Top 10 Black Crowes Songs

The Black Crowes Songs

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Our Top 10 Black Crowes Songs list takes a look at a band that defined the spirit of classic rock with a sound that fell somewhere in between the Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The band arrived on the music scene in 1990 with a sound that was in complete contrast to the emerging dark sounds of the Seattle music scene. While bands like Nirvana were turning on young people to the doom and gloom of teenage angsts, the Black Crows were attracting an older audience yearning to hold on to the sounds of the Rolling Stones, Allman Brothers and even The Beatles. The band’s sound was fresh and rebellious in the same way bands from the 1960’s and 70s attracted their audiences. Yet, they did not sound like an oldies act because they were releasing really good songs and great albums with original sounding melodies and arrangements.

The Black Crowes first album was released in 1990 entitled Shake Your Money MakerThe album featured brothers Chris Robinson on vocals and Rich Robinson on guitar. The rest of The Black Crowes featured Jeff Cease on guitar, Johnny Colt on bass and Steve Gorman on drums. On board for the band’s first album was Brendan O’Brien in the engineering chair. Brendan O’Brien would go on to become one of the most important rock music producers over the next thirty years. Sitting in on keyboards on the album while contributing to that southern Georgia sound was the legendary Chuck Leavell of Allman Brothers and Sea Level fame.

The Black Crowes were a very active band in the 1990’s. The band followed up their 1990 debut album in 1992 with the record The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. In 1994 they released Amorica. Continuing throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s the Black Crowes released Three Snakes and One Charm in 1996, By Your Side in 1999, Lions in 2001, Warpaint in 2008 and their final album Before the Frost…Until the Freeze in 2009.

Our Top 10 Black Crowes songs list is a look at the band’s catalog over the years while choosing some of our favorite Black Crowes songs. This is simply a subjective list that is also meant to serve as an introduction to the band for music fans who may not know much about the band except for the big hits.

# 10 – Wounded Bird

We open our top 10 Black Crowes songs list with a track from one of the band’s final albums. Released in 2008 one year before the band broke up, War Paint, defined a band reaching a new level of maturity. As the band appeared on the Dave Letterman show in full beards much like the The Beatles Let It Be look, fans were ecstatic that the band had released new music after a seven year absence.

# 9 – Good Morning Captain

The Black Crowes song “Good Morning Captain,” was released on the band’s final album entitled Before the Frost…Until the FreezeThe maturity the band displayed on this song and album was frightening. It was such a shame they broke up after the release of this fantastic album in 2009.

# 8 -Wiser Time

The great Black Crowes songs “Wiser Time,” was released on the Amorica album. This was the song that really defined their southern ballad sensibility. This song presented the band’s musical artistry on a new plateau. Easily one of our favorite Black Crowes songs.

# 7 – Sting Me

This great song was released on the band’s second album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. It was the album’s opening track followed by the great track “Remedy.” The song was released as the second single from the album. There would be four singles released from the album. The record featured Chris Robinson on vocals, Rich Robinson on guitar, Johnny Colt on bass, Marc Ford on guitar, Steve Gorman on drums and Eddie Harsch on keyboards.

# 6 – Jealous Again

When The Black Crowes appeared on the scene in 1990, the comparisons to the Rolling Stones were endless. Listen to this track and you will understand why. The classic song “Jealous Again,” was released on the album Shake Your Money Maker. The album was released in 1990. The song was written by Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson. “Jealous Again,” reached the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at the number 75 position. The song did much better on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts reaching all the way to the number five position in 1990.

# 5 – Twice as Hard

This was the song on the first album that defined more of an original sound than any of the other tracks on their debut album. The song was released as a single but just missed the top 10 stalling at number 11. Nonetheless, the classic Black Crowes song “Twice As Hard,” turned many heads when it first appeared on FM radio in 1990.

# 4 –  Soul Singing

This one was always a fan favorite. Chris Robinson’s vocal performance on this track defined the man’s talent more than any other vocal performance in his catalog. Only a handful of singers in rock history get as close to the blues as Robinson did on this recording. One of the all time great Black Crowes songs.

# 3 –  She Talks To Angels

Released on the band’s first album. The song hit number one on the pop charts for the band. Making it two number one singles from the band’s debut album. Boy these guys really lit it up when they first appeared on the scene in 1990.

# 2 –  Hard To Handle

The Black Crowes song “Hard To Handle,” put the band on the map. That opening guitar riff is still to die for. I remember hearing this the first time and wondering wait a second, where did this come from? Not just one of the best Black Crowe songs, but one of the best songs to be released during the decade of the 1990s.

# 1 –  Remedy

We close out our top 10 Black Crowes songs list with the perfect merger of rock and soul. The riffs were killer and the chorus was classic on the great Black Crowes song “Remedy.” This is the template for all future rock and roll musicians that want to understand how to get it done. Still cant believe how great this is after all these years. The fact that this was being done in 1994 makes it even more special. If anyone ever tells you there was no great rock music after the 1970s, play them this track

UPDATED NOV 11, 2020

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