Top 10 Whiskey Myers Songs

Whiskey Myers Songs

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Our Top 10 Whiskey Myers Songs list presents the best Whiskey Myers Songs including “Ballad of a Southern Man” Bury My Bones,” “Stone,”  and more. In 2008, Cody Cannon and John Jeffers founded Whiskey Myers, a Southern country rock group. Joining the duo from Palestine, Texas was Cody Tate. At first, the trio performed at a casual level before recruiting Jeff Hogg as their drummer, as well as Gary Brown on bass guitar. As a group, Whiskey Myers became a leading music act in the Texas Red Dirt music scene, earning themselves a solid fan base in their home state.

Inspired by the brand of music performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, and other southern rock greats, the musical style of Whiskey Myers drew its source from their popular sounds. When Whiskey Myers first emerged on the music scene in Texas, they were often referred to as a country genre version of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The mix of classic rock guitar riffs, combined with Texas-style musical storytelling, was a formula Cody Cannon and his bandmates used with the hope somebody would notice their talent and workmanship.


After Whiskey Myers appeared in four episodes of Kevin Costner’s hit series Yellowstone, the popularity of the group spiked. As of 2018, three of their studio albums that were available at the time became hits on the iTunes country chart. The current lineup of Whiskey Myers still has Cody Cannon, John Jeffers, Cody Tate, and Jeff Hogg. However, Brown was replaced by Jamey Gleaves. After Yellowstone, Whiskey Myers became a household name with a fan base that extended well beyond the borders of Texas.

The first studio album Whiskey Myers released was 2008’s Road of Life through the recording label, Smith Entertainment. As of 2011, Whiskey Myers signed up with Wiggy Thump before releasing their second studio album, Firewater. It debuted in the top thirty of the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart, thanks to “Ballad of a Southern Man,” a single the group released that became their first official hit. In 2014, Early Morning Shakes became the group’s third album release, followed by 2016’s Mud.

The fifth album Whiskey Myers released was on September 27, 2019. The self-titled recording debuted on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart at number one and at number six on the US Billboard Top 200. It brought forth the single, “Gasoline,” which became a number twenty hit on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock chart. Since then, Tornillo was recorded and released in 2022 as the group’s sixth studio album. It’s their fifth while still with the label, Wiggy Thump. Most of the group’s best musical material comes in the form of ballads as the soul of each performer seems to become larger than life the moment each of these songs starts.

Top 10 Whiskey Myers Songs

#10 – Trailer We Call Home

“Trailer We Call Home” was a country song that came from the 2016 album, Mud. It played an instrumental role in the album becoming a number four favorite on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. While times are tough, no matter what fate brings there’s no place quite like home. It doesn’t matter if the home is in a luxury mansion in a posh neighborhood or a simple trailer at some obscure location. This blue-collar classic was nothing short of awesome as an entertaining number, appreciating life for what it’s worth, even if it feels like there were a few shortcomings along the way.

#9 – Gasoline

“Gasoline” became the first single released by Whiskey Myers that would earn an official chart spot on a US Billboard music chart. In its Mainstream Rock category, “Gasoline” peaked at number twenty. The music video associated with the song started out with a news program sharing the problems plaguing society. Going into the song, Cody Cannon’s vocals share his views about the matter while the rest of Whiskey Myers hammer the message home with their instrumental performance. “Gasoline” remains a Southern rockin’ favorite that commands the attention of a fan base who agrees with the song’s message.

#8 – Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd

“Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd” was a Brent Cobb original that came from his 2006 album, No Place Left to Leave. Cobb is better recognized for his songwriting talent that has a roster of hit singles with notable country stars such as Kenny Chesney, Little Big Town, and Miranda Lambert. In 2011, Whiskey Myers performed their own version of this song at the Liberty Fest concert on May 27, 2011. This remarkable performance has since become a crowd favorite as fans of the Texas-based group who knows how to rock it, honky tonk style.

#7 – Die Rockin’

Released in 2019 as a single, “Die Rockin'” came from the group’s fifth studio album, which was titled after the band’s name. This rockin’ country number served as one of those toe-tapping, get-on-the-dance floor classics that would have made Lynyrd Skynyrd proud. The best of Southern classic rock is found in “Die Rockin’,” as well as rockabilly-style favorites that make this song behave like a rocker’s answer to how a life should be led.

#6 – Frogman

“Frogman” was a song that paid tribute to the fallen soldiers who lost their lives while serving their country. Sad, yet heroic, “Frogman” became one of the all-time favorites among the Whiskey Myers fan base. It came from the alum, Mud, which was released in May 2016. Straight away from the opening, the guitar riffs served as an eye opener this song was destined to become a crossover classic that can rock it, roll it, as well as twang it at a world-class level. If one cares for an awesome mix of country and rock, “Frogman” is worth the listen.

#5 – Lonely East Texas Nights

As a musical autobiography, “Lonely East Texas Nights” described a man’s working life on the road, always apart from the love of his life. As a romantic number, it’s the kind of song that may spark a couple to get up and dance to. As a reflection of one’s own lifestyle that often has them spend too much time away from their special someone, this 2008 song came from the group’s debut album, Road of Life.

#4 – Broken Window Serenade

From the debut album, Road of Life, “Broken Window Serenade” was a country love song that also focused on the heartbreak of a man whose love interest rejected his attempts to win her over. It also brought to light some of the struggles society’s less fortunate contend with on a daily basis. “Broken Window Serenade” serves as one of those sad songs where if you needed a tune to trigger a tear or two, it would do the job. For Whiskey Myers, this was one of the many tunes that served as an autobiography based on personal experiences and witnessed events that served as defining moments that make every member of this group who they are today.

#3 – Bury My Bones

In order to get the best experience from listening to “Bury My Bones” is to watch the music video that goes with it. The tale of two brothers who are in the military that are sent overseas for combat duty. Only one of them survived the experience and has to contend with living the rest of his life with such a loss. This heavy-hearted number came from the 2019 album, Whiskey Myers. After performing as a group for over a decade together, “Bury My Bones” was one of many tracks featured on the album that served as a highlight of how so much more polished the deep-root music from Whiskey Myers has become.

#2 – Stone

“Stone” was a single released in 2018 from Whiskey Myers’ fourth studio album, Mud. Up until their appearances on four different episodes of Kevin Costner’s hit series, Yellowstone, the group’s popularity at a national and international level soared. The album peaked at number four on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and “Stone” became their most recognized song by the fans. “Stone” is one of those songs that make the grade as a timeless tune that will never grow old. The lyrical lamenting of how hard it is to find the right woman despite achieving stardom was performed by Cody Cannon’s lead vocals in a manner that was nothing short of spectacular.

#1 – Ballad of a Southern Man

In 2011, “Ballad of a Southern Man” was the song that officially put Whiskey Myers on the map as a world-class talent and remains the all-time favorite among a fan base who knew about this group long before making their big impression on Yellowstone in 2018. The song served as a reflection of the lives of the band members who all grew up in rural East Texas. This was when Gary Brown was with the band at the time, who was assigned as their bass guitarist even though he had no experience with the instrument itself. This song was so well-liked by the fans that it remains as the most streamed recording the band has released to date. If one wanted to get to the very root of who Whiskey Myers is as a group, “Ballad of a Southern Man” is it, which came from the second studio album, Firewater.

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