. Well, Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time,” may have sounded like an oldie, but man what a brilliantly written and performed song it was. A do-wop love song for the 1980s with a stirring melody and clever lyrics became one of our favorite Billy Joel songs of all time.

# 2 – She’s Always A Woman

Just of the top spot on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list we celebrate the song entitled “She’s Always A Woman.” This was the song that captured the female audience. I remember all the girls in my high school back in the 1970s really digging this song when The Stranger album was first released. It was the ultimate love songs filled with respect written about all women. It was the fifth and final single released from the Stranger album. In the United States it became a top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100.

# 1 – Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)

Well how could we not place this tender heartwarming love songs Billy Joel composed for his daughter called “Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel).” at number one on our top 10 Top 10 Billy Joel Love Songs list.  This is such a superb song written by Billy Joel enjoying the beauty of being a parent and utilizing his greatest gift in sharing with the rest of the world how he felt. The song was released on his final album entitled River Of Dreams released all the way back in 1993.

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